How to Become Army Doctor in Pakistan, Requirements

If you’ve completed your FSC with a good score and are seeking an Army Doctor following FSC then you’re in the right spot. There are plenty of people looking to join those in the Pak Army as a doctor. Being a part of the military and helping the country in any possible manner is the most empowering job for young people in an entire nation. AMC can be a dream school for a lot of medical students.

Pakistani young people are most enthusiastic about becoming an army doctor however, most are not aware of the process that allows them to become an integral part of the Pakistan Army as a doctor. Therefore, we will give all the details and the information needed to be a physician within the Army.

In Pakistan Do you wish to become a Captain Doctor? Are you interested in learning how to get there? You’ve come to the right place. This article is for those who want to join our military and dream of getting a medical degree. The most prestigious career for young people in a nation is to join the military and assist their nation in any way they can. Pakistani teens want to become engineers or doctors, however many are not aware of the steps to get into the Pakistan Army as a doctor or engineer. We will explain the intricacies of how you can become an Army doctor in greater depth.

How to Become Army Doctor in Pakistan, Requirements

How to Become Army Doctor in Pakistan,

How to Become Army Doctor in Pakistan

Many medical students want to go to Army Medical College, also called AMC. They dream of carrying the flags across their chests. There is a widespread belief that AMC is only for those who are army brats or who have military backgrounds however this is not the case. Everyone who is able to meet the criteria is eligible to join AMC. AMC family. Girls, they’re unsure whether or not they’re eligible to apply for admission to the Army Medical College. It’s a popular misconception that only males are eligible to apply for these jobs.

If you are interested in joining in the Pakistan army and becoming a doctor, then you are able to do so. In order to do this, you will need to meet a number of qualifications and requirements. In this article, we’ll inform you what you need to do to become a part of the Pakistan army as a doctor. You are able to be part of this highly regarded institution by joining either one of the sections, either the MBBS department or the BDS section. You must have among these qualifications in your possession.

In our Pakistan Army section many departments where doctors are able to be seated. They could be part of the Department of Radiology, the Department of Pathology, the radiology department of medical basic sciences, or even the Section of Gynecology. Both female and male MBBS as well as BDS students are eligible to be a part of these departments. It also is contingent on the number of seats available. Find out more details and comprehensive information on becoming a member of the Pakistan Army as a medical doctor

Each year, many female candidates pass their MBBS Course. Many of them are employed in the private and public sectors. However, some are interested in joining the Pakistan Army. Now, if you are interested in How to become an Army Doctor in Pakistan Qualifications, requirements, and eligibility are discussed below. you can take the necessary steps to join the Pakistan Army.

What is the time frame to become an army doctor?

The applicants must earn the five-year MBBS or the four-year BDS degree in the first CMH from Rawalpindi or in any other city. Following that, you’ll need to undergo many weeks of instruction at the Pakistan Military Academy. Then, you’ll be required to finish your residency in the subject you decide to specialize in. After that, you are able to begin working and also serving in the hospital of the army as an Amry doctor. Check Also Bank Jobs Interview 

Qualifications Required for Male and Female

  • Candidates who wish to be a part of the Pakistan military as doctors must have an MBBS qualification from a respected university.
  • They must possess an authenticated degree from the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. Pakistan Medical and dental council

Eligibility Criteria for Selection

  • Female and male candidates must be over attained the age of 28 and can enjoy age restraint until 35 years old. age.
  • The marital statuses of female and male candidates have to not be married.
  • They are residents of Pakistan.
  • If the applicant is or is from Azad Kashmir or Gilgit Baltistan then that candidate is also able to be part of the Pakistani army.
  • Male candidates must have 5-foot-and-4 inches in height.
  • Female candidates must have an average height of five feet two inches.

How is a selection made?

  • Candidates must be able to pass the written/intelligence test.
  • The successful candidates then have to successfully pass the medical exam.
  • The candidates that have been selected will be invited for an interview.
  • In the final step, the final decision will be based according to the overall performance of the candidate.

This is how to become an Army Physician in Pakistan requirements, eligibility, and requirements are completed for those who wish to join the Pakistan Army as a doctor. As soon as open positions are made public by the Pakistani army, specifically the section for doctors We will keep you updated. Check Also Join Pak Navy as Doctor

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