ISSB Result Online Check 2024 Download Recommendation Letter

ISSB Result Online Check 2024 here. The ISSB Result 2024 has been released today. You can view the recommended and not recommended candidates here. Candidates who want to check the result can easily check through this page. ISSB results in the 2024 status call letter are accessible for download on Inter-Services Selection Board result 2024 was announced to Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force. Candidates who have applied for the P.M.A.Extensive course students are awaiting For the Results and are advised that ISSB has announced the results, and you can see your status on the official website. Welcome to the ISSB call Letter System, which includes the status of your result, Contact Information, Information on Ineligibility, and the Selection System. A few days ago Pakistan Army Commissioned Officier Jobs 2024 announced the student can now check their ISSB Paper Result 2024. Inter-Services Selection Board ISSB Result Status 2024 for Pakistan Army, Navy, and PAF are available for download. PMA long courses(140 140, 141, 142 and 142), 143 140, 141, 142, 143, 144 and 146, 147 150 and 149 151, 152,), PN, LCC, DSSC, and other courses can all be accessible online at this site. Only those who pass the initial medical exam will be invited for an interview. A few candidates will be able to get their results through the website of ISSSB There might be a page that you can visit when you get your results. To facilitate this your results from ISSB test results, internal exams tests of mechanical aptitude and personality tests, as well as assessments of intelligence, and final medical screenings will be posted.

The website includes complete mark sheets and results in cards that you can download and also How To Clear ISSB 2024 Get Recommended. Candidates should check their call status via this website. They will also receive a notification letter within the next few days as per the announcement. You can obtain an official copy of the recommendation letter by visiting here.

ISSB Result 2024 Online Check Download Recommendation Letter

ISSB Result 2024 Online Check

ISSB Recommended Candidates List 2024

Candidates who are successful in their initial medical and written exams can review ISSB results and the status of their call letters online. Visit this website for more information about what’s happening with the ISSB exam date, the roll number slip meeting schedule, the most recent results, and the ISSB merit list for 2024. Female and male candidates should verify their call letter status at the official website of the ISSB and receive their call letter soon.

How to Download the ISSB 2024 Call Letter

On the website of the official ISSB, applicants can download and check the official website. ISSB Call Letter 2024.

1. When you search, type in your valid CNIC number.

2. Complete the form by clicking on the submit button.

3. They will notify you of the progress of your call letter.

4. Download and verify your call letter.

ISSB Recommendation Letter 2024

Candidates scheduled to take part in the ISSB must download call letters before the exam since no one is allowed to take the test without one. Following the announcement, the ISSB results of 2024’s exam will be available on this website. We keep in touch with the officials who are involved in the preparation of your results. You should maintain a continuous connection to this site to obtain your ISSB result and keep track of your online account status.

ISSB Result 2024 Date

You’ll be invited to attend an interview if you can pass the ISSB’s physical and written tests. If you cannot locate your ISSB test results on their official site, look at the results here. What is the status of the application of 150 PMA to apply for an L/C is now out? Through the site, candidates will be able to see whether they’ve been contacted or not. Only those who pass the initial test and the medical exam will be required to attend an interview. ISSB Result 2024 Status. Inter-Services Selection Board result 2024. You can get the ISSB 2024 Result Status Call Letter on


Suppose you are unable to figure out what happens in the final. You can check whether you’ve received the status of your ISSB email notification online. Written exams, medical tests, and interviews are all methods for applicants to prove their capabilities. Here are the results of the ISSB test in 2024.

Welcome to ISSB Click Here
Call Letter Click Here
Result Status Click Here
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Ineligibility Click Here
Selection System Click Here

ISSB Final Selected Candidates List

The call letter is made available on the ISSB website by those employed by the ISSB. It is necessary to enter your complete and accurate CNIC number in the box provided and then hit Submit. At the top of the display, you will see a small bar that displays your CNIC number will display where you are in relation to your call letters.

ISSB Call Letter Online Status Check

Online ISSB Notification of Status for Call Letter candidates must pass written tests, interviews, and medical tests. The ISSB recommendation letter for 2024 will let you know if you’re qualified for an ISSB preliminary test. Pakistan Army, Navy, or P.A.F. first test and allowed to sit for the ISSB preliminary test, or not.

