How To Register An NGO In Pakistan Complete Requirements And Procedure

Before you can start an NGO, you must read this article for How To Register An NGO In Pakistan Complete Requirements And Procedure Non-Government Organization (NGO) works with no profits. It is not an official part of the government or component of any commercial enterprise. This means that the government is not accountable in the management of its budget, or financial activity of an NGOs. They are run by private people or business people for charity reasons. They are responsible for charitable work.

Additionally NGO’s are always available for the aid of those who are poor or in needy people. In Pakistan nearly the 146 registered NGO’s operate in various fields of expertise. Pakistan is known as one of the countries that are most charitable in the world. In Pakistan there are people who need help and they also help the poor.

How To Register An NGO In Pakistan Complete Requirements And Procedure

In Pakistan many organizations are working to improve the condition of the country , and are trying to increase the economic prosperity of the country through providing jobs, education, health services, etc. In addition, each nation has a set of regulations and rules to register any charitable organization or institution. In this section we will go over the simple procedure for registering an NGO in Pakistan and those who want to register their NGO can benefit by following it.

How To Register An NGO In Pakistan Complete Requirements And Procedure

Objective of NGO

The primary aspect to consider before beginning an NGO is being certain of its goals. The purpose of the organization must be defined so that it can be accomplished. Start working on the education of children who are in need and you can also help a community for the improvement of streets, and you can also create an NGO to help street animals, such as street cats, dog keeping and foundation-free dispensaries. There are a myriad of unique ideas for NGO’s are also available so that you can help the people more effectively. check also Important English Essay for PMS Exams 2023 Complete List.


The NGO must have a valid name. It must reflect the purpose that the NGO is pursuing. If the organization is working to help children it could have chosen to name itself as “Saving Children”. It is better to pick a suitable, meaningful and memorable name.


It is a major condition for the Organization that NGOs have an effective channel and method of raising funds. All information about their fund donors have to be made available to officials from the government. Additionally the NGP should disclose the banking details of its funds.

How To Register An NGO In Pakistan Complete Requirements

  1. Fees for registration of Rs. 520 must be deposited at any branch of the National Bank of Pakistan in an account number, co3818, through Treasury Challan (32-A).
  2. It must include at least seven members.
  3. All members have attested copies of CNIC’s
  4. An Affidavit of stamp paper is value of the sum of Rs. 20 and is required to prove legitimacy of the documents as well as the confirmation that it is not necessary to duplicate names of an business.
  5. An official copy of the the trust deed must be registered with the Sub- Registrar.
  6. The NGO should have the facilities and a proper address for working.

 NGO Procedure for Registration

The process for registration follows as is described below:

  • People who intend to apply for registration of an Non-Governmental Organizations with Department must get a copy of the department’s Model Constitution including prescribed format of application from the Deputy Director Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal of the concerned district, after having paid PKR 1000 as a fee and obtaining a receipt
  • The applicants will be directed to the relevant Area Office i.e. Rural Community Development Project, Community Development Project, Urban Community Development Project depending on the situation may require to create registration applications with the assistance of a Social Welfare officer (hereinafter referred to as Area Officer)
  • The Area Officer responsible for the area should visit the office of the NGO to complete a feasibility report as per the instructions that were issued on the 29th of October 1982, and further instructions issued on 01-04-15.
  • The Area Officer responsible for the registration must forward the registration request to the Deputy Director, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal by complete all formalities codal along with the recommendations of his/her the feasibility report on the registration or non-registration of NGO
  • The Deputy Director responsible will visit the office of the NGO and prepare their own report, and when satisfied, recommend and forward the complete registration details to the relevant Divisional Director Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal to make a Special Recommendation and obtain approval/NOC from the Directorate General of Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab
  • The Director of the Division concerned will review the matter of registration of the NGO and, if satisfied, give Special Recommendation for the members of the NGO and forward the case for seeking approval/NOC from the Directorate General of Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab. If he is not satisfied, he can communicate his concerns to the concerned Deputy Director.
  • If the concerned Divisional Director plans to confirm the details of members of an NGO with the help of Special Branch of Police, the Director to provide the details of the NGO’s members in prescribed form and forward it to Directorate General Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab. The registration process should be completed in the absence of any other information and details of the members of NGO should not be sent in a separate manner.
  • The Deputy Director (NGOs) must review all documents and send the case to Director General Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab to obtain approval/NOC, except for instances where verification of the particulars of the NGO members is required. If the application is not complete or otherwise directorate general, Directorate General, Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab may contact the Divisional Directors to remove remarks prior to the issue of an approval/NOC.
  • Director General Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Maal, Punjab shall approve or decline the application to issue NOC on the basis the reasons recorded in black and white. On approval by Director General the the Deputy Director (NGOs) issues an NOC along with the full registration forms to the Director of the Division concerned. An intimation copy of NOC will also be issued to the president of the NGO.
  • The Deputy Director responsible will issue the certification of registration to NGO following the prescribed format after receiving approval/NOC from Divisional Director, after entering all information in the Form D as required in Rule 8 of the Rules 1962.
  • When a Registration Certificate is issued together with certified documents of registration case, the Deputy Director in charge should forward a copy to the Divisional Director as well as the Vice Director (NGOs) to be recorded.

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