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LESCO Bill Check Online 2024 is a page where you can easily download all LESCO bills. Lahore Electric Supply Company is a body that provides and manages electricity in the Lahore region. The reading date of the August Bill is 17 June 2024 and the Due Date is 5 September 2024.LESCO operates under the supervision of WAPDA Pakistan. You can download all WAPDA bills too from this link. You Can get information about Check Lesco bill check online using a mobile number, Lesco bill check online using a meter number,lesco online bill check by customer id, Lesco bill check online using CNIC number, checking lesco complaint status and where the consumer number in electricity bill lesco. Lahore Electric Supply Company is responsible for providing and maintaining electricity services in Lahore, and the surrounding areas. If you’re a Lesco customer and have not received your electricity bill, you may get it here. Enter your reference number and customer ID to get a Lesco duplicate bill. Both of these numbers can be found on any old bill copy. Enter any information below to see your bill amount and due date. You can also download or print your bill.

LESCO Bill Pay Online

LESCO Bill Check Online 2024 for January | lesco.gov.pk


Check Online LESCO Bill 2024

Check online LESCO bill 2024 online using the link below. WAPDA has made this easy for its consumers to check electricity bills online in a few simple steps. Give a few minutes to this post and make it easy to pay all your utility bills. Lahore Electric Supply Company is one of the leading WAPDA partners to disburse electricity in the Lahore region. You can download any electricity bill in Lahore from this page.

Check the bill by Referencing the Number

LESCO Bill Check Online

LESCO Bill Check By Meter Number

LESCO bill check by meter number is the easiest way to check and download the electricity bill. Just write your meter number or reference number in the link given below and download your LESCO electricity bill.

LESCO Bill By Meter No

How To Pay LESCO Bill Online

Now you can pay your LESCO bill online. You can use any digital medium to pay your LESCO bills in 2024. You can use your digital bank accounts, Jazz Cash accounts, Easypaisa accounts, or any other digital medium. Just click the link below.

LESCO Sep Bill Check Online 2024

Bill LESCO Bill
Bill Month Sep
Reading Date 17 August
Issue Date 22 August
Due Date 05 Sep

LESCO Operation Circles

1. North Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 28 Sub Divisions
2. Central Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 31 Sub Divisions
3. Eastern Lahore Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
4. Okara Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
5. South-Eastern LHR Circle 4 Divisions /26 Sub Divisions
6. Sheikhupura Circle 4 Divisions / 18 Sub Divisions
7. Kasur Circle 5 Divisions / 30 Sub Divisions
8. Nankana Circle 4 Divisions / 16 Sub Divisions


You can get an original replica of your Lesco invoice by typing in reference numbers or the customer’s ID (both of which can be found in any bill that’s older).www.lesco.gov.pk bill check online 2024, Enter to proceed. Fill in any of the details below and you’ll be able to view how much your charge is along with your due date. The system will create the most recent month’s bills, and allow you to print a copy, and the duplicate bill is received by the LESCO counter of the bill-receiving agent.

Check bill by Customer ID


1 South-Eastern LHR Circle 4 Divisions /26 Sub Divisions
2 Sheikhupura Circle 4 Divisions / 18 Sub Divisions
3 Kasur Circle 5 Divisions / 30 Sub Divisions
4 Nankana Circle 4 Divisions / 16 Sub Divisions
5 North Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 28 Sub Divisions
6 Central Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 31 Sub Divisions
7 Eastern Lahore Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
8 Okara Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions

Duplicate LESCO Bill

Duplicate LECSO bill is very easy. If you have lost your bill, do not worry. You can easily download your electricity bill from LESCO using the smart services of LESCO. Just click the link below and download the duplicate LESCO bill.

Duplicate LESCO Bill

How To Download LESCO Bill

Now here I am going to give you the step-by-step process to download your LESCO bill online. First of all, open the official website of LESCO and go to the tab “Customer Billing” Then write your meter number or reference number in the tab. Your bill will get open on your screen. Now click on the download button and then save the bill.

