CSS International Relation Syllabus 2024 Download Pdf

This page will be extremely useful for candidates who are preparing to take their CSS written exams to take the CSS written exam in IR (International Relations).

CSS International Relation Syllabus

This page will provide the latest news and information on IR, its importance as an International Relations topic, and new content updates for the CSS written exam. You can also download the pdf CSS International Relation Syllabus 2024 below.

CSS International Relation Syllabus 2024 Download Pdf

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International Relations (IR), Paper Part 1 (100 marks): This includes its introduction, which includes the definition and scope of the nation-state system and the evolution and future of the international community.

Download CSS International Relation Syllabus pdf

Definition of IR CSS

International relations, or IR, cannot be defined because it is constantly evolving as states can become isolated within the international community. They will need to determine their relationships with other world powers.

Professor Charles Schleicher says that international relations are “relationships among various important groups in the world during a particular period of history”.

International Relation CSS Syllabus Part 1

The International Relations (IR) paper part 1 (100 Marks) contains its Introduction. This includes its definition, scope, and development of international society.

IR CSS Theories and Approaches

Part of IR is the theories and approaches. This includes understanding classic, realism and idealism, scientific revolution behavioral and system, neorealism and neoliberalism, postmodernism and critical theory.

International IR political security

The International political security section discusses the conceptualization of security in the 21st Century. We also discuss power, elements, and balance of national power, foreign policies its determinants and analysis, sovereignty, national interest, and decision-making process. check also CSS Exam 2024 Complete Guide for Beginners.

Strategic IR Approaches

The section Strategic approach IR discusses war, causation, war, limited war, and asymmetric warfare. It also covers strategic culture, determinants and practices of deterrence, and the theory and practice of it.

IR CSS Political Community

The International political community section is made up of nationalism, internationalism, and globalization. The IR section includes diplomacy and international law.

IR CSS Political Institution

The International Political Institution section of IR includes the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World bank, and the International court of Justice.

CSS IR Preparation Books

S.No. Title Author
1. World Politics: Trends and Transformation, Ninth Edition Charles W. Kegley JR. and Eugene R Wittkopf
2. Understanding International Relations Second Edition Chris Brown
3. Politics Among Nations Hans j. Morgenthau
4. International Politics: A Framework
Holsti, K.J.
5. Contemporary Security and Strategy Craig A. Snyder (ed. ),
6. Globalization of World Politics: An Overview
Introduction to International Relations
John Baylis, Stev
Smith, Eds.
7. Games Nations Play, Seventh edition John Spanier
8. Essential readings on World Politics Karen Mingst
9. World in Collision: Terrorism and the Future
Global Order
Ken Booth and Tim Dunne. ed
10. International Politics Theory Kenneth N. Waltz
11. Theories of International Relations Scott Burchill, Andrew
12. The Cause of Wars Michael Howard
13. South Asia’s Politics of Nuclear Weapons Bhumitra Chakma, ed

International Relation CSS Syllabus Part 2

The International Relations Paper Part 2 (100 Marks) syllabus consists of several parts. The International relations between the two wars section includes the Russian revolution, fascism, and the league of nations.

IR CSS Cold War

It includes the decolonization of Asia and Africa, the rise of the USA, the soviet union and eras of tight bipolarity, and the cold war. The Post Cold war section includes the clash of civilizations, the end of history, terrorism, and globalization.

IR CSS Regional Organizations

The International and Regional Organizations section includes the United Nations, League of Nations, OIC, WTO, and ECO, as well as reforms in the United Nations.

The IR section of the foreign policies of select countries includes the US, China, India (Russia), Pakistan, India, EU, Pakistan, and EU. The South Asia section of IR includes peacemaking, peacebuilding in South Asia, and the analytical process of peace between south Asia states such as Pakistan and India. Additional agreements: Indus water treaty and composite dialogue. Visa and people. Trade. Role of civil society between Pakistan and India.

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IR CSS Weapons of Mass Destruction

This section includes Afghanistan, soviet invasions, the Geneva accord, the rise of the Taliban, Al Qaeda & 911, operation enduring liberty, Cold War theatre, and the Bonn process withdrawal. The International Relations section of Weapons of mass destruction includes the proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon state positions and programs, as well as the Nuclear doctrines of India or Pakistan.

IR Challenges and Current Issues

This section also includes topics on Nuclear non-proliferation regimes and treaties. The IR section includes the pacific and the Indian Ocean, hegemony and Kashmir issue as well as the Palestine issue.

IR Subject CSS Paper Importance

As an optional subject, the Competitive CSS examination carries 200 marks towards a total score of 1200. It is a great subject for students with weak grades who can’t score high marks in difficult optional subjects.

IR CSS Subject Nature & Scope

International relations or IR play an essential part in the world of today. International countries have special needs which lead them to establish relations with other world powers. These relationships can be used to combine different groups of nations.

IR CSS Role in Foreign Service of Pakistan

Leadership is a requirement for any nation that seeks to acquire power. Power politics is the process by which power can be acquired, retained, exercised, and expanded. If you want to be a national ambassador or work in the foreign service of Pakistan, international relations are a crucial part of any nation’s foreign relations.

IR CSS Subject Essential Element Conflict

Persuasion and politics are the best ways to gain the needs or wants of a country. This creates the element of relations between countries. Important IR characteristics are the existence of different groups, disagreement and control or influence efforts toward other nations.

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