FIA Ranks and Salary in Pakistan

The Federal Investigation Agency is an organization split into six zones that provide these services throughout Pakistan. In reality, the organization was created by the 1947 act to offer assistance. Essentially, this organization controls the activities of criminals under different laws. It can target various organizations such as educational institutions that sell electricity-related organizations, and so on. Therefore, the information about the FIA Ranks and Salary in Pakistan, constable ASI Sub Inspector Assistant Director is readily available to the applicants. So you’ll be aware of the pay scale of Federal investigators.

FIA Ranks and Salary in Pakistan

FIA Ranks and Salary in Pakistan Details

As we mentioned earlier, as we mentioned above, the FIA is a federal agency located in Pakistan; therefore, the pay is slightly different from the salary of the government. This way, we’ll provide you with complete information regarding the positions and salary packages associated with the work within the organization, which is part of the Federal Investigation Agency. The information is provided below regarding the status of the posts.

FIA Ranks and Salary in Pakistan& Constable Salary

In this position, the pay scale starts from BS 7 as a constable post, with a 30 to 32 k salary. Compensation may be increased if the applicant is educated to the extent of the requirements. For instance, if a candidate has metric or intermediate qualifications, the salary is about 32K. The pay would be higher when the candidate’s qualification includes a bachelor’s degree or more than intermediate. That is because it’s based on the qualifications since the company is federal. In addition, pay scales are also determined according to the length of the period.

FIA ASI Salary:

ASI, also known as Assistant Sub Inspector, is split into two groups within the company. The first is when applicants are admitted to this post directly, and the other is through promotion. Thus, the new candidates now enrolled in this position have a grade 9, known as the scale 9 for the work. That means that the salary is increasing to around 45k-48k. However, the same method implies that it is based on the level of education. On the contrary, candidates who are promoted from constable posts to ASI. Their salary will be higher than those who are fresher ASI. The reason is that the length of services and the increase in the wage can be a problem and impact the value amount. However, the pay range is between 50 and 55 for the second group of applicants.

FIA Sub Inspector Salary:

This post is also in two categories we mentioned in the previous paragraph as an ASI post. Therefore, this post is grade 14 for the payment for this job within the FIA organization.  However, the older candidates, those who have been promoted with positions, could be able to reach the amount of 60-70K. It could also be as high as 80k in terms of service.

FIA Assistant Director Salary:

The applicants are also split into two groups to receive an income within the department. That means that one category is newer, and the other is promoted to the position after some time. The grade for the class is 17 within the company for candidates. So, the pay range is 70K to 80K for this job. But for a promoter, the criteria are different based on items and services.
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Q: Who holds the highest position in FIA?
A: The highest position in FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) is occupied by the Director General (DG) of FIA.

Q: What is the FIA’s grade structure?
A: FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) has a grade structure that varies based on the position. FIA offers positions ranging from BPS-01 to BPS-20, with BPS-01 being the lowest grade and BPS-20 being the highest grade.

Q: What are the duties of an FIA constable?
A: An FIA constable is responsible for upholding law and order, investigating criminal activities, making arrests, collecting evidence, assisting in investigations, and ensuring the overall safety and security of the public.

Q: Who is referred to as an FIA assistant?
A: An FIA assistant is an individual employed in an administrative or support role within the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Their responsibilities typically include providing assistance to higher-ranking officials, managing office operations, maintaining records, and handling various administrative tasks as assigned.

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