Download LESCO Bill


If your bill isn’t produced and you’re wondering what the reason might be , you’ll be able to easily discover the reason on our website. All you need to do is input the number of units you believe you consumed, and your estimated cost will be presented. Our website is constantly updated, so prices per unit are current. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Areas Under Lesco

LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company and its headquarter is located in Lahore. It distributes electricity to the following districts of Punjab

Lahore Okara Nankana
Sheikhupura Lahore Kasur
Nankana Kasur

You can use the LESCO Bill Online if you’re from any of these mentioned districts.

Extension in due date of Lesco bill

Lahore electricity supply firm offers the facility to extend the due date for Lesco bill payment in the event that the customer is unable to pay their bill on the due date due to some legitimate reason. Lesco has given the authority to delay the payment due date for various officers of the company up to a different lesco bill amounts. Here’s a complete list:

Lesco Sub divisional officers(SDO), Area manage operations Regional officer, and Area manager of customer service are authorized to delay the date for payment of Lesco bill by a maximum of days to the value of the bill. 50,000.

LESCO The XEN as well as Divisional Manager operations are able to prolong the deadline for Lesco invoice for maximum 03 days, up to Rs.200,000. SE/Manager operations are able for extending the due date by maximum 05 days on bills of up to Rs. 500,000.

Director Commercial is able to delay the payment due by maximum 05 days on invoices of up to Rs. 1000,000. Additionally, LESCO CSD is able to prolong the date of due to up to 8 days for bills that exceed the amount of Rs. 20 million. Finally, the CEO has the authority in extending the deadline by up to 10 days for any amount.

Lesco Bill Instalment Facility

Lahore electric supply provides the option of converting its Lesco bill into equivalent instruments to the desired amount since they know that the Lesco company is committed to its business and is doing to offer the best value and facilities to its loyal customers.

To benefit from this service, you need to go to an Lesco representative or an officer who is above the grade of SDO and fill out an application to convert the Lesco bill into installments. Lesco officers in sub-divisional officers(SDO), Area manage operations Regional officer, Area manager and Area manager of customer service are able to convert bills into 3 monthly installments for charges up to $. 50,000/-.

LESCO XEN and Divisional Manager operations have the power to convert bills into three monthly installments on bills that exceed Rs. 200,000/-. Similar to that, SE/Manager operations is authorized to convert invoices into monthly installments of 04 with amounts as high as Rs. 500,000.

For bills that exceed those of. 500, 000/-, you may go to the Director Commercial’s office. Director Commercial which is authorized to convert bills from lesco in 05 month-long installments amounts as high as 1,000,000. 1000,000. While LESCO CSD has the power to convert bills of up to Rs.20 million into twelve installments.

Lesco’s Chief Executive Officer lesco is able to convert any bill into installments of any amount and if anyone can go to the CEO office with a request of a legitimate raason and the CEO agrees to his request, the person will be able to transform any amount into the desired amount of installments.

Benefits of having a duplicate bills at the right time

In the current time of inflation , many middle-class consumers require the time to plan their money to pay their bills. There could also be a throng of people at the banks. We have the solution to the these issues so that LESCO customers can look up their bill online or request a duplicate bill online duplicate.

A few years ago when you had an electricity invoice ( bijli bills) of consumers were lost there was no alternative than to obtain a duplicate bill, but in this modern age, everything is in the process of changing them, and each person is using technology to ensure the convenience of daily life.

Today, people are leaving behind traditional methods of doing tasks and prefer to use the latest technology. Lahore Electricity Supply company has added the service of lesco e bill . Now you can examine your bill online, download a copy of your lesco bill copies or save them for later use.

This is a step-by procedure guide for lesco bill check online in 2024 (wapda bill check online).


Season LESCO peak hours LESCO off-peak hours
Mar to May 6 PM to 10 PM do
Jun to Aug 7 PM to 11 PM do
Dec to Feb 5 PM to 9 PM Remaining 20 hours
Sep to Nov 6 PM to 10 PM do

Lesco Bill Check Online 2024 September

This Todayjobs.pk website is the most convenient website to check your account from a industrial, commercial or your home. It is also possible to join and receive bill notifications that will send you the most recent bill due September 2024, via email.It works flawlessly on every platform (mobile laptop and laptop, as well as tablet). Welcome to the website with Lesco bill. On Lesco bill. You can access on your Lesco online bill using the reference code or ID of your customer.


