IIU International Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024 Apply Online

International Islamic University Islamabad announces International Postdoctoral Fellowship program. It is an IRI international Postdoctoral Fellowship is a one-year, non-residential education and training program designed to enable postdoctoral scholars from Pakistan and around the world by providing them with the opportunity of staying in touch with the most recent research methods as well as techniques, skills, and knowledge in a stimulating academic environment.

This comprehensive capacity-building and research-based program in the various areas of Islamic Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences, and languages and literature that has an Islamic view has been created to build a team of competent researchers who are able to take on the responsibilities of contemporary Islamic research.

The scholars who have been selected will receive:

  • research supervisor who is knowledgeable in the area
  • office/study spaces
  • access to all the resources within IIUI’s libraries. IIUI
  • Free university transportation throughout the city (as according to bus routes) in the event of need.
  • An opportunity to connect with faculty and students
  • an opportunity to teach or co-teach an academic course in the department, subject to the satisfaction of other conditions.

IIU International Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024 Apply Online

IIU International Postdoctoral Fellowship Advertisement

 IIU International Postdoctoral Fellowship Advertisement

Eligibility for IIU International Postdoctoral Fellowship

This program offers a wonderful chance for scholars to conduct research on topics like the socio-political study of classic and modern Urdu literary texts South Asian culture and history as expressed in literature, Sufi literature, the colonial and postcolonial literary culture within South Asia, Urdu literature and film, Urdu literature and media collection of oral traditions, Pakistani culture and society the development of Urdu language and the teaching of Urdu as an international language.

Researchers who are interested and have a Ph.D. qualification in any discipline relevant to their research are qualified to be considered for the Fellowship.

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Duration for IIU International Postdoctoral Fellowship 

Option 1: Six months

Option 2: 12 months

 Requirement for Completion

  •   The postdocs who are selected are required to finish their research under the guidance of the supervisor they have chosen. (The applicants can provide their supervisor of choice if they’d like. This will be taken into consideration, if.)
  • Each postdoc fellow will present up to two seminars during the time of their fellowship.
  • Following the completion of the project, postdocs must submit at least one article in a journal or monologue, or even a book either on their own or in collaboration with their supervisors.

Fee Structure for IIU International Postdoctoral Fellowship

For Fellows from national universities

  • Rs. 25000/- for six months
  • Rs.50,000per year

for International Fellows

  • US $300$ for 6 months
  • US USD 600 per year

How to apply for IIU International Postdoctoral Fellowship

Apply through email to [email protected]
[email protected]

Attach the following documents to your application

  • Letter of intent
  • Research proposal of 1000-1500 words and the time frame for the fellowship
  • Copy of Curriculum Vitae
  • 02 Reference letters

Candidates who have been selected will be informed after the process has been completed. Admission will be confirmed once the fee has been paid.

Contact info

Room D-005, Imam Abu Hanifah Block, International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Phone: +92-51 9019645, +92-51 9019612, +92-51 9257972
[email protected]

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