SED Examination Emergency 2024 in South Punjab Schools

The newly appointed Additional Secretary School Education Department (SED) South Punjab, Sarosh Fatima has instructed the CEOs of DEA to keep track of the ‘examination emergency which is being imposed on public schools in 12 districts in the region to ensure higher scores in board examinations.

The Chairperson of a meeting of the Chief Executive Officers of the District Education Authority (DEA) said that under the plan, school leaders are required to keep the profile of every student on what they are good at and weak in, This can be inspected by department top officials whenever they want to.

The exam will be administered, which is a requirement for the students in all classes, she stated that the tests will be set in accordance with BISE design and the new policies. Addl Secretary told that teachers were ordered to communicate with parents on the progress of their children, and also make sure they are regularly checking PTMs to improve the performance of the students.

A comprehensive plan will be developed to evaluate the school’s headteachers’ and principals’ performance under the exam emergency program and they will be awarded good marks She also said that monitoring of these measures is essential to ensure proper monitoring.

SED Examination Emergency 2024 Meeting Agenda

SED Examination Emergency 2024

The agenda for the meeting is listed below.

  1. Examination Emergency
  2. Implementation Framework
  3. Execution and Progress
  4. Monitoring Mechanism at District Level
  5. Preparation Of Commencement Of Examination
  6. Any Issue Pertaining to the Examination Urgency

The School Education Department of South Punjab will officially launch the “1 2 3 4” Help Line for admissions purposes on the 23rd day of January 2024. The helpline will become available to the public from Monday. So, ensure that the designated focal person will be available to answer calls and monitor any calls that come in. The procedure for people who are the focal point for these calls was provided. These guidelines will show those who are the focal people to engage with people who are seeking admission into the morning school. check also UKAA Scholarship 2024.

School Education Department Exam Emergency 2024

SED Examination Emergency 2024

SED Exam Emergency

SED Exam Emergency in south punjab

However, on the other hand, it is also the case that the Directorate Public Instructions (SE/EE) South Punjab, Multan has advised all education administrators that the exam in 2024 is fast approaching Field officers must be attentive to ensure the safe and fair conducting of the exam in 2024, in line with the previous procedures. All officers must perform their duties in line with their SOP for this important job.

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