List of Presidents of Pakistan From 1947 To 2024 Check Online

The President is the head of the state and has the power to disqualify the prime minister, the supreme court, new elections, the start of new ones, and the commencement of the new elections. The country was ruled by a large list of presidents from 1947 to 2022, starting with the founding of Pakistan. 1956’s constitution created the post of President of Pakistan. Four out of twelve presidents of Pakistan were members of the Pakistan People’s Party. Two were from Pakistan Muslim League, (N), and two were from Pakistan Muslim League.

Presidents of Pakistan From 1947 To 2024

One President was from the Republican party, while one was independent. Iskander Mirza was the first President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. My tenure as President of Zia-ul-Haq was nearly 10 years. The elections elected eight Presidents.

Through elections, the Presidents of Pakistan are elected by the Senate and the National Assembly of Pakistan. The Presidents of Pakistan are elected by the National Assembly, Senate, and Provisional Assembly members. This article will provide information about the List of Presidents of Pakistan between 1947 and 2024.

List of Presidents of Pakistan From 1947 To 2024 Check Online

Presidents of Pakistan From 1947 To 2024 List

Here’s a list of Presidents of Pakistan.

Name Took Office Left Office
Iskander Mirza 23 March 1956 27 October 1958
Ayub Khan 27 th October 1958
8 June 1962
8 June 1962
25 March 1969
Yahya Khan 25 March 1969 20 December 1971
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto 20 December 1971 13 August 1973
Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry 14 August 1973 16 September 1978
Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq 16 September 1978 17 August 1988
Ghulam Ishaq Khan 17 August 1988 18 July 1993
Wasim Sajjad 18 July 1993 14 November 1993
Mr. Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari 14 November 1993 2 December 1997
Wasim Sajjad 2 December 1997 1 January 1998
Muhammad Rafiq Tarar 1 January 1998 20 June 2001
Pervez Musharraf 20 June 2001
6 October 2007
6 October 2007
18 August 2008
Muhammad Mian Soomro 18 August 2008 8 September 2008
Asif Ali Zardari 9 September 2008 9 September 2013
Mamnoon Hussain 9 September 2013 9 September 2018
Dr. Arif Alvi 9 September 2018 Till Date

How Many President are there In Pakistan

Since 1947, Pakistan has had 13 presidents. Arif Alvi is the current President of Pakistan and has been in office since 2018. Here is a list of Pakistan’s Presidents:

  1. Iskander Mirza (1956-1958)
  2. Ayub Khan (1958-1969).
  3. Yahya Khan (1969-1971)
  4. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (1971-1973)
  5. Fazal Elahi Chaudhry (1973-1978)
  6. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (1978-1988)
  7. Ghulam Ishaq Khan (1988-1993)
  8. Farooq Lehari (1993-1997)
  9. Muhammad Rafiq Tarar (1998-2001)
  10. Pervez Musharraf (2001-2008)
  11. Asif Ali Zardari (2008-2013)
  12. Mamnoon Hussain (2013)-2018
  13. Arif Alvi (2018-present).

Who is the 16th president of Pakistan?

Arif Alvi is the 16th President of Pakistan. Since September 9, 2018, he has been in office. Alvi, a Pakistani politician, and dentist is currently the President of Pakistan. After the PTI won a majority of the general elections in 2018, Alvi was elected President of Pakistan. check also: 20 Tips For ISSB Test Preparation.

Alvi was a member of Pakistan’s National Assembly and the Speaker of that National Assembly before he became President. Alvi has held many other government positions, including as President of the Pakistan Dental Association and a member of the World Dental Federation. Alvi is well-known for his work in healthcare and education and is a strong advocate of the use of technology in governance.

Who is the 1st President of Pakistan?

Iskander Mirza was the first President of Pakistan. From 1956 to 1958, he was the President of Pakistan. Mirza was born in Murshidabad (India), on November 13, 1899. He attended Aligarh Muslim University and Oxford University. Later, he served in the British Indian Army.

Mirza was involved with the Indian independence movement and was a member of the Muslim League, which advocated for India to be a separate Muslim country. Mirza was the Governor of East Pakistan and the Minister for Interior and Defense in Pakistan after 1947’s partition of India.

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