Important English Essay for PMS Exams 2024 Complete List

This article will inform you about the most important English essay subjects for PMS exams in 2024. PMS is the abbreviation for Provincial Management Services. To fill vacant positions in provincial management services , the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) organizes PS tests across the four provinces. It can be very beneficial to improve the organization of the bureaucracy.

PMS is composed of 1200 marks that are divided into two sections which include 600 marks for subjects which are compulsory and the remaining 600 marks of elective subject. the viva-voce portion is composed by 200 points. It was held at the time that PMS posts are available.

Important English Essay for PMS Exams 2024 Complete List

The required qualification to be eligible for PMS is a minimum degree in 2nd Division. The candidate’s age should be in the range of 18 and 28 years for both female and male. Candidates who successful in this test will be directly appointed to Grade 17.

Important English Essay for PMS Exams 2024 Complete List

Types of PMS English Essay?

Writing is a craft that requires mastery, and with no mastery of the art, nobody can boast the assurance of achievement. In the majority of cases, PMS candidates believe that the success of the English Essay test is contingent on luck, however this isn’t the case. You must also master English Precis & Composition in order to be able to comprehend the better English Essays.

Be aware that in competitive examinations, mainly three kinds of essays will be required: Essays that are argumentative, Explanatory along with the Quotation. check alsoPMS-2024 Post Age Relaxation Notice By PPSC Download Pdf.

Argumentative essays require the use of all evidence and back your argument with logic arguments and assertions. This type of essay requires evidence that is in the form of figures, facts examples, explanations, or even an example.

The essay for explanation does not require proof or evidence the essay, all you need to do is give general overview and write a thorough essay on the topic you have chosen.

A quotation essay needs an extensive knowledge and information on the specific quotation, and typically after some pages the content of the essay is dry.

Important English Essay Topics for PMS Exams 2024

English Essay is one of the subjects that part of the list of subjects that are compulsory. In the twelve papers, English Essay is one of the toughest levels to get through. It is a part of the English Writing, English Grammar and Composition However, it only weighs 17 percent in total.

To get an appropriate weighting in the English Essay, you should be analytically proficient as well as a clear and rational approach to fulfill the requirements for essays. The English Essay paper is comprised of 100 marks. In this paper, you will have to write 1500-1600 words in a time of 2 hours. Here you can learn the best tips and trick for English Easy Writing in order to score high marks.

Important English Essay Topics List For PMS 2024

Here we are revealing some important essay topics for PMS competitive exams;

  • English is one of the tough and painstaking subjects in PMS and other
  • Urdu as National/Official Language
  • Democracy, its impacts on society, the reason for its failure
  • Status of Women in Islam and Society
  • Literature/Reading/Books
  • To err is Human, to Forgive, Divine
  • Federalism in Pakistani Context
  • National Integrity
  • Political System of Pakistan
  • Role of Media, its Responsibilities, its Impacts on Society
  • Nuclear Race in World and Iran
  • Education is not preparation for Life, Education is Life Itself
  • Development is about transforming the lives of people
  • Literature is though Provoking
  • Indo-Pak Strained Relations
  • Global Challenges
  • Climate Change/Global Warming
  • Corruption
  • Terrorism
  • Judiciary/Rule of Law/Welfare State
  • CPEC
  • Feminist/Women/Gender
  • UNO and Millennium Development Goals
  • Water Crises, a reason for third world war

How To Pass CSS PMS English Essay?

A good CSS PMS English Essay contains;

  • No grammar errors.
  • Each aspect relevant to the topic must be considered.
  • Properly dividing paragraphs. (Every subsequent paragraph should move the discussion further. Do not repeat the same idea over and over).
  • Coherence and consistency between ideas and paragraphs.
  • Unorganized and unison content presentation. (It shouldn’t be a haphazard written work, the various elements should be joined to create a beautiful structure).
  • Don’t be averse to your arguments throughout the essay or at the end. (You must be reasonable when you need to show a point or prove opinions).
  • Beware of repetition of sentences, words and concepts.
  • Utilize the simplest words to communicate an idea.
  • Writing should appear easy to understand.

Techniques to deal with different CSS PMS topics English Essay

  • Essays like dialogue is the best way to fight terrorism, or great nations can win by not having to fight (CSS-2014) need to discuss the significance of dialogue since it is vital to avoid bloodshed, wasted resources, a weakening economy and human suffering and infrastructure damage since nations must conclude talks even after the conclusion of conflict. It is essential to have a fit to conclude why there is an urgent need for war?
  • Students after writing and learning the value of dialogue will be able to create examples of the world, such as that of Soviet Union, and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • In these types of essays, students have to convince the examiners of necessity of dialogue, not initiating an attack.
  • Essays like Does be the Third World War be prevented? (CSS-2008) or Do women have the same rights as the men of Pakistan? (CSS-2010). The student is free to show that it is feasible or not. If so, present your reasoning in a rational manner, but only consider only one view and don’t try to show the other side.
  • In the 20th of April In 20 l 4, in the 20th year of Dawn, an Essay about dialogue was requested. The reason for this was the departure from Afghanistan by the US from Afghanistan and there were many articles in Dawn on Dialogue and Peace. The questions appear in newspapers such as Dawn where students are able to prepare quickly.
  • In 2015, the question of human rights violations as well as The war against terror were requested. Students studying International Law can attempt it since they’ve read about the syllabus. In the short version the top 30 essay books and the newspaper prior to 4 to 5 months of the examinations could be helpful to earn higher marks.

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