Steps for pay your bill at lesco check online in 2024 (wapda bill check online)

The first thing you require is an account reference number from the company or customer ID to verify your the bill for lesco’s wapda. It is possible to find a reference number or a customer ID on the old bill. It’s in the upper left corner of your previous bill from the company. It is important to note that you require one of the numbers, either reference or the customer ID. Not both.

Once you have noted your reference number or customer ID, you must follow these steps.

  • Click on the button beneath “check Lesco bill now”.
  • Input your reference number into the input box for Reference Number or
  • Input your Customer ID into the input box.
  • Click on the download or view button.
  • Print your lesco bill and take it to print or
  • Download as pdf file or save it to your computer. the bill online from lesco

If you’re employing Internet Explorer instead of chrome or firefox, then you’ll have to follow these steps in addition:

    1. Start Internet Explorer and click on the FILE menu.
    2. Click on the page setup from the menu of files.
    3. Choose paper size such as “A4” or according to the page size.
    4. Eliminate any values that are that are written within the Header or Footer.
    5. Select the page orientation as Portrait.
    6. Write the values in MARGINS like “0.25”.
    7. Press OK to confirm the selection.
    8. Once again, go through the File menu and, then click Print.
    9. Select the printer you want to print by selecting it from the drop down menu, then press the print button.
    10. That’s all.Your cost will fall in the hand.

Lesco SMS Alerts Service

Lahore electricity company offers the option of lesco sms alerts to its customers for free.The customers who have subscribed to the lesco sms alerts service will be able to receive the following information via SMS .

  • Lesco load shedding schedule
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Reading date and reading time
  • The amount of the bill and due date
  • Payment confirmation

Know the Terms of your Lesco Bill

If you receive a Lesco bill, you’ll find your name and address on the left-hand side of the bill, below this is your reference number as well as the customer’s ID written. There can also be a reading on the meter for the month in question and the total bill is determined based on the amount consumed during a particular month.

There are various phrases like arrears, current bill delayed, disconnection notice E-duty, FC surcharge Tv fee, and GST is shown on the bill. To learn more about these terms,, read the complete article about understanding wapda’s electricity bill

LESCO Help Line Number

LESCO has provided you with 24 hours helpline facility to register complaints. The LESCO helpline for telephone is 118. check Lesco complaint status here.

  • Complaint number: 92300522231
  • Address: 22/A queens road Lahore
  • www.lesco.gov.pk


What is FPA in LESCO Lahore Bill?

A Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is an option to alter charges for electricity based upon fluctuations in the price of fuel. The FPA price is a result of the price of fuel of rental power firms that produce electricity using Crude Oil etc.

What can I do to check LESCO Wapda Bill status that the bill was either payed or was not?

Enter either your reference or ID above. Then, on the next page , scroll down and check the status of your payment.

Does it make sense to Check the electricity bill of Lesco by name address, address or the ID identification number (CNIC)?

We’re sorry, but you can’t identify it by name or ID card number instead, you can find it through reference numbers or lesco online bill check by customer id.

How can I change the name on the bill of lesco?

The process for changing your name is the same as for the process for establishing a new connection. You may go to the LESCO office to obtain the application form to change your name.

We can examine LESCO Bill by Meter number?

There is no way to examine the electricity bill of Lesco using the meter number.

where is consumer number in electricity bill lesco?

Where to Get These Numbers. These numbers (Reference Number. as well as Customer ID) are located on the front of your bill. Check out the image below for the format of the reference number. is XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX that includes 14 digits and one alphabet.

Can I pay my lesco Bill in equal installments?

Are you looking for instalments on your bill? Here’s how:

Your current bill isn’t eligible for instalments. However, in the event that you are owed dues (arrears) in your account then you may be eligible for installments to cover that amount, but you’ll also be required to pay the interest in accordance with the bank’s rates.

In the case of general connections with arrears of that exceed Rs. 22,000, you can get in touch with SDO who will allow the possibility of three monthly equal installments.

If your outstanding arrears amount to in the vicinity of the amount of Rs. 10,000, XEN is the right person to can help you get (up as) 3 equal installments per month.

If the arrears are in excess of the amount of Rs. 100,000 and above, then SE can be used for the payment of up to 4 equal monthly installments.

If you suspect that your meter readings are not right, you can go to the nearest customer service center to request a bill adjustment.

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