AIOU Workshop Attendance Issue Solution 2024 Complete Procedure

AIOU Workshop Attendance Issue Solution 2024 Complete Procedure is given for you. Allama Iqbal Open University has published its 2019 spring AIOU Workshop result on the AIOU Aaghi LMS Portal many of the students will be able to see the results. There is a problem that is arising now that a lot of students have attended the workshops, but the attendance rate is lower than 70 percent.

We will tell you whether the result is affected or not. If you are unable to return or do you attend workshops or an outcome will be announced later? This is the process you have to remember now that we try our best at providing full guidance to all applicants who are experiencing these issues.

AIOU Workshop Attendance Issue 

In the first instance, in the fall we’ll be talking about the Allama Iqbal Workshops online for the Spring of 2024. results will be announced. your attendance was 100 percent 70%, 50 percent 20 percent, and 10% percent whatever is happening currently, there are many students who have attended 100%. However, they’re still witnessing this attendance.

AIOU Workshop Attendance Issue Solution

The students attempt to complete the requirement of attending workshops, however, their Aaghee Portal doesn’t perform well at that point. everyone is trying to log in but they are unable to access the username or password. At the time, the university said that if a student they were trying to log in and it was the Allama Iqbal Open University is taking attendance.

AIOU Workshop Attendance Issue Solution

In December, the university gave another chance to add the remaining information to their attendance logs. Even so, your attendance would be recorded but it’s not looking like it used to. students are worried about their attendance and the reason they didn’t take part in all the lectures they saw prior to or attempted to attend.

Let’s start by saying that we will tell you that you shouldn’t be concerned as your participation ought to be around 70%, however, the problem is that it’s coming down. This means that it’s less than what it used to be however you should have at least that amount So, the university has maintained your attendance at 75 typically this percentage.

The other variation in your attendance is that the university has stated it is testing its system. The result is made public for testing purposes, the accurate result will be made public afterward. It will also be visible whether you have listened to this lecture and tried to log in or not. The outcome that is altered will be recorded.

According to Aiou if you fail to succeed in the workshop, it’s the same procedure you need to take it over again during the following semester. Once your attendance begins in the next semester, it will appear on the AIOU Workshop Result 2024 will be in order. Hope that we have fixed the issue.

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