Selection Board checks the following quality:

  • Appearance
  • Self Confidence
  • Expressions
  • Academic Ability
  • Leadership
  • Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Awareness

 Result Status 2024 Call Letter of ISSB

Dear Applicants, If you encounter issues checking ISSB Results 2024, please contact us using the search box.

ISSB Test Centres

Following Selection Centers have been set up in Pakistan to select candidates:

1. Kohat (K.P.K.)

2. Gujranwala (Punjab)

3. Malir (Sindh)

4. Quetta (Balochistan)

ISSB call letter schedule 2024 females and Male

Keep in mind that the ISSB does an essential job of selecting the military officers of Pakistan.

ISSB Syllabus

Intelligence Test Two exams: Verbal Test & Non-verbal Test. Personality Test:

There are written tests available: Analytical and Projective tests. The mechanical Aptitude Test is a test that tests the sense of motion.

  • ISSB Past Papers
  • ISSB Requirements 2024
  • ISSB Requirements For Females 2024
  • ISSB Test Preparation

ISSB Selection Process

ISSB is a three-pronged selection process with three phases. The psychologist’s dimension helps uncover the candidate’s inner thoughts through meticulously created tests. The G.T.O. dimension analyzes the candidate’s behavior in a group through a situational test, while the Deputy dimension examines the candidates’ emotional style, intellect, and social behavior through interviews.

ISSB results in Kohat 2024

Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul, Pakistan Naval Academy in Manora, and Pakistan Air Force Academy in Risalpur offer training to candidates selected through the written test and the physical examination. Many private institutions prepare applicants to prepare for the written exam. Coaching is, however, not permitted under the law.

ISSB Exam Result 2024 Today

Interviews are scheduled once you’ve passed all ISSB tests in both writing and physical. If you cannot locate the ISSB exam results through the official site, look up the test results on this page. Update: The application status for 150 PMA L/C has been released. Candidates can see the status of their application at our site. We give you a link immediately to their results.

ISSB Result Click Here
Call Letter Click Here
Tentative schedule for ISSB tests Click Here
Result Status Click Here
General Information Click Here
ISSB Final Merit List Click Here
Recommendation Letter Click Here
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ISSB Result Status 2024

The determination interaction that is followed through the ISSB is three-layered. The psychologists, Group Testing Officers, and Deputy Presidents, experts in their specific specialities, conduct these tests. They look at the things that accompany them, such as consistent discernment, the ability to stay calm when stressed, the ability to work in groups, and a desire to participate.

ISSB Result Status Call Letter 2024 Check Online

The ISSB Results 2024 have been announced. You can find here the whether you are recommended or not. You are listing Inter-Services Selection Board Result 2024 for Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Declared.

P.M.A. Long Course Result (140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 154, 149, 150), P.N., L.C.C., DSSC, and Other Courses All Group / Batch Status Online by Name, Roll Number, and CNIC. You can check ISSB Results Timings Here who have filled out an application to 149 PMA L/C but have not scheduled in for ISSB for 149 PMA will not be invited to be called for ISSB to 150 PMA from July/August 2024. The results will be sent to applicants.

ISSB Exam 2024 Result Check by Name

Suppose you’re having difficulty finding out the outcome. Contact us via our contact form. Our team of experts is ready to help you. ISSB Call Letter Status Online the examination. Candidates must prove they are eligible by passing a written test, a medical test, and an interview. You can check here for ISSB Exam 2024 Result.

Inter-Services Selection Board Result 2024

The ISSB Tests are held in five days. They are programs to aid in the appointment of commissioned officers. Alongside the Mechanical Aptitude Test, Personality Test, Intelligence Test, and Medical Selection, the ISSB Test is several internal tests applicants must pass. The tentative schedule for ISSB tests is available to check online.

Issb result 2024

You can check the results of all its branches, and issb results Kohat 2021, check here. When the results of the issb are announced, you will get an update here. Find the results of I.S.B. 2021 here. Each candidate scored marks through the various test in the ISSB.

ISSB Result Status 2024

Because we make a direct connection to the outcome, in the case of the Mechanical Aptitude test at ISSB, internal tests, Intelligence Tests, and Personality Tests are just a few of the items you’ll need to look out for on this site.

All applicants must bring their COVID-19 immunisation certificate/card to the ISSB to avoid being rejected and sent home.

