PMC MDCAT New Syllabus 2024 Download PDF

If you are looking for Pakistan Medical Commission PMC MDCAT New Syllabus 2024 and Sample Paper, then we can help. All students know that the PMC announced the MDCAT entrance test online registration. Each year, universities of health and sciences hold a test to determine your eligibility for admission.The National MDCAT Entry Test 2024 will be held in the various divisions and districts. The institute’s administration holds several subjects, including the English, Physics, Chemistry, and Physics exams. We have uploaded the full NUMS syllabus pdf 2024.The National MDCAT Syllabus 2024 PDF download Biology, Chemistry, English, and Physics has been announced by the Pakistan Medical Commission. You will get each and every detail about PMC MDCAT syllabus from here and it can be download in PDF from the Given Links Below.

PMC MDCAT New Syllabus 2024 Download PDF Given Below

About PMC

The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), formerly known as Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, is a statutory regulator that maintains Pakistan’s official list of doctors.

According to the regulations of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Medical/Dental college admission tests (MDCAT) are required for students applying for MBBS or BDS programs in public and private institutions. The National Center for Biotechnology Information is a division of U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NLM).

PMC MDCAT New Syllabus 2024

PMC MDCAT New Syllabus 2024

Are you looking for the National MDCAT updated syllabus 2024? Officially, the PMC announced the National MDCAT 2024 syllabus. The syllabus has undergone some changes, including adding and removing new topics.
Click the button below to download your MDCAT syllabus hassle-free. Within seconds, the PDF file will be downloaded to your device.

Total No Of MCQS in MDCAT 210
Duration of MDCAT 3.5 Hours
Passing Marks in MDCAT Minimum 65%
Format of MDCAT Computer-based MCQs
Marking in MDCAT No Negative Marking

We will provide complete information on the revised PMC National MDCAT syllabus for 2024. The syllabus will be available in PDF format so you can easily download it to your computer and prepare for the exam.

PMC MDCAT New Syllabus Subjects

subjects of MDCAT are given here. if you want good marks in Exam you need to prepare these subjects well.

Biology Physics
Chemistry English
Logical Reasoning

PMC MDCAT Syllabus New

Some changes have been made to the MDCAT announcement and the PMC announcement for the year:
• The MDCAT total marks will be 200
• There is no negative marking
• All provinces will have the same syllabus
• You can apply to 150 Medical colleges.
• The PMC will approve this syllabus.
• Minimum marks for fsc must be 70%
• Aspirants achieve a minimum 60% mark in MDCAT.
• Admission criteria include a minimum 70% aggregate mark.

PMC mdcat syllabus For 2024

Students concerned about the MDCAT Syllabus and National MDCAT Syllabus 2024 PDF can find the information they need here. The syllabus can be downloaded easily because this test requires solid preparation.

All questions will relate to biology, English, physics, and chemistry. University of Lahore, science and engineering are responsible institutions requiring an entrance test. We will list all subjects that the MDCAT test will be taken in all MDCAT Syllabus 2024.

Download Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. The selection criteria for medical and dental colleges in Punjab is the 80% mark in the PMDC medical entrance test. The remaining 20% marks are from the F.Sc Pre Medical. It is important to take the PMDC entry exam and score high marks.

Subject No Of MCQS
Biology 68
Chemistry 56
Logical Reasoning 10
Physics 56
English 20

PMC MDCAT New Syllabus Download PDf

The Pakistan Medical Commission has published a Syllabus to help students prepare for the MDCAT exam. The MDCAT Syllabus and National MDCAT Syllabus 2024 PDF are provided for students. Below is the MDCAT PDF syllabus 2024.

You can download the MDCAT PDF syllabus 2024 with just one click. This means you don’t need to travel anywhere else.Interested candidates can download the PMC MDCAT syllabus, which includes all information about each subject.Officially, the MDCAT Syllabus PDF Download has been released.

PMC MDCAT New Syllabus Download PDf

Subject Wise PMC Syllabus MDCAT 2024 Download PDF

You may be concerned about updating the 2024 national PMC mdcat syllabus. MDCAT MCQs should be used to focus on the essential requirements of the test, including subject details. The following table lists the subject-specific syllabuses.Check out the PMC mdcat syllabus here.

