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Check Online Land Record Punjab Pakistan easily after reading this post. Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) has made property and land records online through Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS). This has revolutionized the old method of getting land records through Patwaris which had many disadvantages. Now, with this online portal, anyone is able to easily verify and check the land records using his name, CNIC number, or Khewat number.

Check Online Land Record Punjab Pakistan

The role of patwaris and khana is less important by this system, thereby the possibility of corruption is eliminated as well as fraud. The traditional systems for recording land was the primary cause of disputes over property which , in turn, had burdened the entire judiciary system.

The old system was built on data that was empirical and stored on large registers using the same method. Today, all records are readily available to all citizens. The government in Punjab, Pakistan has developed computerized Arazi centers in all Tehsils and districts in Punjab to assist the citizens to find out information about their own property such as a plot and agricultural or residential land.

However, if anyone wishes to verify and check the records of land, he is able to check them online from the comfort of home or at work simply by using an internet-connected computer. Those who own property located in Punjab can access online documents about their property using the aid of the Online Land Records Management Information System (LRMIS). The entire records of the properties and land are available on the Punjab Zameen official website. Follow the steps below to verify property ownership in Pakistan.

Check Online Land Record Punjab Pakistan Given Below

Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS)

LRIMS which is available in Sindh along with Punjab is an electronic portal maintained by respective tax authorities. These platforms have tackled some of the most common concerns in real estate transactions.

They help thousands of people every day seeking to purchase or invest in land. It also has eliminated problems that were caused by the mafia of land and fraudulent agents across the country, and various typical blunders in the real estate industry.

Benefits of Computerized Land Record System

  • More than 5.5 million landowner’s records will be electronically indexed.
  • Land Record Computerization to rid of The Patwari Mafia.
  • The time and expense for the issue of fard and the completion of transformation.
  • In the month of April, 75,000 fard was issued, and 266,000 instances from the (Mutation) registry must be processed.
  • The issuance of Fard will be completed in 30 minutes. The Mutation (Inteqal) in the case of property is expected to take just 50 minutes.
  • Improvement in the landowners and satisfaction with the land purchase.
  • With the aid, the help of the Computerized System monthly 75 Crore income is possible to earn.
  • A minimum of 3000 people with the ability to use computers will be able to find jobs.
  • Utilizing a biometric system and verification of NADRA guarantees the accuracy of the document of the property.
  • Most importantly, we have total confidence in World Bank.

How to Check Online Land Records Punjab Property Pakistan

To verify online the land record you need to be aware of the following aspects.

  • District Name It is said that there are 36 districts in Punjab and you need to select the appropriate district for where you live, for instance (Lahore, Kasur, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, etc.
  • Tehsil’s Name It is possible to find a variety of Tehsils within every district in Punjab including Lahore district tehsils. (Raiwind, City, Shalimar, Model Town, Cantt).
  • Zone Name Different zones under each tehsil.
  • Khewat Number (KHATA Number) The name used by the owner of the property: Khewat Number or KHATA Number can be viewed in the registry/fard or you can add the Owner’s Name, which is in the Registry or Fard.

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All these details are clearly outlined within the register/fard.

  1. While checking online all you have to just visit first.
  2. At home, you’ll have various options to look up like district name, Tehsil’s Name Khewat Number and Area Information.
  3. Once you’ve entered the information, hit the search button, and the complete information regarding land or property will be available to you.
Check Online Record

How To Check LRMIS Land Search Via Mobile Application

  1. In order to use this feature for mobile phones You must own an Android Mobile Phone.
  2. Download the LRMIS Mobile App from the Google Play Store.
  3. After installation, you can open it and provide the required details like District Name / Tehsil Number / Area Information Khewat number (KHATA Number ), or Owner Name and then press the search button. in no time, the information you want will be before you.


If you’re looking to download the application;

  • Open Play Store on your Android smartphone
  • Enter PLRA into the search bar
  • Install the Digital-PLRA app by Punjab Lands Records Authority

As you browse through the application, it appears it was created in haste, as it has numerous bugs and isn’t completely stable. You can read the comments in the reviews section which will provide a complete image of the hiccups that users have encountered. Authorities should investigate the possibility of resolving the issues as soon as it is possible in order to help the greatest number of users.

Download App

The registration or transfer of property land in Pakistan is a more complex and difficult process than in other countries it is quite simple due to the advanced technology and methods. It is laudable to note that the Punjab government is taking steps in the correct direction however, a number of changes must be implemented in the department of land records before digitizing the entire process.

Digitized Property Map

The most important thing is that you will also be able to view your land ownership online using the online map of your property. This prevents the exchange or transfer of property between lands patwaris were famous to be known for back in time. This means that no one is able to alter your land by transferring it to another.


You now have the best suggestion of ways to look up property documents on the internet for Pakistan following this post. The most important thing to remember is that all of the records are a part of NARA, which is the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) and this makes the entire process clear.

Furthermore, the use that technology plays in the real estate industry has increased the pace of ownership of properties in Pakistan. Visit the site or install the application today to add your property to the register online to avoid any hassle in the future. If someone is having trouble regarding any topic, they may call Helpline 042-111-22-22-77to to get the exact details.

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