NACTA Salary in Pakistan 2024 for BPS 17-18 19-20 21 22

NACTA Salary in Pakistan 2024 check here. National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) is the most prestigious agency that is responsible for coordinating and integrating efforts to fight the spread of extremism and terrorism within Pakistan. As the need for skilled experts in the counter-terrorism field continues to rise, many people are thinking about a career in NACTA. Before making a choice it’s essential to comprehend the structure of salary and benefits provided by the company.

NACTA Salary Structure 2024

This NACTA salary structure relies on Government’s Basic Pay Scale (BPS) structure. Employers are assigned various grade levels and salaries as well as other benefits set by their grade. The following table provides the minimum salary for each grade within the BPS system. A job in NACTA could be an enlightening experience for those enthusiastic about being a part of their community and helping in the fight against extremism and terrorism. However, it is essential to know the structure of salaries and the benefits provided by the NACTA organization prior to making a final decision. The tables above provide an extensive overview of NACTA salary for Pakistan for 2024. As always, people are advised to conduct their own research and to speak to the NACTA officials for further specific details.

NACTA Salary Basic Pay Scale Structure 2024

A Basic Pay Scale (BPS) system that is used by the government is the foundation of NACTA. NACTA Pay structure. Employees are assigned to various grade levels, and these grades determine their salaries and other benefits they are entitled. The base pay for each grade within the BPS BPS system is listed in the table below.

NACTA Base Pay Scale starting from BPS 17-18 19-20 21 22

People from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds are able to get a wide range of jobs at NACTA. The most well-known positions at NACTA and the associated salaries and grades can be found below in the tables below. For those who are enthusiastic about helping their nation and helping in the fight against extremism and terrorism working for NACTA is a rewarding one. Before you make a decision it is crucial to be aware of the benefits policies and pay structure of the company.

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NACTA Jobs Salary

The tables above provide the complete picture of NACTA Salary figures in Pakistan for 2024. Like always, the public is encouraged to conduct their own research and talk directly with NACTA representatives for additional detailed details.

Grade Basic Pay Scale Minimum Salary (PKR) Maximum Salary (PKR)
17 17,500 – 315,000 45,360 304,180
18 22,000 – 385,000 56,460 378,220
19 27,940 – 515,000 71,746 378,220
20 35,000– 615,000 89,853 603,753
21 46,500 – 800,000 119,625 804,375
22 60,000 – 1,000,000 154,800 1,043,160

NACTA Jobs 2024

National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) recently announced open positions for the position of Tech Officer Cyber Security Specialist, Data Scientist Analyst, Linguist, as well as System Administrator. The job announcement was made on March 31 2024 in the daily Dawn newspaper. Applications are accepted until April 15th, 2024. NACTA Jobs 2024 is now open to all provinces in Pakistan such as Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, and Ex.FATA.

NACTA is seeking skilled and enthusiastic people to join the team by 2024. NACTA is providing a variety of opportunities to people who are competent in the following divisions of the National Counter Terrorism Authority: Technical Branch, Counter Terrorism Branch, Counter Financing of Terrorism Branch, Counter Violent Extremism Branch, Intelligence Wing as well as Communication and Outreach Branch.

NACTA Salary in Pakistan 2024 for BPS 17-18 19-20 21 22

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