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USAID’s Talent Hunt Program helps low-income women who want to pursue higher education but lack the financial resources to prepare for the professional exam.USAID for female students 2024 program is a great opportunity for female students in Pakistan. Female students from poor backgrounds are encouraged to apply to this bright program to fulfill their dream of studying in Pakistan’s top engineering and medical universities.This initiative is designed to identify bright female students who have exceptional Matriculation and FA/FSc scores in advance. It also offers entry test preparation workshops for admission into the top universities in Pakistan. USAID funds a talent hunt program that encourages and prepares talented women from low-income families to pursue higher education.

USAID for female students 2024

USAID has demonstrated its commitment to supporting the scholarship program for academically qualified Pakistani students. USAID-funded Merit and Needs-Based Scholarship Program Phase-I has provided scholarships to deserving but financially disadvantaged students to support the Government of Pakistan in increasing enrolment at Pakistani universities and meeting international standards. The program’s Phase Phase I cost US$ 10.63 million and was implemented at 11 top private and public universities in Pakistan. One thousand eight hundred seven scholarships were awarded in Business and Agriculture. Nearly half of the MN BSP Phase-I graduates were the first to earn a higher education degree.

USAID for female students 2024 Detail Given Below

USAID for female students 2024

USAID launched the second Phase of its program in 2013 at an estimated cost of US$23.1 million. Phase-II adds 3000 scholarships, while 50 percent of the scholarships go to female students. The total number of partner universities in Pakistan is now 30. Four female universities, i.e.

Benefits of USAID Program

The program includes new disciplines like Engineering and Technology, Medicine, and Nursing. The Capacity Building Trainings & Workshops is a new component of Phase II. designed to increase and build the capacity of officials from participating institutions and HEC to manage MNBSP’s financial and operational operations.

The program also offers career path workshops for selected students to help them prepare for future challenges and keep them informed about market trends. It also strengthens its alumni network.

Eligibility Criteria USAID for female students 2024

  • Over 80 % in intermediate st years in engineering/medical computer sciences group
  • Females will receive special preference if they score above 70% in the intermediate st social /general sciences art &humanities group.
  • Pakistani nationality is required for students
  • You must be a member of a low-income household
  • Master’s/MBA/MS/MPhil/ Education Teaching degree programs in selected disciplines allowed under the scholarship program
    Female students who met the criteria for need and provided all information required under the rules
    Students have different abilities.
  • students are required to apply through the following HEC Online Application System:
  • Send the completed application form, supporting documents, and a printed copy to the university’s student financial aid office.
  • HEC will not accept a hard copy of your application.
  • For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Offices of the University.

     What is the scholarship?

The Needs-Based Scholarship Program provides funds to cover the following expenses:

  1. Tuition Fee
  2. Books
  3. Lodging & Boarding
  4. Transport
  5. Other academic cost

How to Apply Online

Soon, the date for opening an online application portal is expected to be announced.

  • Submit your application through the website
  • Send the completed application and any additional documentation to the Financial Aid Office at the university.
  • The HEC will not accept any documents. The Offices for Student Aid and Financial Aid at Universities
  • HEC Committee will review the application to determine eligibility.
  • A merit list is created based on the academic records and the needs-based criteria specified under the program.
  • Top candidates will receive offer letters depending on the availability of slots.

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