HEC Degree Attestation through TCS Check Guide

Are you aware of the steps for HEC Degree Attestation through TCS since it is the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has been able to facilitate attesting degrees via the courier services provided by TCS located in Pakistan? Through TCS the students aren’t obliged to go to the headquarters of the HEC which is located in Islamabad. What happens if a person lives far from Islamabad the solution is available you can verify your qualifications from the HEC by using TCS and the process is as follows. Students who recently completed their university degrees and wish to be able to attest to their degrees are looking for ways to verify a degree issued by HEC by TCS.

HEC Degree Attestation through TCS

According to HEC rules, they are able to attest your documents through HEC through TCS but before you send the document, go through the following info.HEC is an official Pakistan Govt department and it is accountable for all education documents attestation in Pakistan every province. In Pakistan, the education system is extremely poor due to poor oversight and negligence of the government. In the last 3-4 years, the level of education has stabilized because of the work of Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. PTI government. The government is taking good steps and fully supports the education sector. PTI government PTI Pakistan starts new services for education and noneducational people in Pakistan. He will make HEC Jobs degree attestation online on a piece of portal information as well. Today, I’ll talk about small initiatives of The PTI Government in Pakistan for students’ HEC Degree Attestation through TCS Fee, Procedure, and Procedure.

HEC Degree Attestation through TCS Check Guide

HEC Degree Attestation through TCS Check Guide

How to HEC Degree Attestation through TCS

  • Create an account on the website, then open the site. Sign-up/Register
  • Complete your requirements
  • Add complete your educational detail
  • Make an appointment
  • After completing all the details, complete the application form and download it for attestation to the diploma
  • Complete the form and attach the necessary documents
  • Complete the form and send all the documents via the TCS Courier service in Pakistan
  • Send your payment in and upload the receipt from your courier
  • All documents are delivered in sealed envelopes

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Basic Requirement for HEC Degree Attestation

  • Even if a person is only seeking attestation of photocopies their documents are already certified The original documents attested should be submitted to HEC.
  • The attestation of a transcript (complete/incomplete) is possible even if the degree has not yet been issued, provided that the said transcript or a copy of it is verified by the Controller of Examination of the concerned university/degree awarding institute (DAI).
  • If a transcript that’s incomplete is submitted and the status of incomplete studies should be indicated on the transcript. the appropriate option for incomplete studies should be chosen when submitting an online application for attestation of degree.
  • If a transcript is issued by a department/institute/affiliated college and not by the Examination/Controller’s office of the university, it must be verified by the Controller of Examination of the concerned university.
  • The information on the applicant’s academic documents (degree/transcript/provisional certificate, etc.) must be exactly the same as those on their passport or CNIC.
  • To prove “Shahadatul Almiya fil Uloomm al Arabia wal Islamia,” applicants must fill in the details for Aama, Khasa, Aaliya, and Almiya on their online form. Then, submit an equivalence certification from HEC.
  • To verify the validity of an equivalence document issued by HEC applicants need to present the original equivalence certificate together with the necessary documents.
  • HEC is not able to attest any document containing omissions or erasure, as well as overwriting. If such errors exist, the concerned university must be contacted to issue revised documents free of omission/overwriting/erasure, or a verified copy of the document from the Controller of Examination of the concerned university/DAI may be provided.
  • The applicants must go through the entire procedure of the option of attestation (Walk-In or Courier Service) before proceeding to ensure that there is no difficulties.
  • After the initial review of the applicant’s application, the successful applicant will receive an email with specific instructions to be followed prior to submitting the application to HEC to be attestation.
  • To attest to CPSP Fellowship/Membership certificates (FCPS/MCPS), the said certificates must be verified by the Chief Controller of Examinations of CPSP.

Documents Required

  • Payment receipt for Attestation Fee
  • Original certificates/degrees starting from Metric onwards, as well as copies of the degrees.
  • Photocopies of diplomas and certificates beginning with Metric to the present (for HEC record).
  • “Equivalence of HEC” in the case of a Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree, etc. from outside.
  • Copy of Computerized National Identity Card.
  • In case a degree has not been issued, the Detailed Marks Certificate/Transcript can be attested provided:
  • A confirmation of the Controller of Examinations of the school is attached.
  • The applicant has completed graduation within the time of three years from the date of submission.
  • To be able to attest “Shahadatul Almiya fil uloomm al Arabia wal Islamia” Please fill in the details from Middle, Aama, and Khasa and attach an equivalence to HEC.
  • To certify an “Equivalence letter” issued by HEC Attach an original Equivalence letter, along with authenticated copies of each document.
  • For the attestation of the “CPSP Fellowship/Membership” certificate get it verified by the controller of examinations of CPSP before submitting it to HEC.
  • If an application is submitted by someone who is not holding the diploma, the following documents must be submitted:
  • Authorization letter signed by a Grade 17 officer of the authorized person.
  • A copy of the Computerized Identity Card of the authorized person.

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