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Applications are now being accepted for SBW Berlin Scholarships for International Students. The SBW Berlin Scholarship helps young people from other countries with families facing financial challenges to using the knowledge and abilities they’ve acquired during their time in Germany to create long-term non-profit programs with a particular emphasis on the country of their origin.

SBW Berlin Scholarship

Through this scholarship program, we help young and talented people from other countries who have participated socially to volunteer in their countries of origin. We believe that education is essential to improving living conditions in the less developed nations of the world. As a result, as part of our collaboration with other non-profit organizations, we offer scholarships to talented international students who wish to pursue a college degree or an apprenticeship in Berlin. A full award includes the payment of tuition fees, housing in our student residences, and an allowance per month for costs of living.

Beginning their studies, SBW Berlin scholarship recipients initiate the process of developing, implementing, and implementing their own social projects. The idea is that these projects are closely linked to those of non-profit organizations within the beneficiary’s home country, to improve the living conditions in that country. When they have completed their studies, the recipients are expected to return back to their countries of origin to work on their projects and to apply the knowledge and skills they gained during their time in Berlin. SBW Berlin is on hand to give advice and guidance.

One of the primary conditions to be a recipient of an SBW Berlin scholarship is the applicant’s desire to return to their home country of origin to work for a minimum of 18 months following the end of the course of study. So, right from the start this scholarship SBW Berlin supports all scholars to achieve their professional goals within their own countries. This is accomplished by establishing relationships with other organizations and by SBW Berlin’s support for targeted job searches within the home countries, and through the creation of job-related materials afterward. Furthermore, all well-developed social non-profit initiatives must have strong relationships with the recipients’ countries of origin.

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024-23 Application Procedure

The scholarship allows students to study in Europe. The European continent is offered to those who have completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees within Berlin and Potsdam according to the academic performance of the student and their personal abilities as well as the social requirements. Any field of science or art is eligible for financial aid. In some cases, the program also offers vocational education in Berlin as well as Potsdam. The financial support for your studies in the country where you reside and in any other German federal state is not covered.

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024-23

SBW Berlin Scholarships for Eligibility

It’s it is the SBW Berlin Program for Scholarships that guarantees students a limit on the time of their studies. SBW Berlin awards this scholarship in the form of a sum that will be paid back at the end of the funding period. If they choose to go back to their home country after they’ve completed their studies, they do not have to repay the loan.

To be considered for this scholarship, candidates must satisfy the requirements listed below.

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Foreign nationals whose home countries seem to be in particular need of assistance with development. This is especially true for countries located in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia as well as South America due to their present economic or social conditions.
Foreigners who are homeless
Recognized refugees
Holders of the settlement permit
The holders are those who have an EU long-term residency permit
students who are from EU or EEA countries that have had the opportunity to work in Germany for a project in connection with their studies prior to beginning their studies.
Students from EU/EEA countries with a permanent right of residence as defined by the Freedom of Movement Act (Freizugigkeitsgesetz EU).
  • Between 18-30 age
  • Grades averaged are comparable to the German grade point average of at or above 2.0.
  • The application must be made before the start of their university studies or be fully registered prior to the beginning of the second or maximum. 3rd semester at an accredited state institution (in Germany or abroad) or the application to earn a master’s diploma after or after the attainment of the undergraduate diploma.
  • It is vital to demonstrate that they did not reside in Germany for more than 18 months before the time of applying.
  • Family members who have a first-degree connection live always in Germany.
  • An agreement to stay in the home country for a minimum of 18 months after your graduation
  • Experience as a professional or volunteer in the non-profit field, and
  • The ability to prove the fact that income net is minimal.

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024-23 Apply Online

The applicants who satisfy the requirements to be eligible for the award need to select the “Apply” button below and follow the instructions to fill out the application. Furthermore, applicants must be provided with the required documents in order to upload the required documents to this application form.

  1. A motivation letter (1-2 pages)
  2. Copy of your last transcript from your school or university school that shows your GPA as well as an overall view of your position.
  3. Copy of your most prestigious degree or academic certificate (high school diploma or university diploma) together with your grade point score and ranking report.
  4. If they are readily available they are available, you can get copies, they should be included:
  5. Proof of your eligibility for admission to a university (Berlin/Potsdam)
  6. A document that’s an internationally recognized certification that identifies the language in which you are studying. The classes will be held.
  7. Previous work, including apprenticeship and training, as also internship, and apprenticeship certifications, as well as references.
  8. If you’ve just started your studies, ensure you have all of your academic transcripts and university transcripts (graded or not) that you have received up at the time of your request.
  9. It is recommended that applicants submit the following documents as additional evidence Although they’re not required
  10. Three or four recommendations from school teachers or employers.
  11. The household’s income (If you’ve provided only the basic details about your household’s net income in the application, you’ll need to submit additional documents to prove your household’s net income during the verification process.

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