PTCL Duplicate Bill Payment Online Check 2024 And Download

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the biggest phone line and internet connectivity service provider in Pakistan. It is also the biggest user of the internet and telephone system. It is most commonly used in offices, homes or workplaces, and schools as common places. On this page, we’ve given you with the option of PTCL Duplicate Bill Payment Online Check 2024 And Download here.


Sometimes, we require a duplicate PTCL phone bill. We are able to get duplicate bills by going to the closest PTCL customer care center. Alternatively, you can get a duplicate bill through the internet. be aware of this issue. we’ve made it possible right here so that it is easy to get your duplicate PTCL bill on our site. In the next section, you’ll find the entire procedure to get Duplicate PTCL Phone Bill and you’ll also get an option of paying your bill online.

PTCL Duplicate Bill Payment Online Check 2024 And Download Below

How to Get a Duplicate PTCL Bill

  • The client must visit the link provided below, which will redirect the customer to the official website of PTCL.
  • In the new window, you will find two boxes that require you to fill in your “Account ID” and “Phone Number”.
  • The bill’s duplicate will be available in the format PDF File Format.
  • Select”Save” or click the “Save” button to save the PDF file to your computer.
  • If you would like to print a hard copy of the duplicate bill, you can print the PDF file you saved.

PTCL Duplicate Bill Copy Payment Online Check and Download

Following the procedure above, you’ll get you’ve got your Duplicate PTCL Bill. However, you don’t just get an additional PTCL bill but are able to make payments on your PTCL bill while sitting at your home.

To pay online for PTCL invoices, users need to sign up at PTCL’s official website to pay electronically. After having registered, you’ll be able to pay your PTCL bill online, without having to go outside. I’m certain that the steps above can help you get duplicate bills and bill pay online.

پی ٹی سی ایل ٹیلی فون کا بل اگر وقت پہ  موصول نہ ہو تو بروقت جمع کروانا ایک سردرد ہے لمبی لمبی لائنوں میں کھڑے کھڑے قیمتی وقت ضائع ہوتا ہے اب آپ کی یہ پریشانی ختم ۔اب آپ آن لائن گھر بیٹھے اپنا بل حاصل کر سکتے ہیں اور کسی  بھی پریشانی سے بچ سکتے ہیں۔

پی ٹی سی ایل  کے علاوہ آپ واپڈا کی دوسری کپمینیوں  جیسے  پیسکو، میپکو،   سیپکو ۔ ہیسکو، فیسکو اور  کیسکو کےبجلی کے بل اس ویب سائیڈ سے حاصل کر سکتے ہیں

For checking your latest PTCL Bill, you need two things;

  1. Telephone Number (without area code) and
  2. Account Id Number.

Services PTCL Is Providing

There are a variety of services PTCL offers to its loyal customers to meet their needs and stay up-to-date in a competitive market. PTCL offers the following services: Ptcl bill online Evo bill services 2024, smart TV and many more are available now.

1. Everyone can set up their an account on their own PTCL online account by entering basic personal details.

2. PTL Bill inquiry service accessible via the official site of PTCL is

3. One can get a bill via email using e-payment services.


GPON is the high-speed internet service offered by PTCL. If you’re looking for the gpon invoice, you can receive it similar to a regular telephone bill for PTCL by entering your account number and phone number in the fields above. This bill created on the internet can be used to make bill payments at every bank which accepts utility bills.

Live Chat | Helpline 24/7

PTCL offers an excellent PTCL live chat service. they provide instant support. agents are available from 9 am until 9 pm. You can reach them through their helpline which is accessible 24 hours a day for support service. It is possible to call their helpline if you would like to use their support services which are available 24/7.

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