Permanent Jobs In Police Rangers FC ANF IB NHMP FIA CTD

Highly Paid Government Jobs In Pakistan.

In this blog, Permanent Jobs In Police have been discussed in detail. this blog will help you if you are seeking a career in the police forces of Pakistan. All the provincial governments and federal government of Pakistan offer Permanent Jobs In Police Rangers FC ANF IB NHMP FIA CTD etc.

Permanent Jobs In Police Rangers FC ANF IB NHMP FIA CTD

Highly Paid Permanent Jobs In Police Frontier Corps

To ensure law and order in the regions that are adjacent to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa international borders and within areas within the Federally (ii) Frontier Corps, Administered Tribal Areas, and to control the flow of drugs across Balochistan border to Afghanistan along the border with Afghanistan and Iran.

Pakistan Rangers Punjab & Sindh Jobs

In order to secure the border between Indo-Pakistan and Pakistan and to Punjab help, if requested with the province (ii) Pakistan Rangers, government officials in maintaining law and law and.

Gilgit-Baltistan Police Jobs

The unclear constitution of the region implies it is possible that federal authorities are at a minimum part involved in local police policing.

Northern Areas Scouts

The federal paramilitary force intended to guard regions (now Gilgit-Baltistan) that border with Gilgit-Baltistan and also to offer assistance to local police forces for law-and-order in times of crisis.

Join Frontier Constabulary

Frontier Constabulary was initially meant to protect those who live within the settled zones in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly NWFP). Its mission is now centered on security for the internal areas as an armed force of the federal government.

Pakistan Coast Guards Regular Jobs

Secure the coast stop smuggling, stop entry for illegal immigrants as well as enemy agents/saboteurs.

Career In Islamabad Police

For the purpose of policing in the capital city of the Federal Republic of Islamabad.

Federal Investigation FIA Jobs

Investigating cases of fraud and corruption in Agency Federally-controlled institutions and departments. The agency’s jurisdiction covers cyber-crimes, economic criminals, banking offenses and the enforcement of immigration laws and exit control lists.

Assistant Director Jobs In Anti-Narcotics Force ANF 

The ANF is principally responsible for the prevention of trafficking and distribution of narcotics within the country, and to improve international cooperation in the fight against drugs, and working with international organizations such as and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Highly Paid Jobs In Intelligence Bureau IB

The agency gathers information and distributes information through the Federal government as well as by the Ministry of Interior to various police organizations.

National Highways and NHMP Jobs 

is charged with tasks of traffic control Motorways Police on national highways under the supervision under the (NHMP) Ministry of Communications.

New Jobs In Pakistan Railways Police

The Pakistan Railway Police (PRP) is responsible for policing the railways.

National Police Bureau

As an official national center of attention on the police’s issues and act as the permanent secretary of the National Public Safety Commission and the National Police Management Board.

The National Public Safety is a Governing Body

the operation of the federal law enforcement Commission agencies.

National Police Advises posts

The federal and provincial authorities in Management Board matters concerning general planning and development within the different police organizations.

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