Which Government Jobs Are The Best In Pakistan Complete Guide

Why government jobs are the best jobs in Pakistan are the most sought-after. When Pakistanis begin looking for jobs, one of the top priorities for all people in Pakistan is government positions. This isn’t due any randomness, but there are statistics and facts which support this belief There are many factors that have made government jobs more popular when compared to private sector jobs in Pakistan.

The primary reason for the preference for government jobs is the security of job. Everyone who works or doing work demands the security of their job. This is because they wish to ensure their future. for example, in government positions it is a matter of job security since when an employee is appointed permanent, it becomes extremely difficult to remove the employee or take the position in the event of a very compelling case. must be presented for dismissal of any official from the government.

If we consider private jobs , there aren’t jobs that offer security and job security is the one of the things you do not be aware of. You don’t know if the company where you work is going to be in operation in the near future or close down. Fear and confusion do not exist in government jobs, so they are the reason why people choose them over private job market.

Which Government Jobs Are The Best In Pakistan Complete Guide

Highest Paid Government Jobs in Pakistan

1)Telecommunication Manager, the salary range is PKR 191,750.
2)Legal Service Managers’ wage ranges are PKR 174,500.
3)Construction Project Managers pay can be as high as PKR 150,000.
4)Professor Its salary range includes PKR 125,000.
5)Aviation Managers pay range is PKR 575, 000.
6)Software Engineers, the pay range is RS from 40,000 to RS 200 000.
7)Marketing Manager , the pay will be RS 85,000 to RS 700,000.
8)Creative Designer , its Salary range ranges from RS 12,000 to RS 80,00.
9)Purchasing Manager , the Salary range for the position is RS 25k up to RS 75,000.
10)Flight Engineer salaries range from RS 40000 up to RS 1,10000.

Benefits And Perks Government jobs

Government jobs provide more satisfaction and peace of mind even when the worker retires. The fund for provident, gratuities and pensions are the main components of the salary earned by an employee after retirement. A few of these benefits are also available in the private sector jobs, however not all which is why these perks on government jobs has further drawn people to the positions in the governmental sector in Pakistan.

Benefits And Perks Government jobs

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While the pay package is not as attractive in government jobs in comparison to private jobs, other advantages and allowances provide the government positions as the most attractive option and choice. When working in a government job, there are many benefits that go beyond the standard salary , which includes medical benefits, not just for the employee , but of the family members including the house rent and living allowance and fuel, automobile and utility bills, the education for the children, and numerous other benefits.

All of these add top of the cake and makes governmental work a more desirable in society. While certain benefits are also part of private employment but they aren’t all available. The most crucial factor is the consistent nature of these benefits, which are only available in government jobs.

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