Subjects Syllabus
PMC Syllabus 2024 Chemistry Download PDF
PMC Syllabus 2024 Physics Download PDF
PMC Syllabus 2024 English Download PDF
PMC Syllabus 2024 Logical Reasoning Download PDF
PMC Syllabus 2024 Biology Download PDF
UHS MDCAT Syllabus pdf Download

Content List for Biology Syllabus for MDCAT 2024

You can download the chapter-by-chapter PMC mdcat syllabus from here.

• Biodiversity (acellular/variety of life)
• Bio-energetic
• Biological Molecules
• Cell structure and function
• Control and coordination/ Nervous & Chemical Coordination
• Diversity among Animals
• Enzymes
• Evolution
• Life in Animals & Plants: Transport, nutrition, gaseous exchange/transport
• Prokaryotes
• Reproduction
• Support and movement
• Variation & genetics/ inheritance

Content List for Chemistry Syllabus for MDCAT 2024

• Introduction to the fundamental concepts of chemistry
• Atomic Structure
• Gases
• Liquids
• Solids
• Chemical Equilibrium
• Reaction Kinetics
• Thermochemistry and Energetics for chemical reactions
• Electrochemistry
• Chemical bonding
• Block elements s and p
• Transition Elements
• The fundamental principles of Organic Chemistry
• Chemistry of Hydrocarbons
• Alkyl halides
• Alcohols & phenols
• Aldehydes & Ketones
• Carboxylic acid
• Macromolecules

Content List for Physics Syllabus for MDCAT-2022

• Motion and force
• Work and energy
• Rotational motion and circular motion
• Waves
• Thermodynamics
• Electrostatics
• Current Electricity
• Electromagnetism
• Electromagnetic induction
• Electronics
• Dawn of Modern Physics
• Atomic spectra
• Nuclear Physics

English content list for MDCAT 2024

You can choose from high- and low-frequency words in the course book or from contexts similar to those with which the HSSC or students might be familiar.
• All past and present tenses
• There are four types of sentences
• Conditions Types of clauses
• Fragments
Logical Reasoning
• Critical Thinking
• Selected letter and symbol series
• Logical deduction
• Logical problems
• Action
• Cause & effect

How to Get PMC National MDCAT (NMDCAT) Syllabus 2024 PDF?

Students can download the complete National MDCAT syllabus 2024 pdf. This will give them all the information about each subject and its content.The complete PMC syllabus 2024 PDF has been provided on this page. Students are encouraged to read the MCAT syllabus 2024 before taking the entrance exam. The MDCAT syllabus 2002 by PMC is used for the entrance test.

Students must prepare for the test using the PMC MDCAT syllabus 2024.The PMC syllabus 2024 states that students must pass Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, and English section to pass the exam. Students must pass the medical entrance test. They will be eligible for mbbs or bds at medical colleges. Negative marking will not be allowed.

PMC MDCAT Merit List

PMC MDCAT Eligibility

  • All students in Province Punjab
  • Federal capital area (PAT).
  • Age There is no age limit to taking the test

PMC MDCAT Qualification

  • 70% Marks in FSc “OR”
  • BISE Pakistan – 770/1100

MDCAT Paper Pattern

An MDCAT contains 210 MCQs. This test will take you 3 hours and 30 seconds. According to the current PMC policy, there will not be any negative marking. We will inform you via our blog if there are any changes to the policy. You will be given one minute each for each of the 210 MCQs, which is 3 hours and 30 mins. This is a significant improvement on the old policy, where students would only get 40 seconds to solve one question.

This policy also has no negative marking, which is a significant improvement over the old one. This removes a lot of pressure and allows you to focus on the exam.The basic pattern is: Logical reasoning questions have been added to the national syllabus. This section will assess your creativity, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and IQ.

After reading a passage, you must respond to the question by critically considering the situation.
It is important to be able to think critically and use logical reasoning. This skill will allow you to understand your problems better and communicate with others. This skill is essential in medical practice as you must always evaluate the patient’s situation. You will struggle to manage every patient’s unique set of symptoms.

pmc mdcat syllabus hssc 1

pmc mdcat syllabus for 2024 hssc 1 is given here for the preparation of MDCAT. you can easily download the syllabus by clickig the link Given Below.

pmc mdcat syllabus hssc 1

pmc mdcat syllabus hssc 2

MDCAT syllabus for part 2 is given here. wait is over just click the download link and get your syllabus.

pmc mdcat syllabus hssc 2

National MDCAT Policy

Each province had its own entrance test for medical college admissions before the National MDCAT. The problem was that there wasn’t uniformity in the quality and entrance tests. Therefore, there was a need for one MDCAT for all of Pakistan.This created problems with the syllabus.

