NADRA Family Tree Verification App Check Online Via SMS

NADRA Family tree verification is a brand new initiative of the Pakistani government to verify and remove identity cards that are not legitimate. The national database register and database authority for Pakistan has launched an SMS family verification. NADRA families verification via SMS allows users to check if anyone stranger or not related to them is listed on their family members’ list.NADRA Family Tree Verification App details are below.

NADRA Family Tree Verification App

NADRA Family Tree Verification App Check Online Via SMS

The steps to NADRA Family verification

The first step is to go to the NADRA’s official website NADRA by clicking on the link below:

If you have registered an account through NADRA log in to your account. In the event that you do not have an account, it’s easy and free.

After you’ve logged in to your account Click “New Application”.

And then select: “Family Registration Certificate”

Click “Start Application”

Enter the number of your identity card.

Upload your picture.

Now, you are able to look at both family trees, or the one you prefer. Select the family tree you wish to examine and select “Save”.

You must now insert the identity cards of your entire family one at a time. Select the relation of family members to you, then enter their ID card number, and then select “ADD Member”. Once all members have been added, click to verify my family.

The most important thing to remember is: After clicking “Verify my Family” If you find a red error at the lower right of the screen, that means that there’s a stranger to your family tree of yours. The red error reads: ” You have not given the correct information about all your family members. Your family includes more members according to our records. Please provide the information for the entire family .”

This means that there is an unidentified person who is not within your tree. This means you must visit the nearby NADRA office to get rid of the person.

If there’s no other person to be added to the family tree of your relatives, then your family member list will be checked and you will be able to see an asterisk in green.

Once you have identified it, you’ll be able to end the process. look in “existing applications” and delete the application.

There are two simple ways to NADRA Family verification of trees. All Pakistanis who reside in their home country or overseas must verify NADRA Family verification.

NADRA Family tree Verification SMS

To verify your family tree for verification of your family tree, you must enter your CNIC number as well as the issue date from the CNIC in a text message and transmit the message to 809.

The system will email you the names of your family members. If you discover an unidentified individual in the list you can ask NADRA to remove them from the list of family members. This service is absolutely free.

If you spot an unknown person listed You can contact NADRA by typing “1” in SMS and notifying NADRA via SMS. NDRA will take away and remove the person you do not know from your tree of family. Alternatively, you can go to a nearby NADRA center to unregister the person who is not in the family tree.

If your list of family individuals is true, simply respond to NADRA by entering “2” in SMS to inform NADRA that the information is correct.

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It is important to note:

To use the NADRA Family tree verification service, you will need to make use of your mobile number, which can be registered to NADRA using your B or CNIC form. If your number isn’t registered or you are using another number at present You can go to the nearest NADRA center to alter your number to the database of NADRA. This service does not appear to be very appealing since most smartphone SIM cards are registered under identity and biometric verification cards.

NADRA Family verification on the internet

This alternative method is a variant for NADRA verifying your family. This method allows you to confirm the family members. Married couples have two family trees in NADRA’s records. NADRA includes siblings and parents, and the other with children and spouses. Both types of the family tree can be examined using this method.

This method does not give you a listing of your family members. Instead, you need to input the identification card numbers for each of your family members. Then, your system will confirm it. This will tell you whether there’s an unidentified individual registered within your family tree.

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