PIFRA DDO Budget 2024 Check Online Pifra DDO Code List

The DDO’s Online Budget Execution is built on a monthly system. PIFRA DDO Budget 2024 check online through todayjobs.pk. This is where the drawing and disbursement process takes place. Officers and employees of the government are able to obtain the monthly budget along with the report on budget distribution for this specific issue. Government employees and DDOs have to file monthly reports on their expenditures to keep track of the order of their monthly spending.

PIFRA DDO Budget 2024

Now, you can receive all the details about your salary, your regular compensation over the course of the month Pifra Salaries Payment Slips Monthly Accounts, and Pifra Registration 2024. This comprises the remittances for training, as well as all other audits. Therefore, employees must be aware of the financial details and perform their duties efficiently.

PIFRA DDO Budget 2024 Check Online Pifra DDO Code List

PIFRA DDO budget 2024

The budget is a crucial document that defines policies that govern the Federal Government, and it determines the plans, allocates money, and the organizations accountable for their implementation. It is the main job of the Finance Division.

Finance Division has performed this important task in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Public Finance Management Act, of 2019. This is why the Budget Call Circular for the Financial Year 2024 has been created in light of the Public Finance Management Act, 2019 and the Budget Manual.

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PIFRA budget and expenses

Budget Call Circular contains the budget calendar along with instructions, processes as well as forms for preparing and submitting estimates of budgets i.e. Actual. Updated estimates (FY 21) and Budget Estimates (FY 2024) with respect to Federal Government Receipts and Current & Development expenses.

Budget Wing published these Indicative Budget Ceilings (IBCs), Finance Division in April and May with respect to The Current as well as Development Budget for the three-year periods, i.e 20, 2024, and 2024-23. They could be regarded as an important reference point when it comes to the preparation of Budget Estimates.

pifra. budget

What precisely is PIFRA? “PIFRA” is a “Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing” and is in line in line with the DDO Budget. “DDO” relates to “Drawing and Disbursing Officer.” However, the increase in auditing quality is an outcome of the project.

It also played an important part in improving financial reporting as it’s an important step in the projects of “AGPR – Accountant General Pakistan Revenues.” It’s a “FABS – Financial Accounting and Budgeting System project.”

PIFRA ddo ber budget check online

Today, you will be able to access all the details about your pay, regular payments, and your Pifra Salary Payment Slips, Monthly Bills along with Pifra Register 2024. It also includes training reimbursements as well as other types of audits. Employees must be aware of financial information and be able to perform their jobs efficiently.

DDO Budget Month Wise

DDO is the Drawing and Disbursing Officer. They give you numbers to assist you in finding the budget details. Every DDO Ber has its unique code that is assigned for the division or the sector that the worker is employed in. DDO Ber this code is comprised of six characters.

DDO includes the first two alphabet characters. The other four are the employee’s name. This DDO code is not available to the public at large. It is only accessible only to DDO officers. Through this code, officers are able to access the official PIFRA website. The official PIFRA website as well as its budgets and expenditures according to their needs.

Details of the PIFRA Code List

For more information about the PIFRA Code list, or to learn more regarding this list, visit the PIFRA Code list visit official website that FABS www.fabs.gov.pk is operating.

  • Go to Service
  • open Budget Execution Report
  • it will open a website http://m.pifra.gov.pk/DDODB.
  • If the FABS website doesn’t work sometimes, you can open the PIFRA DDO link (http://m.pifra.gov.pk/DDODB) directly into your chrome browser.

Pifra Government Code

The government’s code is unique to each province. The code identifies the location where your DDO is located. For instance, if employee of Sindh Govt, you should enter “S”. Sindh Govt, you should enter “S”, similar if you’re from Kashmir It is recommended to use “K”. These are the codes used by the government.

The code for government is unique for each province. This code signifies the place where your DDO is situated. If, for instance, you’re an employee of the Sindh Govt then you should enter “S”, similar to if you’re from Kashmir then input “K”. Here are the government codes.

  • F = Federal
  • N = KP Govt
  • S = Sindh,
  • B = Balochistan,
  • P = Punjab
  • DGP = District Govt Punjab
  • K = Kashmir
  • DGN = District Govt KP
  • K = Kashmir
  • GB = Gilgit-Baltistan
  • GBC = GB Council
  • C = Kashmir Council.

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