NTS NAT Test Result 2024 VI Check Online by CNIC and Roll No

NTS NAT Test Result 2024 VI will be announced on 19 June 2024. The test of NAT is conducted on 11 June 2024. The National Testing Service is an important department that runs tests for various purposes. NTS has released the dates to conduct this year’s NAT-VI Test for all diligent students. The NTS National Result 11 June 2024 is able to be viewed through the roll and name. NTS National Aptitude Test NAT Answer keys for 2024 Result (Blue green, pink White, Yellow, and Blue) and the final merit list of the candidates selected go online to see. National Aptitude Test (NAT 2024-VI) was held on the 11th of June 2024. Please Enter Your CNIC : (e.g. 11111-1111111-1). Check Also NAT NTS Result 2024 By Roll Number CNIC and Name. NTS NAT Test Result 2024 can check by using your CNIC and Name. Also, download the Answer Keys of the NAT Test from this page.

NTS NAT Test Result 2024 VI Check Online by CNIC and Roll No

NTS NAT Test Result 2024 VI Check Online by CNIC and Roll No

NTS NAT 6 Result 2024

National Aptitude Test NAT 6 NTS Result in 2024 And Answer Keys can be accessed online by the Roll number and Name. Result of NATIONAL APTITUDE TEST. NAT was developed by NTS for students to be admitted into universities. Keep in touch with us for the complete guide to this Test’s result. The list of candidates selected for the provisional Test will be posted at the NTS official site on a first-come, first-served basis for the application. 2 days after the closing date for the list of provisional candidates. NAT admission test results are displayed within 7 days of the test date.

NTS NAT VI Result 2024

Go online to check the NTS NAT VI Result 2024 National Aptitude Test here. The test was conducted on June 11, 2024. You are interested in finding out about the results of NTS’s NAT Twelve Result 2024? To stay up-to-date follow this page. Results of 2024’s Six National Aptitude Test are accessible on this site. The purpose of the tests is for applicants to ensure that they are admitted to universities and colleges. Are you at nat six 2024 written test? You’re waiting until NAT Six 2024 results. When NTS officials release the results, complete results will be made available on this site. The expected date of the results of Nat 6 2024 is Monday 19 June 2024.

NAT VI Result 2024 Detail

Test Name National Aptitude Test
Test Date Sunday, 11 June 2024
Result Date 19 June 2024
NAT Result Check Online


National Aptitude Test Result 2024

National Aptitude Test is mandatory or required for every student seeking the entrance exam at any university or college affiliated with National Testing Services NTS Jobs. NAT test is conducted across all the most important towns of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, and Dera Ghazi Khan

NAT NTS Result in 2024 By CNIC

National Aptitude Test NAT NTS Result 2024 Check online at @www.nts.org.pk through CNIC as well as roll numbers. Please Enter Your CNIC or Roll No. and click on the “search” This Test is for admissions to NTS-affiliated universities and DAIs (degree-awarding institutions). Following a single exam, candidates will be able to apply to any institution in their area of study regardless of the institution they select to go to. It is possible that the results from the NAT test will only be valid for “ONE YEAR.” Click on the below link to see NTS NAT 2024 Result by the Roll No., CNIC Number, and Name. Following the Test, everyone will receive their official results on this web page. Candidates will be able to check the results of their National Aptitude Test NTS NAT-VI 2024 Result soon since we will make this available online for all applicants.

How to verify NAT Results 2024 Using Roll Number

NTS organized this NTS NAT Results 2024 online for students at the institutions that are part of NTS. NTS the NAT VI Test in 2024. If candidates pass the test, then they will be able to be admitted to any affiliated university in any subject area. Candidates can find their details NAT NTS Result from 2024 By Name online through the given links.

NTS Result 2024 by CNIC Answer Key and Final Merit List

Find all NTS Results in 2024 Answer Keys, scoring marks for passing, merit lists, interview schedules, and the list of candidates selected by inputting your CNIC name and your Name and your roll number on the NTS official website. Visit the official website of NTS at www.nts.org.pk. Candidates can now examine their present NTS scores for their online Test by entering their roll number. Once the results are published, you can download your Results Card.

How can I verify the results of my NAT results?

Students who have passed an NTS NAT exam can be able to view their NAT Test Results online. This site provides access to a variety of NAT results. Ninety questions are typical for NAT exams. It is a NAT exam paper designed to have a time limit of 120 minutes (2 minutes). NTS offers 12 NAT tests every year.

NAT Result Check Online 2024

Check NAT NTS Result 2024 And Answer Key Online By Roll Number And Name. National Aptitude Test. The results of the Test are reflected in the NAT’s results. National Testing Service (NTS) designed its National Aptitude Test (NAT). Keep in touch for an in-depth description of the Test’s results. We’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Who took the Test? Stay tuned for more details regarding NAT NTS Results 2024 By Name and Roll Number. This page provides information about the National Aptitude Test (NATTM), which was administered through NTS. National Testing Service (NTS).

NAT NTS Result in 2024 By CNIC


Arts Group Result Check Result
Pre-Medical Group Result Check Result
Pre-Engineering Group Result Check Result
Computer Science Result Check Result
Commerce Result Check Result

What time will Nat’s results be announced?

Explore the next sections of this website to discover what you need to know about NTA NAT 2024 Exam Result.
First come, first serve is the method by which NTS will display a list of the selected candidates on their official site. The list will be posted two days after the last date for the list of provisional applicants before the final list goes online. The results certificates for the NAT entrance test will be available within seven days from the date of the Test.

NTS List of Candidates for Interview

We recommend that you check our website regularly to see the list of candidates who have been approved as well as the date of the Test and any other relevant information: www.nts.org.pk. The original deposit slip should be attached to the form, properly filled out, and forwarded this form back to National Testing Service (NTS) headquarters in Islamabad to be processed. How to Check NTS Result? Check NTS’s website of official NTS site at www.nts.org.pk 2024. Please enter your Roll Number, also known as CNIC, on this page: (without the dashes). Check the net results here. You can find nets gat results here

NTS NAT Provisional Eligible List 2024

NAT The list of eligible candidates for NAT will be posted on the NTS website nts.org.pk according to a first-come, first-served basis. The enrollment request form (within one week of acceptance in the application form). Questions regarding provisional information are allowed within 4 days.
The final list of eligible candidates will be released two days after the date on which the list of provisional candidates. The roll number and the location of the Test will be assigned on the final candidate’s list. The roll number slips will be sent by NTS approximately 10 days before the date of the Test. NTS will mail the test result cards in 7 days following the date of the Test.

NTS Nursing Result 2024

In July 2002, July 2002, and in July 2002 in July 2002, the National Testing Service (NTS) was established as a result of a need for an examination service in the Government of Pakistan’s National Education Policy (1998-2010) as well as the Information Technology (IT) Policy along with the Information Technology Policy made public on July 22, 2002.


What is a good score in NTS NAT?
A good score in NTS NAT is generally considered to be around 80% or above. However, the required score may vary depending on the program or institution you are applying to.
What are passing marks in NTS?
There are no fixed passing marks in NTS. The cut-off marks are determined by the number of candidates who appear for the test and the overall performance of the candidates.
How long is the NTS test result valid?
The validity period of NTS test results is generally one year. However, some programs or institutions may have a shorter or longer validity period.

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