Inspector Legal Jobs in Pakistan Police Duties,Eligibility,Protocol And Paper Format 2024

Inspector Legal Jobs in Pakistan Police Duties,Eligibility,Protocol And Paper Format is given here. Salaries, Paper Structures Golden Tips Facilities Qualifications, Powers, Guide Grade, Authority, and Skills Required We are pleased to share our blog on the job of the inspector legal in police, facilities, and powers. In this post, we will review the description of the job, obligations, and protocols for an official inspector and present details of the job of an inspector legal within the police department in Pakistan.

Inspector Legal Jobs in Pakistan Police Duties,Eligibility,Protocol And Paper Format

Who is an Inspector Legal?

Inspectors legal are trained police officers in the area of law. They guide their department on legal issues concerning the courts of law and the law of the land. He is regarded as a to be an expert or authority in investigations, criminal laws, state laws, and service laws as well as municipal ordinances that are within the department.

They provide legal advice for police officers on complicated legal issues that concern investigating, lodging FIRs, CrPC, PPC, the law of evidence, police regulations as well as criminal law and court cases.

Powers, Protocol & Facilities

The inspector legal is a person with limited authority and procedures compared to inspector operation and the inspector investigation However, within the department, their view is considered to be very important. They enjoy all the benefits and perks of BPS 16.

They are also referred to as gazetted police officers. They receive scholarships for their children as well as marriage grants for daughters, pensions, and house rent, plots or houses through the Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation or PGSHF as well as gratuity, TA/DA, and other allowances for police departments. When they retire, they can begin the legal profession as an advocate once more.

Inspector Legal Jobs in Pakistan Police Duties

The responsibilities that a legal inspector performs with the Police include supporting police investigations and giving lectures at police training centers. They might also be involved in the coordination of police activities in conjunction with the other agencies of law enforcement, and managing juvenile and adult detention facilities.

They may also conduct investigations and write reports, or help with any other related police activities. Police may also depend on their experience to ensure that any new laws are effectively enacted and implemented.

Eligibility Criteria For The Post of Inspector Legal

Inspector Legal is also known as a legal inspector. Law graduates can only apply for this job. Candidates must have a minimum of 2nd division LLB. LLM graduates are received in the department. Two years of practice in the field is required to be qualified for the inspector post. Keep in mind that only practicing in a courtroom is sufficient.

General Requirements

Female, male and transgender applicants should not be lower than 18 years old. The maximum age for legally appointed inspectors is 32 years. However, police officers can apply up to 35 years old. The domicile of the province concerned is also required.

Physical Standards

The Height Required for Male Candidates – 5 feet 5 inches
The Size of the Chest Required for Male Applicants Only – 32′-33 1/2 inches
The minimum height for female applicants is 5’2 inches
Required Distant Vision in Each Eye With or Without Glasses-6/9
Minimum Required Near Vision- J-1

Inspector Legal Jobs 2024 Paper Pattern

For the position of inspector legal applicants must take part in six written tests and an interview. Written exams are of two kinds i.e objective and subjective. Here is the information about the paper pattern and format.
1-English Essay-Subjective-100 Marks-Time 2 Hours
2-Urdu Essay-Subjective-100 Number-Time 120 Minutes
3-General Knowledge (GK)-MCQs Type-100 Marks-90 Mins
4-Pakistan Studies & Islamiyat-MCQ Type-100 Numbers-90 Minutes
5-Pakistan Penal Code PPC 1860 & Code of Criminal Procedure CrPC 1898-Subjective Type-100 Marks-3 Hour Time
6-Qanun-e-Shahadat Order 1984 and Local & Special Laws-Subjective Paper-Total Marks 50-Time 2 Hours
7-Viva Voce/Psychological Test-150 Marks

This simply means it will take a total of 550 marks. The passing marks will be 40% however the total required total is 50 percent. In simple terms, you’ll need to score at minimum 300 scores out of 550 on the written exam and 75 marks from 150 marks in psychological and viva tests. Don’t forget the fact that a .25 mark will be taken off for each incorrect answer in the MCQs.

Golden Tips About Inspector Legal Jobs 2024

Law is now taught in the English language in Pakistan and so only 6 months of study is sufficient to pass the public service commission test for the position of inspector legal in the police force, however, as a lawyer, your goal should be to be a judge in civil court because the criteria for eligibility for each of these positions is similar, however, a civil judge has much more power than the inspector legal.

Inspector Legal Jobs in Pakistan Police Duties

In the meantime, you can be applying for the positions of public attorney and legal inspector as well. At the beginning of your professional career as a lawyer avoid participating in bar politics. Instead, focus on understanding the legal procedure. Spend most time in court and in the bar library. Go through daily newspapers GK books, old papers, and a guide to inspector legal to help you prepare.

Inspector Legal Jobs in Pakistan Police Duties important Points

Inspector legal can be posted in any district within the province in question. They receive grade 16 in the police service at first, and later might be promoted to the 20th grade. Inspector Legal wears the uniform of the inspector police with three stars on their shoulders. They are not in court, but they give legal opinions to the department on various issues.

Inspector legal performs completely different duties and responsibilities as compared to public prosecutors. They are hired following a rigorous competition in the exam for the public service commission. Women and minorities are given seats for those who are. The candidates who have been selected are not allowed to alter their cadre or branch in any circumstance. It is essential to be informed regarding the latest decisions of courts as well as changes in criminal law to succeed in your field.

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