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Anyone who wants to be able to take the NTS test and applicants for postgraduate and undergraduate courses is eligible to apply.NUMS Entry Test Preparation Books, You can download these books to help prepare for NTS. These books will prepare you for physics, chemistry, and English subjects. NUMS NTS has a lot of students who apply every year. The test of MQQS. Students must put in a lot of effort to pass this exam. It is essential for those who are in graduate school. There are a variety of books available for NUMS exam preparation. Dogar’s books are beneficial for your preparation .students need not be concerned about how to prepare.

NUMS Entry Test Preparation Books

How to NUMS Entry Test Preparation Books 

Medical Colleges associated with NUMS Consider the top colleges that are part of the private sector. The Pakistan Army controls the reason for this. You must score high marks for admission into these medical schools. In this post, I’ll explain to you the NUMS exam preparation.

The passion of an army doctor and working all day long to achieve it is a fight that is well-known to everyone. If you’re a genuine enthusiast about becoming an army physician and want to pursue a degree at an army medical school, This is the perfect spot for you.

Getting a place at an army medical school isn’t easy, and applicants must be prepared. In this section, we’ll guide you to reach your objectives. Here’s what you need to be aware of regarding this test: NUMS (National University of Medical Sciences) entrance test:

NUMS Entry Test Preparation Books Past papers and review 

Past papers and review 

  • 2000 practice problems for NUMS MDCAT 21-22
  • NUMS 2019+Nums 2020 Papers from the past Questions are included
  • Option to add on NUMS MDCAT Syllabus 2020
  • 700+ random NUMS past paper-based questions from all subjects
  • Six Practice Review Tests included (100 each paper)-Exclude English
  • Physics aid contains two tests to practice for XI and the XII, based on NUMS MDCAT Syllabus for 2020 (up to 150 MCQs)
  • Free Guide for NUMS Preparation
  • Free motivational bookmark along with the book that is given to every student

for MDCAT students:

  • Enhance your learning with this guide. is provided with MDCAT previous exams book
  • Secure highest marks
  • Grab the Concepts
  • Management of time because you have to finish past assignments within an appropriate time (read the instructions in the book)

NUMS Entry Test Online Preparation

The first step in gaining admission to NUMS-affiliated schools is to pass the NUMS entrance test. NUMS is considered the top prestigious institution in the nation and therefore offers one of the strictest entrance tests. National Testing Service (NTS) runs this test every year. Students have to pass the test to gain admission to medical school.

More than 30,000 students take the test each year. NUMS entrance test is a 180-mark multiple-choice-based test. The number of seats available varies. However, they generally range between 110 and 120. Most seats are reserved for regular candidates, while the remainder is for paid ones.

[popup trigger trigger id”custom” tag=”Button”” custom” tag=” Button” do default entry test book to NUMS is the best available guide for preparing. Cash on delivery. Order Online. wrote the book following the most recent syllabus. It also helps with the MDCAT National Exam.

How to Prepare Online for NUMS MDCAT

Entry Test Book for NUMS Preparation. What online book is the best choice for preparation? Top students highly recommend this book. Furthermore, it is the most effective when compared to online learning.There are a variety of tutors online who can help students achieve the goals of their entry tests. Online tutor is an ideal resource for students.In addition, there are a variety of preparation guides online on various websites that can be useful in preparation for MDCAT. Candidates can also get assistance with solved questions, which are accessible on multiple websites.To better understand the test, students should also go to different test-prep websites to review the previous tests from the NUMS. To improve their skills, students can test their knowledge by taking online exams, as various websites offer tests for preparation ahead of time.Practice with questions in the NUMS booklet is an advantage in preparation. Video lectures are a fantastic source for preparation online from NUMS MDCAT.

NUMS Entry Test Preparation Related: –

 Furthermore, students can be aware of their mistakes as well as the manner they can improve their performance on the exam.In addition, a significant part of the entrance test is based on Biology. Therefore, applicants should focus more on the subject of Biology. Chapters on Cell Biology, Ecosystem, Genetics, and Evolution must be the main focus of the examination.In chemistry, you should orient yourself toward fundamental concepts. The areas of organic, inorganic physical, and organic chemical chemistry are essential to preparing for the field of chemistry.Theoretical and numerical problems of Physics should be at the forefront of attention. Measurement of work, motion, electrostatic deformation and deformation of materials, nuclear physics, and the latest physics are essential areas of Physics. Physics is believed to be more difficult in comparison to other disciplines English is about spelling and tenses, which is why this is where you should be focused. Students can spot mistakes and spelling errors.

NUMS Test Pattern

  • Physics: 45
  • Biology: 70
  • English: 20
  • Chemistry: 45

Criteria for Selection in Army Medical College

  • F Sc: 50%
  • Test for entry at 50 percent
  • Eligibility Criteria for NUMS
  • O/A students holders of an IBBC certificate.
  • Students waiting for their results can apply.

Preparation Books for NUMS

  • Here is a list of NUMS test study guides.
  • Entry Test Booklet For NUMS
  • Textbooks of F.Sc. and Matric
  • M DCAT Score Improvement System for the MDCAT Preparation Test developed by Dogra Brothers
  • High Scoring AMC Package (With Online Module) by Dogra Brothers
  • Past Solved NUMS Papers
  • National Foundation Books


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