PEEF Master Level Scholarship 2023 For Minority Students Apply Online

Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF) announces Master Level Scholarship for students who belong to minority groups. The award is made in conjunction together with the Human Rights and Minority Affairs Department, Government of Punjab. The scholarships are given to students who are talented and meritorious who are enrolled at Partner Universities of Punjab. To be eligible to receive PEEF Master level scholarships; the applicant must satisfy the eligibility requirements listed below.

The listing of Masters Level partner universities can be found on the PEEF website, along with an application form. Students must complete the Application Form to the Financial Aid Office at their university of choice. Application forms for the PEEF Masters level scholarship must be received on February 10, 2023. Students who have completed an advanced degree aren’t eligible for this award.

PEEF Master Level Scholarship 2023 For Minority Students Apply Online

PEEF Master Level Scholarship 2023 Advertisement

PEEF Master Level Scholarship 2023 Advertisement

Disbursement of Scholarship Stipends

The PEEF scholarships are distributed on a biannual basis.

The next installment of the scholarship will be released upon receipt of an acknowledgment that the previous scholarship was awarded as well as successful submission of satisfactory academic results and a report on the scholar’s assessment by the institution that awards degrees or a degree institution. check also AFS France Scholarship 2023.

How To apply for PEEF Master Level Scholarship?

The PEEF has assigned scholarships to each of the partner universities. The responsibility of advertisement/intimation, shortlisting & selection of students rests with the university.

Students who are interested in applying for scholarships can download the application for scholarships from the PEEF website and send the completed scholarship application form to the respective university. The forms for applying for scholarships can be obtained from the financial aid department of the university in question.

Forms for applying for scholarships must be sent to the designated universities’ offices. Applications sent directly to PEEF will not be accepted.

Duration of the Peef Scholarships for Minority Students

The PEEF scholarships are granted until the end of the degree program the student is studying in. However, if a student is not maintaining the required or satisfactory academic standard or is implicated in any form of discipline, either the University or PEEF reserves the right to terminate the award.

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