  • The time has come to get messy in the kitchen. Closed-collar clothing (Pant shirt, Shirt, and tie) and Shalwar Kameez paired that has a Waistcoat (ISSB candidates”Miss Alert”) are essential for ISSB test-takers.
  • Recommendation or Not or Medical forms, Call letters, and ISSB experiences by applicants or relatives are not permitted to be published on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • A recommendation is removed from the final merit list if the candidate engages in this type of behavior.
  • This would be a reason to render a Not Recommended candidate ineligible from any remaining ISSB opportunities.
  • Additionally, if a person does not adhere to the instructions the law requires, legal action can be initiated against the person.

ISSB Call Letter Online Status Check

This is the online ISSB Notification of State on the Call Letter candidates need to pass written exams and interview and medical examinations. The ISSB recommendation letter for 2024 will let you know if you’re qualified to sit for an ISSB preliminary test. Pakistan Army, Navy, or P.A.F. preliminary test qualified to sit for the ISSB preliminary test or not.


The results of the inter-service selection board for session 2024 have been released. If any candidate would like to know their results, this person can follow the link to get the results online at any cost. The results show that most candidates are picked for the next round, and some don’t participate in subsequent rounds. Most candidates know where they can consult the results and download the sheet of results with the help of a Doc. All information regarding the test results is available on the link. The test is over. Many tough rounds are in store for applicants. Candidates who scored well on the test, that kind of candidate prepare for the next round, which includes the medical test and the interview.

  • The medical test is not that simple. Most men aren’t accepted because of the size of their chests and their height.
  • A few of the candidates have issues with their hands and legs.
  • A few of them are suffering from problems with their vision.
  • Eyesight impairment is not a problem in the air force for the Pakistan military.
  • The most important skills, such as climbing and swimming, are available within the Pakistan navy sector of force.

Result Sheet

In the final sheet, some essential information is mentioned, for example

  • Name of the candidate
  • Father’s name
  • I.D. card number
  • Marks for passing
  • Obtained marks
  • Total marks

ISSB Result 2024 Status Recommendation / Call Letter

Check this page to download ISSB Result Online Check Today Status Exam Schedule, Recommended Candidate List, and Call Letter. Examine the timing of candidate reporting and ISSB results today. Online ISSB Exams for Call Letter Status Candidates have to be able to pass written tests, medical examinations, and also have to pass interviews. Check ISSB Test Result Online. Candidates can then download the results sheet. Download the ISSB Result Status Call Letter Select Inter-Services, supplied all online ISSB Results Announced Dates in the case of I.S.B., PA, Navy, and Air Force.

How to Download ISSB Call Letter 2024

Are candidates looking for ways to verify ISSB Results online? ISSB Call Letter 2024 is available to download on the official website with these simple steps

  1. First, you must input an active CNIC Number into the bar for searching.
  2. Click on”Submit.
  3. Your status for your call letter will be up-to-date.
  4. Now, check your call Letter Status and download it.

Contact Info

ISSB Kohat, Pakistan Contact Number, and Address

Address: GSO-2 Selection ISSB Kohat Cantt Post Code 26000
Phone #: 0922- 9260085, 0922-521-3808
Web-Email: [email protected]

ISSB Gujranwala, Pakistan Contact Number, and Address

Address: GSO-2 Selection ISSB Gujranwala Cantt
Phone #: 055 – 2693814, 055 – 3866036

ISSB Malir, Pakistan Contact Number, and Address

Address: GSO-2 (Selection), ISSB Malir
Phone #: 021 – 4953810, 021 – 9247448


How many candidates Are selected for ISSB?

Please be aware that the ISSB fulfills its sacred duty of selecting potential officers for the defense force of Pakistan. In accordance with the ISSB schedule, the current capacity is to evaluate the maximum number of candidates over four days, which gives it the capacity to test around 20000 candidates annually.

How can I check the status of my ISSB call?

The status of the call for 147 PMA L/C is changed. Candidates can check their status by visiting the official website. The time to report for candidates at the ISSB Centres is between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

When ISSB results are declared?

The final results will be announced on the 5th day after the conference ends, and the G.H.Q will take the final decision. Rawalpindi by assessing the applicant’s qualifications and the number of open jobs. Candidates will soon be able to download and receive call letters from this page. ISSB recommendation letter downloads now.

What is the merit list ISSB?

After the ISSB exam, each candidate’s scores in the various tests are tallied, and the merit list is created according to the scores each candidate received.

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