YES USA Youth Exchange And Study Program 2024-23 Fully Funded

United States (US) has provided fully funded scholarships to Pakistani Matric as well as O-level students to attend American high schools as part of the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program.

The students selected will reside with their American family members for a year. They will then be admitted to American high schools, where they can take part in co-curricular as well as extracurricular activities to be exposed to American culture.

Through the many years, the Kennedy-Lugar exchange program has resulted in more than 1200 graduates who have been taught to be respectful of cultural diversity and have built bridges for friendship and understanding between the USA as well as Pakistan.

Additionally, it is important to note that the YES scholarship program doesn’t discriminate based on race, color or religion, or sexual preference. In order to provide pupils with the feeling of autonomy and coexistence as well as to promote co-existence, this completely funded scholarship gives them equal opportunity to be able to follow their faith in a free manner.

There is no obligation to wear hairpieces, headscarves, etc. YES, Program is only to foster friendship and good relations by educating and facilitating cultural exchange. It is worth noting that more than 1274 students in high schools from Pakistan have benefited from this scholarship since its inception on the 1st of March 2003.

YES USA Youth Exchange And Study Program 2024-23 Fully Funded Details Below

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YES Youth Exchange Program 2024 Details

  • Host Country: United States of America
  • Organization: US Department of States
  • Eligible Country: Pakistan
  • Program Type: Fully Funded
  • Program Duration: One Year
  • Eligible Students: High School Students
  • Application Deadline: 10 November 2024


  • that are used for the Youth Exchange and Study YES program in the USA
  • Pakistani citizens living in Pakistan
  • Students in the 9th and 10th grades or “O” Levels students. (O Level 11 10th graders aren’t eligible)
  • The applicants must be between the age of 15-17 at the time of the beginning on the first day of the program (August 15, 2024).
  • Minimum marks of 60% in all core subjects (English Mathematics, Sciences, and English) during the most recent examination and a minimum overall average of 60% marks over the last three years. (Students who are in a gap or a repeat year are not allowed to take the exam. )
  • Can communicate in English. Minimum marks of 60% in English tests in the last 3 years (2019-20, 2020-21 2021-22)
  • Haven’t been to any of the United States.

Note: A minimum of 60% marks are required in all the subjects of the examination which will be conducted prior to leaving for the U.S.A. Students will be required to provide their marks sheets for the final exam when they have received the marks sheets.

The students that meet these criteria in addition to the above requirements could be selected to be selected for the last round.

  • Pass the Entry Test.
  • Learn and apply Pakistani values and culture and be able to portray this in U.S. schools and in communities.
  • Show maturity and flexibility, as well as adaptability, good character, and academic ability.
  • Willingness to be a part of the daily activities of the host family.
  • A record of all required immunizations according to the final student application prior to arriving at the U.S.A.
  • Flexibility and a determination to promote the understanding of other cultures.
  • An agreement to be full-time students and keep at least a B grade average in an American secondary school.
  • The willingness and consent to adhere to the “YES Student Rules” stated within the YES Final Application and all other policies and rules throughout the course of the study.
  • Meet U.S. J-1 visa eligibility requirements.

How To Apply For YES Youth Exchange Program 2024

STEP-1 Preliminary Application

Students who meet the selection criteria and who agree to an agreement with the Parent Student Agreement and General Program Rules can apply for the award. The applicants can download the preliminary Application from

and then send the documents to and to the and send the documents to the SIE office. Female students and students with physical disabilities and students from non-elite or government schools that meet the criteria are strongly advised to apply.

Students who meet the criteria under the Selection Criteria but whose school is not interested in transferring the YES Preliminary Application may send their applications by themselves.

STEP-2 Entry Test

  • Following the initial Preliminary Application screening, applicants who are shortlisted will be notified about the YES Admission and Orientation Test via letters or email to their addresses listed in the preliminary Applications. (SIE does not take responsibility for any incorrect or incomplete or incorrect addresses.)

STEP-3 Interview and Group Activity

  • Students who successfully pass their Entry Test will be notified by letters to be present in group and interview sessions.
  • Students will need to fill out The YES Final Form (attached to this letter) and then appear in Interviews. (Students must appear at the time of the interview with a fully filled out YES Final Application together with all the necessary documents.)

STEP-4 Standardized English test for foreign students

  • Students who are short-listed after the interview must take a standard English test for foreign students.

STEP-5 Final Evaluation

  • Selection of the students will be determined by the entry Test interviews, as well as a well-filled application form including all the required documents.
  • The finalist will be informed by a letter and acceptance form for the scholarship from the YES office for the program.

Check the announcement section on the YES website or Facebook page for announcements as well as other details.

Attention: Submitting any fake or forged documents or any other discrepancy discovered in any phase of the process of selection will cause the denial of the candidate.

YES, Pakistan Application Deadline

  • November 10, 2024

Documents Required

The following documents are required for the application process

  • Photocopy of Form-B or Birth Certificate.
  • The smart card issued was by Nadra.
  • Three years of academic records must be certified by the school’s principal.

What It Covers

YES, Youth Exchange Program is a fully-funded program that is fully funded. this means that all expenses of the program will be borne by the funder who is the U.S. department of state’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to support the development and education. Its advantages include:

  • Fully Funded Exchange Program
  • The tuition is fully inclusive.
  • Air Fare Tickets from their home country into the USA and then back.
  • Accommodation facilities are available throughout the course.
  • Free Meals/food
  • The cost of visas will be covered.
  • A monthly stipend of 125$ to cover expenses of living for all chosen applicants.
  • and many more.

The benefits of the YES Program in the USA

The scholarship program is completely sponsored and the scholarship will cover all the major costs, including Airfare

  • US Visa Fee
  • Boarding and Lodging in the U.S.A. (Residence and Meals)
  • School Tuition and
  • $125 per month stipend.

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