LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 National Outreach Program Apply Online

LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 National Outreach Program is announced. The LUMS NOP is designed for highly academically talented but financially disadvantaged students who are unable to afford to attend top universities. Through the National Outreach Program (NOP) LUMS invites students from these schools to summer coaching classes.

Based on the result of various evaluations, they get admission into LUMS with financial aid in full. All expenses for travel for summer coaching, entrance testing fees as well as other costs will be covered by the LUMS. LUMS has provided NOP scholarships to over 1300 students up to now.

Following the successful finalization of the coaching program, students are required to take the LUMS entrance test and compete based against other students based on merit. Students who are chosen after the test for entry are awarded full scholarships for four-year undergraduate degrees at LUMS.

To be eligible for LUMS NOP, students must score at least 80% marks from Matric or equivalent grade in O Levels. They must also be on the financial need to qualify. The last day in order to submit an application for LUMS NOP is the 29th of March 2024. Applications are accepted online through the LUMS website. Students from all across Pakistan are eligible to apply.

LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 National Outreach Program Apply Online

LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 Advertisement

LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 Advertisement

Schedule for LUMS NOP 2024

  • NOP Summer Coaching Session Application Deadline: March 29, 2024, till 5:00 pm (PST)
  • The deadline for summer coaching documents: TBA
  • The selection of candidates for the NOP Summer Coaching Session The months of May and June are the same each year.
  • NoP Summer Coaching Session: The months of July and August are the same each year.
  • The selection of candidates to be considered for LUMS undergrad application: September to October every year

Eligibility Criteria

  • At minimum 80% marks on Matric or equivalent O-Levels
  • Financial need

Students selected based on the criteria above are invited to attend the NOP Summer Coaching Session in which they try different tests and exercises. Students are evaluated based on their performance during the Coaching Session and then are scheduled for the entrance test which is paid for by LUMS. Students that apply for LUMS and meet the requirements for merit will be granted a full scholarship.

All students, regardless of the fact that they have applied directly, or via the NOP program, are assessed according to the same admission criteria. In evaluating financial needs an evaluation committee makes sure that there is transparency when it comes to giving scholarships to all applicants who meet the criteria to be admitted (this review is conducted every year during the student’s duration)

Application Process

  • The NOP team visits colleges and schools in towns, cities, and villages across Pakistan to present information about The LUMS National Outreach Programme.
  • Students submit their applications in a NOP summer coaching session to LUMS and those selected are invited to campus during the summer to get a taste of life as a student at LUMS.
  • Students who hope to be awarded the NOP scholarship are eligible to be admitted to LUMS together with regular students.
  • Students are required to take an Admissions Test, which is sponsored by LUMS.
  • Based on the assessment of financial need the students who are accepted receive full-funded scholarships in the LUMS undergraduate programs.

Students from any part of Pakistan are eligible to apply if they meet the criteria of academic marks and financial need. There aren’t any separate seats or quotas for students based on location or ethnicity.

How to Apply

Candidates who satisfy the criteria for eligibility are eligible to apply.

Step 1 – Application Process

Students can apply for NOP during their first-year A-Levels or Intermediate. Students who are attending an instruction session from 2024 are eligible to be admitted to the LUMS Undergraduate programs in 2024. It is possible to fill out an online application for coaching at

Step 2 – Summer Coaching Session

The shortlisted candidates will be invited for a two-week long training session for summer (SCS) in LUMS to experience life on campus and to prepare for the University’s Admission Test. The coaching session will be financed by LUMS with the exception of travel and will take place during the summer vacations. Participating in the coaching session does not ensure admission or awards for scholarships.

Step 3 – Admission Test Registration Fee

LUMS will pay the once-off admission test fee for applicants who pass the summer coaching session and satisfy all scholarship and academic requirements.

Step 4 – LUMS Admission Form

Successful NOP summer coaching session candidates then fill out an online application for admission to LUMS through the following link: Students who are able to have met the academic and financial benchmarks will be NOP Scholars at LUMS!

Admission Test

If candidates are chosen for a shortlist according to their performance during the summer Coaching Session, they are then required to sign up for the entrance test. Application forms for undergraduate courses are made available online. Admission status is announced at the end of June or July every year. Candidates who meet the requirements are granted admission to LUMS and, after an assessment of financial need, are qualified to receive scholarships through the National Outreach Programme (NOP) scholarships.

Main Contact

DHA, Lahore Cantt. 54792, Lahore, Pakistan

+92 42 111 11 LUMS (5867)

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