NADRA Covid Vaccine Registration 2024 NCOC Pakistan Vaccine

NADRA Covid Vaccine Registration is now open for everyone in Pakistan aged 18+ age, as per the most recent update published from NCOC Pakistan. Anyone can now sign up for an initial dose of the vaccine.

NADRA Covid Vaccine Registration 2024 NCOC Pakistan Vaccine

NADRA Covid Vaccine Registration 2024 NCOC Pakistan Vaccine


NADRA Covid Vaccine Registration For The First Dose

You can sign up for your first dose using the three methods below.

  • Make sure you send the CNIC Number or computerized National Identity Card Number to 1166. To compose an SMS. type your CNIC number into the SMS and then send your message to the number 1166. There is no cost to send this SMS and you can send it to any number. You will receive a reply within a short time and will inform you of the details of your appointment.
  • Another option for registering your vaccine is through the online website of NADRA. You must access the official website of NIMS NADRA by clicking the following URL:

Follow this link to begin your free registration for a vaccine.

  • It is strongly recommended to sign up for vaccination and be patiently waiting for the appointment time. But, you are able to visit nearby vaccine clinics even if you don’t want to use an SMS, and/or NIMS website.

Click to get the NADRA vaccination certificate

NCOC Pakistan Vaccine Registration for the Second Dose

If you have already received the first dose, but would like to take another dose can’t sign up in time for the next dose. Instead, they will have to wait for an appointment SMS from NCOC/NIMS. The SMS will arrive 24/48 hours prior to the appointment date. It will be sent from the number 1166.

Moderna vaccine center in Pakistan

At present, there are 49 Moderna vaccine clinics have been established in Pakistan. The citizens of Pakistan is able to visit close-by centers with valid documents for travel (visa/iqama) and get vaccinations to allow them to travel internationally.

NADRA Covid Vaccine Registration

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Moderna Vaccine in Pakistan NCOC

Recently, NCOC Pakistan announced that the Moderna vaccine is now available to travelers and expatriates looking to travel internationally. The vaccine will be offered to expatriates with high priority, but expatriates must present the proof of travel they intend to take. The proof of their travel must include a valid visa or resident permit from a country outside of the United States.

A lot of foreign countries aren’t accepting Chinese vaccines. Hence, Pakistan has introduced a modern vaccine for travelers to countries in which Chinese vaccines aren’t accepted.

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