Prime Minister Revised Laptop Scheme 2024 Starting Date

Prime Minister Revised Laptop Scheme 2024 Starting Date will announce soon here. It is the federal government that has made a formal decision to restart the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Youth Affairs Shaza Fatima Khawaja has confirmed.

Prime Minister Revised Laptop Scheme

According to reports that have been published, the SAPM confirmed this at an event with the federal minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb.

Prime Minister Revised Laptop Scheme 2024 Starting Date Below

PM Revised Laptop Scheme Starting Date

The Special Assistant announced the distribution of 100,000 laptops to highly skilled students across the nation. The quota for Balochistan was doubled.

This laptop program will be part of the Prime Minister’s Young Program (PMYP). In addition to the laptop program, Skills Development Program will be launched as well, whereby 100,000 bright students will receive IT education.

In October, the Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed hinted at revoking the laptop program in the near future.

He also said that HEC would offer online university courses in partnership with Microsoft and other international companies.

What is PM Laptop Scheme

The Prime Minister’s Youth Program is a specific initiative, which was announced through the Government of Pakistan in 2013 for five (05) years. The Youth Program is comprised of a variety of schemes, including the Prime Minister’s Interest-Free Loan Scheme the Prime Minister’s Business Youth Loans the Prime Minister’s Youth Training Scheme The Prime Minister’s Youth Skills Development Scheme, Prime Minister’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme for students from less Developed Areas and Prime Minister’s Laptops Scheme.

The Prime Minister’s Laptops Scheme is for Talented Students and the principal goal of the scheme is an attempt to expand the range of research and education of a high standard in the country and to increase accessibility to information and technology.

The registration process is currently ended through this program. PM Laptop Scheme. However, the next phase will begin soon following the results that will be displayed in the earlier program. Therefore, existing applicants will be able to see their status and their eligibility for their University and the focal individual. In this manner, it is possible to identify students who are unable to pay for Laptops.

This is why the Laptop program is beneficial for all students who can’t pay for laptops. Additionally, students who are still unaware of the online application process are able to read this article. In this post, you’ll learn all information about The Prime Minister’s Laptop plan in this article. You can also complete registration online and win the laptop under this program. This way we will provide additional information as well as an official source for all students.

Eligibility Criteria

Students studying in primary and middle school can be eligible to take advantage of this. However, there is a requirement for this program to receive a laptop from the Prime Minister. So, the students can take the test to determine if they are eligible for this wonderful program.

Complete details and Last Date

  • Laptops will be used in accordance with merit.
  • The candidates who want to apply for this scheme can apply on the official site of http//
  • If you have any concerns about your name being included in this list. You can get in touch with either the director of the college or school as well as the registrar of this scheme.
  • Shehbaz Sharif Laptop distribution scheme 2024, phrase 2 and 3 calendars and date
  • Students are successfully submitting application forms for new registration.
  • Students who have this status are able to make changes to their academic records through the helpdesk.
  • Student records have been confirmed by the university concerned and the person in charge of it.
  • The majority of laptops were already given to students through the previous programs. If you have any issues you should get in touch with the focal person at your university.
  • Make sure to use your email address and CNIC mobile number during the registration procedure.
  • If you receive the same email, and inaccurate information, your laptop could be shut down.
  • There is no cost to sign up for this program. Do not rush to fill out forms. go through the instructions and FAQs.
  • The last day to register is 10th January 2024.
  • The information you provide must be correct. If there are any issues, then the laptop will be removed.
  • Laptops are distributed to master’s students. Then, these laptops are distributed to bachelors, then between and metric.
  • Candidates must have at least 60% of each degree program.
  • The student should be awarded scores that are based on merit.

PM Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme 2024

Here you can find the latest information regarding pm Shahbaz Sharif’s laptop scheme for 2024. Apply online. However, students of intermediate and matric are eligible to apply for the laptop under this scheme. So, the requirements are similar to those ones for the middle and primary classes. If you are able to successfully pass the test, you’ll be eligible for the laptop through the PM scheme. In the event that you do not pass, non-qualified candidates won’t be able to get laptops.

How To Apply

Students are advised to apply Online, register, or update their Profile by clicking the URL of the Students the Service Portal

Important note for laptop candidates: Students who experience issues when applying under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme Phase-III are advised to file a complaint together with their cell phone number to [email protected]

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