PEC LSA Date Sheet 2023 And List Of The Selected Schools Check Online

The Punjab Education Commission PEC conducted an event in January on the LSA schedule for 2023. At a meeting, they agreed on their PEC LSA Date Sheet 2023. However, PEC conducts a sample-based large-scale assessment of grade 4 at full scale and pilot in the3,6 7 selected schools working under the administrative control of the School Education Department, Punjab Education Foundation, Punjab Education Initiative Management Authority (PEIMA), and many other institutes/organizations.

In addition, PEC decided to take the LSA test only for selected schools within the province. The district-wise lists of the schools to be tested were also made available. The grade 4 schools will be tested on the 4 subjects i.e., English, Urdu Math, Mathematics, and Science according to LSA Schedule 2023.

PEC LSA Date Sheet 2023 And List Of The Selected Schools Check Online

What is PEC Large-Scale Assessment

Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) conducts a vast-scale test of Pakistani students following the completion of grades 2, 3, 4 5, 6, and 8. These tests are used to assess the student’s understanding and understanding of the academic syllabus that covers subjects like sciences, mathematics, English, and Urdu. These assessments can be used to determine areas where students require further assistance and to assess the overall effectiveness of the educational program in Pakistan. check also PEC EPE Exams For Professional Engineer 2023.

پنجاب ایجوکیشن کمیشن نے لارج سکیل اسسمنٹ 2023 کا شیڈول جاری کر دیا۔

پیک ہر سال کلاس پنجم کے بچوں کی اسسمنٹ کرتا تھا لیکن اس دفعہ یہ اسسمنٹ کلاس چہارم کے بچوں کی ہو گی۔ اور چار مضامین اردو، انگلش ، میتھ اور سائنس میں سے ہوگی۔ 

یہ اسسمنٹ صرف سیلیکٹڈ سکولوں کی ہو گی ان تمام سکولوں کی لسٹ اوپر دئیے گئے لنک سے آپ ڈونلوڈ کر سکتے ہیں۔

ہاد رہے یہ صرف ایک اسسمنٹ ہے  رزلٹ وغیرہ کا اعلان نہیں ہوتا اور نہ ہی یہ اسسمنٹ ٹیچرز کی کارکردگی پہ اثر انداز ہوتی ہے۔

Large Scale Assessment Test Schedule 2023 (Datasheet)

PEC LSA Date Sheet

Have a look at the detailed large-scale assessment schedule 2023 issued by PEC

Date Subject Start Time  Duration
16-02-2023 English 9:00 AM 3 HOURS
17-02-2023 Urdu 9:00 AM 3 HOURS
18-02-2023 Maths 9:00 AM 3 HOURS
20-02-2023 Science 9:00 AM 3 HOURS
21-02-2023 English Urdu Dictation and Reading and speaking fluency 9:00 AM 3 to 4 HOURS

PEC Large Scale Assessment Training 2023

The Punjab Examination Commission has conducted an extensive literacy test. Students are tested on their numeracy and science abilities in grades 2-8 in the Punjab Punjab Examination Commission is scheduled to conduct instruction in every district of Punjab. The training will begin on 15 November 2022.

The curriculum-based LSA training was designed to pinpoint policies that are needed to be taken at policy levels, modifications required in textbooks and curriculum and the challenges that arise from teacher education, the ability the assessment of student’s progress, and also school-level changes that are needed to create an ideal learning environment for our students.

District-wise List of LSA Sampled Govt & PEF Schools 2023

Govt Schools List Download
PEF Partner Schools Download

District-wise List of LSA

Training Date Cities (Provisional)
February 8th-9th 2023 Gujranwala, Mianwali, Bahawalnagar, Chiniot, Gujrat, Nankana Sahib, Multan, Bhakkar, Okara, Lahore
February 10th-11th 2023 Sialkot, Talagang, Bahawalpur, Pakpattan, Faisalabad, Jhelum, Hafiz Abad, Lodhran, Layyah, Sargodha, Vehari, Kasur, Khanewal
February 13th-14th 2023 Narowal, Attock, R.Y Khan, Sahiwal, T.T Singh, Rawalpindi, Khushab, D.G Khan, Kot Addu, M Garh, M.B Din, Rajanpur, Sheikhupura, Jhang
Timing 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Participants PST, ESE, EST and SST Teachers
Classes Grades 3, 4, 6, & 7

PEC directed CEOs to take into consideration the following criteria prior to the submission of Divisional Public Schools and Private Schools ‘ data.

PEC Instructions For LSA

  • Please choose all DPS that are located in your particular area and send their Data.
  • Choose any of the 08 private schools in your district with Primary and Elementary Grades.
  • Of the registered privately-owned schools, the 04 have to belong to the chain such as Dar-e-Arqam Educators and so on. And the remaining four schools fall into generally-related categories.
  • Of the privately-owned chain school, two have to be boys’ schools and 02 girls schools. Same for General category schools.
  • In the fourth grade at a minimum, 10, students are at least enrolled.
  • In grades 2,3,5,6,7 minimum 25 pupils have to be enrolled in every class

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