How to Attest Degree from HEC Complete Guide

Learn How to Attest Degree from HEC Complete Guide. Attesting documents issued by the HEC Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is easy. This HEC is the highest authority of higher education in Pakistan and all documents that are submitted to HEC require a signature before submission.

The process for attestation of degrees by the HEC is simple and easy. In the following article, we’ll examine the procedure for HEC degree verification.

Attesting documents with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan is a complicated and time-consuming procedure. If you follow these step-by-step guidelines for attesting the degree of HEC make sure that your documents are validly attested and ready for use.

How to Attest Degree from HEC Complete Guide

Take all the necessary documents

Before beginning the process of attestation, be sure you have the necessary documents. This could include your original diploma transcript, diploma, or other certificates that are relevant. It is crucial to remember the fact that HEC is only able to attest original papers, therefore photocopies won’t be accepted.


Complete the attestation form

Following that, you need to fill out the attestation forms provided by HEC. The form is available on the HEC website or on the spot at the HEC office. The form asks for the details of your personal information like your name and address along with information about the document you’re attesting. Please ensure that you fill out the form completely and accurately.

Fill out the form and attach the necessary documents

After you’ve completed the attestation form you’ll need to send it along with the Original documents at HEC. HEC office. It is crucial to remember that you’ll need to present a photocopy or photocopies of the CNIC or passport, too. Be sure to have two duplicates of your documents since one copy will be kept at The HEC and the second will get returned following the attestation.

HEC will inform applicants by SMS or email if the initial or preliminary scrutiny of their applications has been approved.


  • Based on the availability of timeslots, urgent applicants who walk in may be able to schedule an appointment (for the purpose of only walking in).
  • Choose a specific courier service for sending documents.

Forms submitted for the walk-in urgent mode are confirmed and then returned on the same day. First-come, first-served applications are processed via courier service and then returned to applicants via the courier service. Candidates are notified via SMS and emails after the attestation process at HEC is completed.


At the time of the process of attestation for degrees applicants are required to provide original documents for each of their previous qualifications (matriculation from the time of matriculation) together with copies of the documents.

There are two ways of operation:

  1. Candidates applying in walk-in mode can self-submit their degree attestations or have anyone else obtain an attestation for them in this mode.
  2. The majority of applications can be processed by an approved courier service. If the applicant is located outside or in the country, he/she may provide documents for attestation using an authorized courier service which is accountable for attestation and sending the documents back at the request of the person applying. More information is available about attestation through Courier Service.

You may refer to these documents “Procedure for Online Attestation”, “User Manual” & “FAQs” if you need clarification. Alternatively, you can make your complaint via the web or by calling the number listed by “Contact Us”. The average response time for all inquiries will be within 72 hours.

The applicants can ask HEC to secure their documents attested in envelopes (for WES/ICASetc.) should they choose to do so. Candidates are accountable for gathering relevant information from universities, evaluating agencies, and other institutions. for documents to be kept to be sealed in envelopes, and then applying for attestation according to. Find more details through the hyperlink “Requirement for documents in sealed envelopes”.

Pay the fee

There is a charge to be attested by HEC and is due at the moment of the submission. The amount varies according to the type of document being submitted and the number of copies to be certified. You can pay the fee via cash or bank draft. check also the Latest 60 Thousand Internships And 1 Lakh Laptops For Student 2024 By Govt

HEC degree attestation fees are the amount of Rs. 1000/- per original document. There is a charge of Rs. 700/- for attestation to one photograph.

The process will be completed

After you have submitted your application, forms, and documents, as well as the fee You will have to wait until the attestation process can be completed. The time required in order to finish the procedure could differ based on the load at the HEC office. You can track the status of your application online, or in person in the office.

Collect your attested documents

When the attestation procedure is completed, you’ll be allowed to collect your attestation documents at HEC. HEC office. You must bring the authentic CNIC or passport, along with photocopies, as they are required to get your documents.

In the end, attesting documents with HEC Pakistan can be a lengthy and complicated procedure, but if you follow these steps, you can be sure that your documents are certified and ready for use. It is crucial to remember that the process could be lengthy, therefore be prepared and make a backup copy of each document that you provide for HEC. HEC office.


  • The process and costs could be subject to change Therefore, be sure to go to the HEC’s website periodically for updates and verify the accuracy of the information prior to taking action.
  • HEC will take away fake documents and take action against fraudsters, in line with the approved policy and regulations.
  • You could face problems when you supply inaccurate or incorrect details and this is the complete how to Attest Degree from HEC Complete Guide.

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