Important Instructions For Matric Exams 2024 By Punjab Board Check Online

The Board issues crucial directives for the Punjab Boards Matric Exams. Candidates taking the annual exams for the 9th and 10th grades in 2024 must carefully read the guidelines and adhere to them. If the instructions are not followed, your paper may be canceled, and you may even receive a UMC. Therefore, it is crucial that everyone carefully reads and adheres to the instructions.

Every candidate must have the original roll number slip on hand when distributing a daily paper. On the roll number, there should be no writing or signs. The applicant must sign in the space designated on the roll number, and this signature must be noted on the answer sheet. 3- In any case, the candidate will appear for the morning paper at 8:00 am, the evening paper at 1:00 pm, and at 2:00 pm on Friday.

Before the paper begins, there will be thorough checking, recitation, and naat. No written materials, whether pertinent or not, should be kept on the person of the candidate. If any materials are discovered during the search or if a candidate is discovered to have cheated in any way, UMC will be registered against him. Bring two recent passport-sized photos with you to the testing location after having them attested by any headmaster or headmistress; give one to the center superintendent and bring one with you each day.

Important Instructions For Matric Exams 2024

  • Students need to bring their authentic Roll Number Slips.
  • Don’t make any notes on the exam slip.
  • Students must use the same signature on the answer sheet and the designated space on the Roll No slips.
  • Candidates must arrive at the testing locations 30 minutes prior to the start of the paper.
  • The Talwat and Naat processes will be finished before the paper is submitted.
  • Students are not permitted to bring any writing materials, whether they are pertinent or not.
  • The school’s headmaster or headmistress must attest to the candidates’ two photographs.
  • Give the pretender a copy of one of the photos while keeping the other one for yourself.
  • There won’t be any extra answer sheets provided. So, fill out the 24 pages of the provided sheet with your answers.
  • On both sides of the answer sheet, be sure to write the Objective Paper Code.
  • For the practical exams, students will use the same roll number slips. Please protect it accordingly.
  • The entirety of the student’s stationery must be brought.
  • Examiners won’t permit exchanging items with others.
  • On the paper, avoid using any remover or fluid.
  • Carefully fill in the bubbles for the objective section.

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You can read the full notification, which includes the directions, below.

Important Instructions For Matric Exams

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