A single syllabus is required if you want one MDCAT for all country citizens. This was not as easy as it sounds. Students of Federal board and A level students in Punjab would have problems because they had different college syllabuses.It was, therefore, important to have a syllabus with contents from all provinces.

This meant that the contents common to each province were included. However, there were exceptions. This created a common syllabus that solved all the above problems. This syllabus is not intended for favoritism or any other purpose.PMC and NMDA created this syllabus after they reviewed the syllabi from different boards across the country.

PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2024 for MBBS and BDS Admission Entry Test

Students who wish to prepare for the MDCAT Examination 2024 should consult this PMC MDCAT Paper pattern 2024. The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has created a standard curriculum for all pre-medical students. This curriculum includes materials from FSC and tests based on these curricula to assess students’ credibility and intelligence.
The Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) is designed to assess candidates’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to progress in medicine. The MDCAT Test is a computer-based multiple-choice question (MCQ) with 200 questions.

It must be completed in three and a quarter hours.Minimum passing marks must be at least 65%. Negative markings are prohibited according to the PMC terms and conditions. You should also remember that 70% of the questions will be from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and 30% will be related to logical reasoning.

MDCAT Preparation Tips and Strategies

You will only need your brain to pass the NMDCAT exam.Because, you are prohibited from using calculators or any other electronic devices. It can practice by you looking online for question stems and answers or reading books written by teachers who have passed the exam. You should not use a calculator as it can slow down the process when we are faced with more complex problems. More MDCAT Tips
• Learn the National MDCAT Format
• Make a Study Plan
• Utilize Practice Tests
• Time Management
• Effective Reading Comprehension Strategies

Council Decision on MDCAT Curriculum 2024

In its 12” meeting on 27 June 2024, the Medical and Dental Council approved the MDCAT curriculum and weightage subject with minor modifications. As follows, the MDCAT curriculum’s weightage of subjects has been approved.

PMC MDCAT New Syllabus 2024

PMC MDCAT policy decision/Passing Percentage

Council Decision on MDCAT Passing Rate for Dental College Admission
In its 12” meeting, the Medical and Dental Council approved the passing percentage of 55% for admissions to Dental Colleges in the 2024-23 sessions.

Download PMC MDCAT Syllabus policy decision/Passing Percentage

PMC MDCAT Syllabus with Model Papers 2024

You have to Prepare MDCAT syllabus as well as Model Papers of Test available in Market. This entrance exam is not for the faint of heart. It’s not unlike competitive exams. It will be tough to get into medical or dental college.

Our entry test shows that we do not trust the examination system, but it is now a necessary evil. People have no other choice. Students who are determined to succeed in life won’t compromise their future. If you are unsure of the concepts, you can join any academy. mdcat 2024 syllabus

Certain sections have been removed from the course curriculum. PMC recently reduced the NMDCAT Syllabus. Please use the following link to view or print the latest version of the course syllabus.

Get UET ECAT Result Merit List

PMC MDCAT Registration 2024 – Last Date

This page contains all information about the PMC National MDCAT Syllabus 2024. To ask questions, candidates can use the comment box.


The fee challan generated online must be deposited in cash at any branch of HBL or ABL by 2 June 2024. The fee amount is Rs. 6000. By logging back into their MDCAT portal account, the candidate must scan the fee challan and attach it.

PMC Student Portal

Login by entering your Username or Password at student portal of PMC.  You can get challan from here.After apply get your syllabus here in PDF formt.The Pakistan Medical Commission has produced the entire MDCAT 2024 curriculum. Rely only on reliable sources and start your research as soon as possible.

The MDCAT PMC 2024 syllabus is an easy way to prepare for your MDACT exam. The syllabus file provides a comprehensive overview as well as specific information. The PMC MDCAT curriculum may contain section-by-section questions. Here is a link to the PMC MDCAT syllabus 2024. The PMC covers all aspects of the MDCAT exam and question types in great detail.

PMC MDCAT Past Paper

PMC MDCAT past papers are given on different Test preparation websites.Download past papers and get the idea of PMC paper for the best Test preparation has redesigned and revised its course curriculum to make it more convenient for students. The Pakistan Medical Commission has developed a new curriculum for MDCAT 2024 exam. All applicants should read the revised PMC curriculum. If you research thoroughly, you can be sure of a successful outcome.

