NUST MS And Ph.D. Fall Admissions 2024 Apply Online

The National University of Science & Technology (NUST) Islamabad announced the admissions process for the fall 2024 semester. The admissions announced will be for the Master’s (MS) as well as Ph.D. programs. Registration for NUST’s fall 2024 admissions has begun. NUST MS And Ph.D. Fall Admissions details are here.
 Those who are interested can go to the website to learn more about the degree programs. Below, we’ve given the full details regarding all degree programs NUST offers for fall 2024 admission. Read the article and then apply for the program before the due date. The last day for admissions to the NUST fall 2024 admits is the 8th of May 2024.

NUST MS And Ph.D. Fall Admissions 2024 Apply Online

NUST MS And Ph.D. Fall Admissions 2024 Advertisement

NUST MS And Ph.D. Fall Admissions Advertisement

NUST Offered Programs 2024

The National University of Science & Technology (NUST) provides these degree courses.

Masters (MS/M.Phil) Program

Military College of Signals (MCS), Rawalpindi

  • MS Electrical Engineering (Evening)
  • Telecommunication / Communication Systems
  • RF & Microwave
  • Signal Processing
  • AI & Autonomous Systems
  • MS Software Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Information Security (Evening)
  • MS Computer Science (Evening)

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College of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (C of E&ME), Rawalpindi

  • MS Electrical Engineering (Evening)
  • ?AI & Autonomous Systems
  • Power
  • Control Systems
  • Integrated Circuits and Systems
  • MS Mechanical Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Computer Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Software Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Mechatronics Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Engineering Management (Evening)
  • MS Applied Mathematics (Evening)

School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (SEECS), Islamabad

  • MS Information Technology (Evening)
  • MS Computer Science (Evening)
  • MS Information Security (Evening)
  • MS Electrical Engineering (Evening)
    • Digital Systems
    • Control Systems
    • AI & Autonomous Systems
    • Telecommunication / Communication Systems
    • RF & Microwave
    • Integrated Circuits and Systems
  • MS Innovative Technologies in Learning (Evening)
  • MS Data Science (Evening)
  • MS Artificial Intelligence (Evening)

School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE), Islamabad

  • MS Structural Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Transportation Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Geotechnical Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Construction Engineering and Management (Evening)
  • MS Water Resources Engineering & Management (Evening)
  • MS Remote Sensing & GIS (Evening)
  • MS Environmental Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Environmental Science (Evening)
  • MS Urban and Regional Planning (Evening)

School of Chemical & Materials Engineering(SCME), Islamabad

  • MS Materials & Surface Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Chemical Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Nanoscience and Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Process System Engineering (Evening)

School of Natural Sciences (SNS), Islamabad

  • MS Mathematics (Morning)
  • MS Physics (Morning)
  • MS Chemistry (Morning)
  • MS Statistics (Morning)

School of Interdisciplinary Engineering & Sciences (SINES), Islamabad

  • MS Computational Science & Engineering (Morning)
    • Applied Mechanics (AM)
    • Communication Systems and Networks (CS&N)
    • Computational Biomedical Engineering (CBE)
    • Applied Computer Science (APC)
    • System Analysis and Control (SAC)
    • Computational Chemistry (CC)
  • MS Systems Engineering (Afternoon)
    • Autonomous Aerospace Systems (AAS)
    • Communication Systems and Networks (CS&N)
    • Applied Computer Science (APC)
    • Cognitive System (CS)
  • MS Bioinformatics (Morning)
    • Computational Systems Biology (CSB)
    • Computational Drug Design (CDD)
    • Translational Bioinformatics (TB)

USP-Center for Advance Study in Energy Systems (USPCAS-E), Islamabad

  • MS Energy Systems Engineering (Morning)
  • MS Thermal Energy Engineering (Morning)
  • MS Electrical Engineering (Power) (Morning)

School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (SMME), Islamabad

  • MS Mechanical Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Design & Manufacturing Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Robotics & Intelligent Machine Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Biomedical Engineering (Evening)
  • MS Biomedical Sciences (Evening)

Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC), Karachi

  • MS Electrical Engineering (Evening)
    • Control Systems
    • Communication Systems
    • Power
    • AI & Autonomous Systems
  • MS Mechanical Engineering – (Thermo Fluids / Thermal Power) (Evening)
  • MS Manufacturing Engineering & Management (Evening)
  • MS Naval Architecture (Morning)
  • MS Cyber Security (Evening)

