Saylani Welfare Free Rashan Program 2024 Apply Online

Saylani Welfare Free Rashan Program 2024 Apply Online has been started. Saylani Welfare is a well-known non-governmental organization located in Karachi, Pakistan, that has been providing assistance to poor and marginalized communities since. In this blog post, we can provide you with complete details about How to Register for the Saylani Welfare Free Rashan Program 2024. It was founded in 1985 by Maulana Muhammad Ali Sayyid. It is dedicated to providing health care, free food as well and education to those who are in need. The headquarters of Saylani Welfare is located in Karachi and the organization’s services have had a profound difference in the lives of a lot of people in Pakistan. Pakistani nationals can get information about Saylani Welfare Free Rashan Online Registration 2023 from this page. 

The organization’s goal is to improve the lives of poor people all over the world by offering those in need free, high-quality services in the areas of food, education, healthcare, and social welfare.In this essay, we have discussed Saylani’s welfare as well as the specifics of its free Rashan program in 2023. the poor and needy people of Pakistan can apply for online registration for Saylani Welfare Free Rashan Program from this page. on this page, we have provided a detailed procedure

Saylani Welfare Free Rashan Program 2024

Saylani Welfare is a not-for-profit charity that offers free medical and food aid to those who are in desperate need throughout the period of Ramadan. The foundation was established in Karachi, Pakistan in 1995 by Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi as well as the wife of his son Bilqis Edhi. Since its founding, Saylani Welfare has grown to become one of the biggest and most well-known charitable organizations in Pakistan.In Ramadan, Saylani Welfare provides free meals to over one million people in Pakistan. Apart from free meal, Saylani Welfare also provides free medical and educational aid and financial aid for those who are who are in need.

Saylani Welfare Free Ration 2024

Saylani Welfare Registration Online has launched today. Please visit the official website to find out more about Saylani Welfare or to make a donation. Food is provided for free to those who are poor and vulnerable from Saylani Welfare Rashan, a Pakistani relief charity. Saylani Welfare Free Ration 2024 official website is listed below. Saylani Welfare is a well-known non-governmental organization which has been providing rations since the year 2000. Ramzan Relief Package has started for the People of Pakistan.

Saylani Welfare Rashan Online Form

Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi along with his wife Bilqis established the organization in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1995. Saylani Welfare has expanded since its beginnings to become one of the most prominent and popular charitable organizations in Pakistan. This section will give you details about Saylani welfare address. If you’re living in Karachi and want to receive the Ramzan ration of Saylani Welfare, visit the Saylani Welfare Office. Below is an overview of the full address for Saylani Welfare.

Saylani Welfare Dubai Jobs 

Saylani Welfare Free Rashan Program 2024 Apply Online

Saylani Welfare Free Rashan Program 2024 Apply Online

Saylani Ration Card Online Apply 2024

The Saylani Ration Card, also called The Rashan Card, is an online application system that permits the residents of Karachi in Karachi to make applications for meals or other essential needs. It was initially implemented at the end of 2013 in a trial program. It has since been expanded to include additional areas of need, such as education and healthcare. Ehsaas Program 8171 Registration here.

Residents can apply for the card through the website Once they have submitted an application, applicants must submit personal information like their name and birth date, as well as their addresses, as well as contact information. Candidates may also submit scans of identification documents, proofs of residence (such as an agreement for a lease or rental), and the version of their personal income tax return if the applicant has submitted one in the past two years.

Apply Online Registration Online

The Saylani welfare program has proven effective in providing support and relief to hundreds of families since its beginning more than the past six years. This Rashan Online Registration portal enables families who are eligible applicants to request benefits effortlessly and swiftly. In addition, the system online ensures the accuracy and completeness of eligibility conditions. It is also transparent and accurate in its eligibility criteria. Rashan Online Registration portal is accessible from any location within India and is completely free to use. This makes it a great way to access government benefits online.

How to Apply Online for Saylani Welfare rashan program

Saylani Welfare Rashian is a relief organization located in Pakistan that offers free food to poor and hungry people. It was established by Maulana Fazlur Rehman in 2006. To apply to be a member of the Saylani welfare rashan you must follow the steps following:

1. Visit the official site to find the website Saylani the welfare rashan.

2. Click on the ‘Contact Us Click on ‘Contact Us tab.

3. Complete the registration form and include all the information required.

4. Click on the “Submit” button.

5. You will receive an email confirmation via Saylani the welfare rashan.


  1. Shahidataimoor

    Mary hasband ka Koy kam nahi ha aur wo mazoor ha bas guazra bhot muskel sa hota ha please help me Mary 3 nachay

  2. Mohammad Arif Khan

    I am very Poor Person, My Salary is not more and I have four Children and i can’t give to him Education and i am living In rent House Because my monthly income and salary is not more. I can’t give him good life. So please help me and allow the Free ration.I am very graceful of you. If you allow and give me ration.My contact num is 0344-2866618.
    Address # House L-1051, Sector 5D, Surjani Town, Near Jammah Masjid Dyare Habbib, karachi

  3. sikandar ali solangi

    sir mere pas koi kam nh he bhot parishan ho gard tha par ab wo bhe kam nh he baray mherbani meri madad karo farooq abdul hameed sir mohjhe rastian ki bhot zarorat he sir ham 5 afrad he 2 bete or 1 beti he par koi rozgar nh he afsos sir mojhe bhot omed he sir mojhe mayos nh karogi 4130321299289

  4. Mara Naam Muhammad Rashid hay .may shady shuda hu maray 6 bachay hay.may Akala kamanay walaa insaan hu Joo puray gher Kay akhragaat boht mushakill sat uthaa Raha hu .Orr ya boht hi mushakill hay maray liya puray gher ko palnaa .Mary Nazar ka bhy maslaa hay may mahnaat mazdury kertay hu Mary to tabeyat bhy theek nhi hoty .jiss din Kam perbna jaaooo us din ik rupya bhy gher per nhi hotaa akhir main jaoo to kaha jaooo.plz AP Mary rashan day ker kush help kerday .q Kay marya Liya gher Kay akhragaat uthana boht mushakill hy

  5. Mara contact number Hy 0304-7423932 Orr address Hy niazi colony street no 10

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