Important points regarding the syllabus

  • The MDCAT Common Syllabus was created with the simple principle that no topic should be left out.
    Outside any of the F.S.c. in Pakistan recognized syllabi. It has been
    A committee composed of representatives from provincial universities and the IBCC reviewed it.
  • The MDCAT Paper question bank is also based upon the unique principle that there are no.
    The question is not within any of the F.S.c. Recognized syllabus.
  • Any question that appears in the paper and is not covered by any syllabus shall be ignored.
    The Examination Paper Review Committee removed the score immediately from all
  • Students taking the MDCAT exam will receive an objection form.
    They can also use the examination center to record objections to any question.
    It is not in the syllabus of the relevant Board.
  • All objections will immediately be addressed after the MDCAT exam has been completed.
    15 November, any question not within the syllabus will be deleted
    and removed from the scoring.
  • Any objections to any topic at the moment are also being addressed by The relevant committee is constantly reviewing the questions bank and finalizing them.


Why is MDCAT necessary?
MDCAT is crucial to ensure students have the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to study advanced medical and surgical techniques in medical schools. MDCAT is crucial in selecting medical university candidates. You can now apply to more than 150 universities in Pakistan after passing the National MDCAT.

How to Prepare for the NMDCAT Exam?
NMDCAT is a medical licensing exam. The NBE (NATIONAL BOARD of EXAMINATIONS) is the NBE test. Many private and public medical schools accept NMDCAT scores. Common questions include how to prepare for NMDCAT. The National Medical Dental Commissioning exam guide outlines unique techniques and tactics. The National Medical Dental Commissioning Examination Preparation Books include detailed concepts. Each topic is also suggested for past problems.
Which Books are Recommended for NMDCAT Preparation?
You must also be able to pass NMDCAT and get a high score Good books are essential. You should look for books written by people who are experienced in previous years. Many websites offer extensive lists of literature like this online. Order your books online once you have chosen them. They will arrive fast.

Check our webpage for development updates. Dogar Unique’s book is comprehensive. It will help you prepare for your PMC MDCAT exam in 2024. The study material is based on the PMC MDCAT exam from the previous year.

This book contains all the information you will need for the MDCAT 2024. Please let us know if you have trouble getting the National MDCAT Book 2002.2 to work. Leave a comment below and tell us about your problem. Our staff will find a solution for you by the end of each day.
Is MDCAT Difficult?
The National MDCAT is well-known for its difficulty. This type of exam is highly competitive. This exam aims to identify top medical students. You will not score well on the test if you are sloppy.

is PMC is Necassry  for NUMS?
Yes it is Necassary. The MDCAT exam has 120 multiple-choice questions that can be answered. They are worth a total score of 100 points. The curriculum and exam pattern can be use to assist students who feel confident in managing their preparation.

Are there any MDCAT passing marks that are required for NUMS?

Passing National MDCAT with 65% marks shall be Required for admission in NUMS colleges as per PMC regulations.The bulk of the PMC curriculum 2024 comprises biological, chemical, and physical sciences, English language, and logical reasoning.

These are the percentages for each topic. It is also available for those who wish to view the entire PMC syllabus 2024 in PDF format. You can find testing facilities all over the country. Many PMC MDCAT candidates come from all Pakistani cities.

Can We Change Center For PMC MDCAT Test?
You can choose one center. You can’t change the test center you have chosen once you have selected it. Keep your fingers crossed that PMC will offer MDCAT 2024 registrations for a short time. The MDCAT is organize by the Pakistan Medical Commission once a year, right after the intermediate exam results.

pmc website mdcat 2024 syllabus

New Syllabus of Mdcat is present on the official website of Pmc which is given as .

pmc mdcat syllabus video lectures

Pmc Mdcat syllabus is also present in video format. If someone wants to get it into video version. Visit youtube for this purpose and search for the result you will get your required result.

Who will conduct MDCAT 2024

PMC conducts the NMDCAT approximately three to four months after the FSc is completed.MDCAT 2024 will take place online From 30th August to 30th September .It is essential to study all material in preparation for the MDCAT.

We have a new article on the PMC national MDCAT syllabus 2024. Below are the eight components of the full syllabus. These course outlines are include in the main paper of the MDCAT exam. Using resources such as sample papers and how-to manuals, you can improve your writing skills. You might be invite to join academics who offer mock exams and test prep.

PMC Official Website and Contact Information

Phone: 111-321-786
Address: Head Office: Mauve Area G-10/4, Islamabad Pakistan

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