PMF Roll No Slip 2024 Download by CNIC [ Supplementary ]

Punjab Medical Faculty Exams (Annual and Supplementary) PMF Roll No Slip 2024 is available for download at core exam will be conducted on September 17th, 2024. The Viva voice exam will be held on the 13th of September in 2024. Regular candidates can collect their roll number slips at an office at their institution. How do I get your copy of the PMF Lahore Roll Number Slip 2024 Exam Session, August 2024? PMF roll with no error supplementary 2024 Urdu is available for download. Please enter the details below to print and view Your Roll No. Slip. Roll No. Slips Supply Exam July-2023. Punjab Medical Faculty Lahore will forward the roll slip no slip to the candidate who is a private via post. In addition, regular candidates can find their roll number slip at the office of their institute. How do I obtain the PMF Lahore Roll Number Slip 2024 Exam Session July 2024? PMF roll slip no. additional 2024 Urdu has been uploaded. It is available for download from the URLs below. Roll No. Slips of Supply Exam August-2024 have been uploaded and can be checked at Download the Punjab Medical Faculty extra Roll Number Slip 2024 to Exam Session 2024 and verify the PMF registration number.

PMF Supplementary Roll No Slip 2024

PMF Supplementary Roll No Slip 2024 will be uploaded today 15 September at the official website.Please download your PMF Supply Roll No Slip 2024 through the link given below.

PMF Roll No Slip 2024

Download Punjab Medical Faculty Roll Number Slip 2024. A PMF No Slip Roll Session for August 20, 2024, is uploaded. Punjab Medical Faculty uploaded the Roll No Slip Session in August 2024. PMF Lahore Roll Number Slip 2024 was uploaded. Punjab Medical Faculty Roll No Slips for Para-Medical courses 2024 have been posted. Students are able to Download Punjab Medical Faculty Roll Number Slip 2024 to take the Exam that will begin in August 2024.

Dispenser Roll Number Slip 2024

You can visit the site through which you can download the online PMF roll slip no. 2024 by clicking on the hyperlink that is bolded in this article. To obtain an online PMF Roll number slip 2024 you must first select the exam you want to take, your session and your category. Enter your CNIC number prior to clicking on the “OK” button. No one will be allowed to enter the exam room without showing the roll number slip, therefore, be careful with it.

PMF Result 2024

PMF Roll No Slip 2024 Download by CNIC [ Supplementary ]

PMF Roll No Slip 2024 Download by CNIC [ Supplementary ] Roll No Slip

Candidates who have successfully completed this test, men and women, have been waiting for their roll slips. Soon, they will have an access code to the roll number slip via this website. We will be updating the direct links so that students can be able to access their roll numbers directly All you have to input is your exact CNIC number.

Download Roll No Slip

New Scheme of Studies

Equal to F.Sc Medical Technology Group

The following courses are not Equal to F.Sc (Study Core Course in 1st Year as Common Course)

Old Scheme of Studies

Eligibility of Candidates

  • Only the student who has undergone a course of study in Punjab Government hospitals, Government Paramedical Schools, or those Institutions of allied health science education which have been affiliated with the PMF shall be allowed to appear in examinations.
  • The candidate shall have a valid Admission Number issued by PMF.
  • Before a candidate is allowed to appear for examination s/he must satisfy that (a) s/he has attended not less than 75% of the lectures and (b) not less than 75% of the practical / demonstrations and/or field attachments.
  • Fifty percent marks are required for passing the examination both in written as well as practical / viva.
  • The candidate will have to pass all the theory and practical examinations maximum of four chances and within three years. A candidate who fails to do so may repeat the examination as a fresh candidate. However, the name of the institution and the previous roll number shall be mentioned in the examination application.
  • A candidate who passes in any subject shall be exempted from appearing in that subject and s/he shall appear only in the subject(s) in which s/he has failed. For passing a subject comprising of theory and practical components, clearing both simultaneously shall be required.

Examination Centers

At the discretion of the Examination Committee, the theory examination for any category shall be conducted simultaneously at one or more of the following centers:

  • Lahore
  • Multan
  • Rawalpindi
  • Faisalabad
  • Bahawalpur
  • Sargodha

Examination Calendar

  • The annual examination system shall be in vogue. The examination shall be conducted twice a year and shall be termed annual and supplementary.
  • There shall be a gap of a minimum of forty-five days between the declaration of the result and the conduction of the next examination.
  • The Examination Committee shall fix the date, time, and place of the examination and the PMF shall notify the date sheet.
  • The qualifying test (for candidates passing from organizations other than PMF and wanting registration with PMF) shall be conducted once a year with the annual examination.

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