AIOU 5th Semester 2024 For Associate Degree and BA/BSc Students

AIOU 5th Semester 2024 is the new advancement. Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has decided to offer the Bridging Semester for students with associate Degrees (AD) or BA/BSc degrees. The decision was taken during the recent online meeting of AIOU’s Regional Directors.

According to the report, The special semester will permit students from the above programs to attend the 5 years of the degree program of their choice at AIOU. The program will begin beginning of Spring Semester 2024.

AIOU 5th Semester 2024 For Associate Degree and BA/BSc Students

Following the launch of the AIOU 5th Semester 2024 course, students who have a BA BSC, as well as an Associate Degree, can now enroll in any degree offered by AIOU.

The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in the May of 1974, with the primary goal of providing opportunities for education to the masses and people who are unable to move away from their homes or jobs. Through the years The University was able to more or less meet this promise. It has created educational opportunities for the working population and has given women the opportunity to study directly at their door.

Allama Iqbal Open University is an innovative institution that provides Masses access to online education. It is currently making waves in the realms of scientific, professional technological, and educational education. It aims to extend its reach to the remotest regions of Pakistan. It also seeks to harness the latest information technology to spread the concept of education throughout Pakistan.

HEC has razed the Master’s Degree Program MA MSC. The students with 14 years of schooling are required to apply for a program so that their two years of education are able to be used.

The AIOU 5th Semester 2024 Degree courses will start in the spring of 2024 admissions. This is great news to all female and male students concerned because of being unable to complete the Bachelor of Arts Bsc or Associate Degree.

It is now recommended to pupils who are ADP and BA BSC students to stay informed about the admissions for Spring 2024 at AIOU.

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