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Pakistan Single Window PSW is an ICT-based National Single Window NSW system in Pakistan. Begin your PSW Registration process by going to with your web browser. (Pakistan Single Window) software for the trader. Select the registration option. Read the terms and conditions carefully before clicking the checkbox. In the drop-down menu, select the bank. For authentication, please include the following: CNIC, NTN, and SECP Numbers.

Psw Registration 2023

Psw Registration 2023 Last Date Details

PSW (Pakistan Single Window) is a brand new trade system that allows people involved in commerce and transportation to provide standardized documents and information at the entry point, which can meet the requirements of all export, import, or transit-related regulations. Pakistan Custom Department has begun PSW when the data is electronically created, and each data element is required to be submitted once. International traders are equipped with digital tools for importing and exporting products. This post is a sign that you are curious about the PSW registration process, and you are sure to appreciate this article to assist you in finding the answer.

Psw Registration 2023 Last Date

You need to go to “” to know the last date and click on the “Subscribe” link. Once you click the “Subscribe button, you have taken to a web page that offers an option to read the Terms and Conditions of Use. By checking the appropriate box, you must be aware of and accept the terms and conditions applicable to PSW Subscription. Click the button ‘Proceed’ to begin the subscription process. The page “Subscription Information” will appear. Select the NTN holder entity type you’re signing up to PSW via NTN. Enter your NTN number (Initial number 7 only) followed by clicking the button that says ‘Validate.

Pakistan Single Window (PSW)

  • PSW is a platform for digital transactions that allows those involved in trade and transport to upload essential documents and other data through one point of entry for all import, export, and transit-related rules.
  • The current method, which uses EIF along with EFE on WEBOC, is to be replaced by a live exchange of information using the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) mechanism, which links Customs and Banks via the PSW platform.
  • The bank’s core banking system and PSW will feature two-way communication where the customer’s personal information, financial information from the base trade transaction, payments for imports and exports, and declaration of good (GD) information are exchanged through EDI.
  • PSW is basing itself on accounts of banks of the customer after thorough due diligence conducted by banks. The trader does not have to visit their bank each time to obtain approval as the transaction falls within the guidelines of banks.
  • After the trader is recognized and the bank accepts the information on his account, the trader can continue trading without needing approval from banks.
  • To conduct trade transactions in PSW, the trader must register on the PSW website at by following the simple six steps registration process as demonstrated in the ‘How to Register tab.

PSW Registration Last Date

 PAW Registration last date and The system will proceed to the next stage, where you’ll have to input the number ‘NTN’ and press the button that reads “Validate. If the data is stored electronically and contains information, Each data element is uploaded once. The system will extract all your data from FBR’sDatabase using your supplied NTN Number. Authorization Letter to PSW registration This article suggests that you’re looking into the PSW registration process, and you’re sure to come across this article aiding you in finding the answer.

PSW Biometric Verification Online

How To Register For PSW (Pakistan Single Window)? You can pay your PSW Payment subscription cost of Rs. Let’s initiate the PSW Registration process; first, we must visit PSW’s Website

Pakistan Single Window PSW Registration site

Five hundred vouchers are available online through ATMs, Internet Banking, Over Counter (OTC), or any other electronic payment method authorized by the State Bank of Pakistan. On the website of the PSW, there are two buttons: Log in and Subscribe.

Pakistan Single Window Login

Click on the Subscribe. Click Here’s How to Subscribe. Please go through the terms and conditions then check the box that reads “I accept” these terms and conditions, and confirms by clicking the  “Proceed” button.

Psw registration meezan bank

Psw registration meezan bank and this feature permit businesses to subscribe to this PSW system and conduct international trade transactions.

Psw Registration of Bank Al Habib Limited

Psw Registration of Bank Al Habib Limited, Pakistan is expected to establish an automated hub of the highest quality in 2023. It will provide services and boost efficiency to cut costs for trade over borders and increase complexness to ease work and conformity.PSW (Pakistan Single Window) is a brand new trade system that allows those who work in transport and trade to file standard documents and other data employing an entry point that can fulfill all export, import, and transportation-related requirements. If the data is saved electronically and contains a variety of information components, it is only required to be filed only once.

PSW Recruitment Process

Once the payment has been made, it will return to your payment status, and your group for application will change to Paid. You can pay PSW’s subscription fee at the rate and know the process. Everything you need to know About Pakistan Single Window Step Suppose you’re employed as a PSW Student in a Long-Term Care facility and completed Part I and Part 2 of the training program offered by CALC. In that case, you can utilize your work experience toward PSW certification requirements. Look at ” Returning Students for Quad 1 Sept. 2023″ below and fill in the linked form. Candidates and employers are required to be able to communicate with CALC nurses and teachers.


PSW – Head Office, Islamabad:
2nd Floor, NTC headquarters, Sector G-5/2, Islamabad.
Tel:+92 21 111 111 779 +92 51 9245605


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