ISSB Test Schedule 2024 Online Registration

The ISSB Test Schedule 2024 is expected to be released in November 2024. The Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) is responsible for conducting tests to select Commissioned Officers for the Pakistani Army, Navy, and Air Force. Various academies have been established to provide training for the ISSB Test. Joining the Pak Army is a common aspiration for many young individuals in Pakistan.

This article focuses on the Inter-Services Selection Board ISSB Dates 2024 Schedule & Requirements. There are several institutes and academies in Pakistan that offer preparation courses for the ISSB test. The schedule for the ISSB Test Dates 2024 has been announced for candidates applying to the Army, PAF, and Navy. The ISSB Test is a comprehensive 5-day program designed to recruit Commissioned Officers in the Army, Navy, and Air Forces. It includes various assessments such as Mechanical Aptitude Tests, Personality Tests, Intelligence Tests, and a final medical selection.

Before appearing for the ISSB Test, candidates must pass an entry test and undergo an initial medical examination. During the five-day duration, candidates are required to stay at the ISSB Test Center to complete the series of assessments. The objective of the ISSB Test is to identify potential officers for the defense forces of Pakistan who possess the necessary capabilities to successfully undergo their training.

ISSB Test Schedule 2024

The ISSB Exam is conducted twice a year in 2024. The first session takes place at the beginning of the year, and the second session is held later in the year. The exam spans over four days, and candidates are required to successfully pass the various tests conducted during this period. These tests include the Intelligence Test, Mechanical Aptitude Test, Personality Test, and a medical examination for selection at ISSB.


ISSB Test Registration 2024

  1. You must read the entire instructions before filling out your online application.
  2. ISSB The online application form 2024 is available for different kinds of forces.
  3. Candidates should fill out that application form carefully to be eligible for admission.
  4. After completing the application and completing the form, you will receive the Confirmation Email to you and ISSB Test Centers, ISSB Test Rules, and Schedules.
  5. Bachelor student who has passed 11 the year in 2nd division. They are waiting until the end of the 12th Year results that will allow them to take the mandatory course.
  6. However, students with degrees different from Pakistan Education, such as O/A level, must present the valid Certificate issued by HEC or IBCC. HEC as well as the IBCC.
  7. Students can register themselves by providing all their requirements for their personal or academic needs that must be included on the application form.
  8. If the educational degree is not issued, the Controller of the examination gives the Valid Degree Certificate to verify the degree.
  9. There are three chances of Attempts available for the Defence Forces Test.

ISSB Test Requirements

Candidates who score at least 45 percent marks at Matric, Intermediate, or equivalent are qualified to apply. If you are waiting to hear the results and are waiting for the result should present the part-1 result card as an official hope certificate from your college or institute of choice. Candidates are required to bring the following documents to take test ISSB test. PHOTOCOPY OF ANY CERTIFICATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE.

  • Matric Certificate is given by the licensed Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. The mark sheet won’t be accepted if a student hasn’t obtained the Matric certificate; they must present the board’s signed Affidavit. A letter from the colleges or schools is received.
  • Domicile of every candidate in the appropriate location.
  • A mark Sheet is required to carry. In addition to intermediate certificates such as FA, FSc, ICom, or ICS, candidates with an equivalent certificate are required to bring the Certificate together with the Certificate.
  • Candidates with an “O,” “A” level, or an equivalent degree must bring an official letter of equivalence issued by IBCC Islamabad.
  • Students who are applying for courses that require qualifications beyond intermediate have to carry their certificates or degrees of higher level as stated in the course advertisement.
  • Intermediate or Equivalence results waiting for candidates should present a hope certificate issued by the relevant institution or college.

ISSB Test Centres

According to the schedule, the ISSB Test in Pakistan will be held in Kohat (KPK), Gujranwala(Punjab), Malir/Sindh and Quetta (Balochistan).

ISSB Test requirements for Females

ISSB test guidelines for females are the following: 17-22 years citizens of Pakistan Bachelor, Citizens of Pakistan and minimum height 5′-4”. For more information, read the whole article.

ISSB Test Date 2024 For Females

We will give information on the ISBS test date 2024 for females when the authorities release the date to the general public. Thus, this platform gathers all the information and we can and shares it with you in one place. This means you do not have to browse the web; looking through irrelevant details is unnecessary. Keep following us through this site, and we’ll provide you with all the details about the ISSB test in 2024. We can be reach via the comments box below if you have any queries or require specific information.

Ineligibility Criteria for ISSB Test 2024

  • People who don’t meet the educational requirements set forth by the respective headquarters of the service.
  • People who are to be medically ineligible.
  • The people who have had two times checked out.
  • People who ISSB has Not twice recommended.
  • Students who are removed from any training academy for disciplinary reasons or found to be ineligible.
    The government can dismiss employees for disciplinary or inability to serve.
  • People are dismiss from the Armed Forces on disciplinary grounds or because they are unsuitable.
  • The people who are found guilty in a court of law.
  • Anyone who was a candidate in ISSB in the last four months.
  • RECOMMENDED candidates cannot be tested in any course for a calendar year, beginning with when they receive their recommendation.

ISSB Test Preparation Tips and Guide

Suppose you’ve been accepted into any of the forces of the Armed Forces in Pakistan, including the Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force PAF, or Pakistan Army. In that case, you must take the Computer test. If you can pass, you’ll be able to take the Physical test and then the medical examination.

In other Words If you give all of these, then the final step between your acceptance or disqualification is the ISSB Test which is the reason that on this page, we will be giving you ISSB Test Preparation Tips along with all the guidelines so that you can be mentally prepared for the place you will be going and the purpose for which you are going to.

  • The candidate must possess high-quality knowledge.
  • The person should be stable in their psychological state.
  • You should have excellent both non-verbal and spoken communication skills to get the best scores on the ISSB test.
  • It would help if you had been well-informed about the pattern of the examination ISSB
  • Be sure to understand the criteria for passing the ISSB test to ensure that there are no messes and accidents that could be made when you are at a dead end.
  • It is essential to be enthusiastic enough to pass the ISSB test isn’t any cakewalk. It is possible to be a happy icing on the cake if you decide to give this test with the best scores possible.
  • You need to be a comprehensive, open-minded person. If you want to become an integral part of this field, ensure that you’ve got a clear thought pattern and are free of any confusion in your head.
  • Be confident in yourself. Be independent and on your own. So When you mature enough, you will be at a point where you clear the ISSB test.
  • You must have a solid English vocabulary as well as fast and efficient grammar since ISSB demands highly advanced English.
  • You must have the type of character that can demonstrate that you can be an excellent and effective leader.
  • It is best to be physically fit when preparing to take the ISSB test. This will improve your chances of passing.


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