Military College Engineering (MCE), Risalpur

  • MS Construction Engineering and Management (Afternoon)
  • MS Disaster Management (Afternoon)
  • MS Mining Engineering (Afternoon)

College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE), Risalpur

  • MS Aerospace Engineering (Morning)
  • MS Avionics Engineering (Morning)
  • MS Electrical Engineering (Morning)
    • AI and Autonomous Systems
  • MS Mechanical Engineering (Morning)
  • MS Engineering Management ( Morning)

Atta Ur Rahman School of Applied BioSciences (ASAB), Islamabad

  • MS Plant Biotechnology (Morning)
  • MS Industrial Biotechnology (Morning)
  • MS Healthcare Biotechnology (Morning)
  • MS Agribusiness Management (Morning)
  • MS Molecular Medicine (Morning)

NUST Business School (NBS), Islamabad

  • Masters of Business Administration (Morning / Afternoon)
  • MS Human Resource Management (Morning / Afternoon)
  • Executive MBA (Evening)
  • MS Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Morning / Afternoon?)
  • MS Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Morning / Afternoon)

School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H), Islamabad

  • MS Clinical Psychology (Morning)
  • MS Economics (Morning)
  • MS Mass Communication (Morning)
  • MS Development Studies (Morning)?
  • MS Career Counseling & Education (Morning)
  • MS Governance & Public Policy (Morning)

Centre for International Peace & Stability (CIPS), Islamabad

  • MS Peace and Conflict Studies (Morning)
  • MS Strategic Studies (Morning)

National Institute of Transportation (NIT), Risalpur

  • MS Transportation Engineering (Afternoon)
  • MS Geotechnical Engineering (Afternoon)
  • MS Structural Engineering (Afternoon)

School of Art Design and Architecture (SADA), Islamabad

  • MS Architectural Design (Morning)

NUST Balochistan Campus (NBC), Quetta

  • MS Computer Science (Evening)
  • MS Civil Engineering (Evening)

NUST Ph.D. Programs

Sr No. Ph.D. Programs Institutions
1. Electrical Engineering MCS
2. Software Engineering
3. Information Security
4. Electrical Engineering C of E&ME
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Software Engineering
7. Computer Engineering
8. Engineering Management
9. Mechatronics Engineering
10. Applied Mathematics
11. Electrical Engineering PNEC
12. Mechanical Engineering
13. Manufacturing Engineering & Management
14. Mining Engineering MCE
15. Geotechnical Engineering NIT
16. Transportation Engineering
17. Structural Engineering
18. Aerospace Engineering CAE
19. Avionics Engineering
20. Electrical Engineering
21. Mechanical Engineering
22. Mathematics SNS
23. Physics
24. Chemistry
25. Statistics
26. Applied Biosciences ASAB
27. Business Administration NBS
28. Structural Engineering SCEE
29. Environmental Engineering
30. Environmental Sciences
31. Remote Sensing & GIS
32. Water Resources Engineering & Management
33. Construction Engineering and Management
34. Urban and Regional Planning
35. Geotechnical Engineering
36. Transportation Engineering
37. Electrical Engineering SEECS
38. Computer Science
39. Information Security
40. Information Technology
41. Artificial Intelligence
42. Computational Science and Engineering SINES
43. Bioinformatics
44. Materials and Surface Engineering SCME
45. Chemical Engineering
46. Nanoscience & Engineering
47. Design and Manufacturing Engineering SMME
48. Biomedical Engineering
49. Biomedical Sciences
50. Robotics and Intelligent Machine Engineering
51. Mechanical Engineering
52. Thermal Energy Engineering USPCAS-E
53. Electrical Engineering (Power)
54. Energy Systems Engineering
55. Economics S3H
56. Psychology
57. Peace and Conflict Study CIPS
58. Computer Science NBC
59. Civil Engineering

How to Apply for NUST Admissions 2024

  • Go to the NUST website to apply for the degree program you are interested in. (
  • The website of the university provides complete details about the course and eligibility requirements admission tests, and more. Also, be sure to read the guidelines carefully prior to submitting your application.
  • Last date: 08 May 2024

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