Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Salary Increase

Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Salary Increase details are given here. The Daily Jang Karachi dated 25th April 2023, published a report on the possibility of a 30 percent increase in Salary in the Budget 2023-24 for personnel employed by the military and civilian sectors of Pakistan. According to the report the government may increase salaries between 15% and 30 percent. The specifics are as under. Prime Secretary of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif will discuss the ongoing growth in inflation and the rising cost of essential commodities of daily life. In this regard, a Cabinet meeting is scheduled by the Prime Minister to discuss the best way to pay civil and military employees. Inflation does not only impact the salaried, including military and civil servants but all communities that trade. The majority of them are middle-class and low-income people. Their monthly earnings are not enough to pay for their daily expenses. They need to increase their wages or their monthly income.

Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Salary Increase

Main Demands of the Employees

  • The employees are demanding that the government should increase the Conveyance Allowance amount within the Budget 2023-23 because of the rise in fuel prices and the rise in fares.
  • The employees are receiving Medical Allowance BPS-01 to BPS-16 at 1500/month. This is lower than a consultation cost from a qualified doctor, or the Government should offer free of expense all health services to employees.
  • A House Rent Allowance increase is another request from employees. The increase has not been made in HRA since the year 2017. The employees demand that the government increase it from the beginning date of Revised Salary Scales 2022 based on the pay scale that is basic to the employee.

Budget 2023-24 Pakistan

According to a report within the paper Jang, a rise of 30 percent in salary and pensions will be expected in the budget that is due 2023-2024 for military and civil personnel in Pakistan. According to the most recent updates, Federal Government may increase the salary from 15% to -30 percent. In the present state of the country, and the rapid growth in the rate of inflation, even the income or pension of government employees are not sufficient to meet their basic requirements. The rate of inflation is higher than 40 % in Pakistan and the highest in history.

Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Salary Increase

Budget 2023-24 Pakistan Salary Increase

Pakistani Budget 2023-24

Government employees are also demanding an increase in the allowance for conveyance in the budget to be announced 2023-24 when petrol prices rise to their highest that has been recorded in Pak history. It is even lower than the consultation fees from a qualified medical professional. A rise in rent also forces employees to submit a request to raise to increase the House Rent Allowance ( HRA).

Premier Minister Shehbaz Sharif told his cabinet session that the government is aware of the issues facing the lower and middle classes. The constant rise in the costs of commodities in general has an effect on the lives of employees. They’ll try to raise the amount of pensions and wages as high as they are able to.

Increase in salary for federal budget 2023-24

The budget of the government for the 2023-2024 fiscal year could be a possibility of increasing the pay and pensions of both military and civil servants by 15%-30 percent, despite the sluggish budget. The director general of the Ministry of Finance was contacted about the pay. He stated that he will be capable of providing an update or an actual situation following the Eid holiday ending on April 25, which is today.

As per reports, the issue was discussed during the cabinet meeting for the federal government scheduled by Prime Secretary Shahbaz Sharif. The escalating prices of key items in Pakistan affect both the general population and the salaried class, whether they are military or civilian employees. They may be able to negotiate a rise of up to 50 percent.

Salary increases in budget 2023-2024 Pakistan

Everyone in the armed forces, as well as civil servants, seeking to see an improvement in their pay and allowances. For many, they are the sole source of revenue for families. However, now that they’re having come up with a plan they can meet their daily expenses, as they are higher than their earnings.

All retired and regular civil and military personnel of the state must be able to see increases in salaries and pensions. Their current monthly income isn’t enough due to the continuous rise in the cost of everyday needs, particularly petrol.

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