WAPDA Online Complaint Registration Complete Process

WAPDA Online Complaints Registration Complete Process is a complete guideline to file any complaint against WAPDA. You can register any complaint against WAPDA misconduct. Read the complete blog WAPDA Online Complaints Registration Complete Process for more.

WAPDA Online Complaints Registration

WAPDA Online Complaints Registration

WAPDA users face a variety of issues that are related to metering, billing, and Payments. WAPDA Online Complaints Registration Complete Process is a post for them. The majority of consumers aren’t aware of what to do or where to complain about the issue they’re confronted with. There are a variety of complaints lodge channels, however, consumers need to first learn how to use the complaints Management System mechanism and usage of the right channel to lodge the complaint with the concerned DISCO first.

The real problem and the root of the issue is crucial prior to filing the complaint.

What are the potential issues consumers could encounter, in which case he should make complaints? These are some possible problems

  1. Complaint About Meter Reading & Billing Problem 
  2. Complaint About non-billing for several months
  3. Complaint About Less or Excess Readings from the Meter
  4. Complaint About Detection Bill
  5. Complaint About Late or non-delivery of bill
  6. Complaint About Installments of Bill
  7. Complaint About A wrong reference number is printed on the bill.
  8. Complaint About Segregation of Bill
  9. Complaint About Change in Tariff
  10. Complaint About New Connection
  11. Complaint About Meter Connection Order
  12. Complaint About Disconnection Order
  13. Complaint About Re-connection Order
  14. Complaint About Extension or Reduction of Load
  15. Complaint About The shifting of Pole
  16. Complaint About Replacing of Service Cable
  17. Complaint About The shifting of meters
  18. Complaint About Low Voltage
  19. Complaint About Sag Loose
  20. Complaint About Correction of Address
  21. Complaint About Correction of Name
  22. Complaint About Power Failure
  23. Complaint About Others
  24. Complaint About Variation in voltage caused by improper cable
  25. Complaint About Untrue Tariff
  26. Complaint About Defective Meter
  27. Complaint About Fatal Accident

What are the channels for WAPDA online Complaints Registration?

If you are experiencing any interruption in the electrical supply or any other equipment you can use these ways to register your complaint. Be aware that you must you should make it your primary goal to submit your complaint to the most appropriate and responsible authority. For instance, if you’re an IESCO consumer, then you should first step is to file your complaint through the CCMS from the Ministry of Power or Complaint Service of IESCO itself. If, in spite of your complaints being registered, there’s no response from the relevant authorities, then you should use an alternative that has more authority than DISCO such as MOWP, NEPRA, Pakistan Citizen Portal, and Wafaqi Muhtasib Complaints Management System.

Customer Complaint Management System (CCMS) For WAPDA Online Complaints Registration

http://roshanpakistan.pk/ccms/ is the online complaint management system where you can register your complaint through a web portal. CCMS The company implements the Complaint Resolution process that logs the complaint, investigates and coordinates with the relevant DISCO to resolve Any customer complaints or dissatisfaction.

The Customer complaints Management System is an initiative by the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) and created through Power Information Technology Company to help customers understand the problem they face.

Online CCMS http://roshanpakistan.pk/ccms/ provides you the facility to

Report your complaint

Follow your complaint

There are three additional channels that are part of the Customer Complaint Management System where you can make a complaint.

Electricity Complaint Call Center Contact the Electricity Complaint Call Center: To make a complaint, call 118. with specificity with detail since it is the central Contact Centre which is established with detail in the WAPDA Headquarters Lahore in the year 2019.

You can also send an SMS with the details of the complaint to 8118

Contact the specifics of your complaint to

Note: All the previous three complaint registration channels are listed on the bill for the electricity consumption of the consumer.

Methods to resolve complaints CCMS

The team receives your feedback and will acknowledge the complaint and acknowledges.

The complaint you file after investigation will be referred to the appropriate DISCO that is in your region i.e. LESCO, GEPCO, FESCO, IESCO, MEPCO, PESCO, HESCO, SEPCO, QESCO or TESCO.

The Complaint Management System Team & relevant DISCOs collaborate to resolve consumer complaints.

CCMS team will inform you about the progress of resolution of the consumer complaint

Ministry of Water & Power Development Authority

MOWP is another option to submit your complaints since the majority of Electricity Distribution companies are responsible to answer the Ministry.

You will also be able to find the latest contact numbers within the Ministry of Water & Power Development Authority for complaints. The official website of the Ministry of Water & Power Development Authority is http://www.mowp.gov.pk, go to the contact section of the website to find the PTCL numbers for calling the relevant person to lodge your complaint.

WAPDA Complaint Numbers for PTCL

051 9204430

051 92086834

051 9103888

NEPRA Complaint Cell for WAPDA Online Complaints Registration

NEPRA can also be a way to file a complaint about issues with electricity that consumers face, but ensure that you make a complaint to the concerned DISCO first. If DISCO has not resolved your issue, then use this avenue to make a complaint about a case that is pending for a long time.

PTCL Complaint Number 051 2013200

Online complaint registration link is on NEPRA Website


Online Complaint System Customer Service Facility in Distressed DISCO

Some DISCOs are equipped with their own complaint management systems online however, at present all of them are efficient and rely on the professionalism of the person in charge and his motivation to solve the problems of consumers. You can contact them through their official complaints management portal and also.

LESCO Complaint Management System

LESCO is handling online complaints through http://www.lesco.gov.pk/3000076.

LESCO Complaint Cell Numbers





GEPCO Online Complaint


GEPCO Compatible Cell Numbers

055 9200504

055 9200516

055 9200592

PESCO Complaint


IESCO Online Complaint


MEPCO Online Complaint

Contact numbers are given on this page http://www.mepco.com.pk/customer-care & registration form of complaint for MEPCO is MEPCO Complaint Registration Portal

HESCO Online Complaint

Complaint Portal

QESCO Online Complaint

QESCO Complaint Registration Portal

Wafaqi Mhtasib System for WAPDA Complaints and Management

Wafaqi Muhtasib conducts independent investigations into complaints filed against federal agencies and departments.

Consumers are also able to use Wafaqi Muhtasib’s Complaint Management system. here & http://mohtasib.gov.pk/index.php?section=functions&page=comp_online are the official links for registering complaints in Wafaqi Muhtasib.

You can look up the list of the focal persons that are part of your local Distribution Company working in your region. It is possible to submit your complaint to the focal person. The list of focal persons is available on this link http://www.mohtasib.gov.pk/images/pdfs/focal_persons_pk_5_11_2019.pdf in pdf form.

WAPDA Online Complaints Registration Pakistan Citizen Portal

Pakistan Citizen Portal is a mobile application owned by the government which allows users to file any type of complaint in relation to any entity. It assists the public in connecting with departments and organizations throughout Pakistan.

All complaints are reviewed here as the passing of time.

Any complaint that is related to WAPDA can be registered on this site too. Pakistan citizen portal forwards consumers’ requests to the relevant WAPDA office in the vicinity.

Download the Android app and iOS App if you don’t have it on your phone, then submit the complaint.

I hope you found this article informative. Your comments and suggestions are greatly valued. Thanks.



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