List Of Accredited Engineering Programs 2024 For Students By PEC

List Of Accredited Engineering Programs 2024 is announced. Pakistan Engineering Council PEC issues parents/students with an alert for those seeking acceptance to programs for engineering in Pakistan as well as abroad. Parents and students are advised to confirm their engineering programs are recognized by PEC prior to applying to any college or university.

Find out about The Pakistan Engineering Council’s PEC Accredited Engineering Programmes for 2024 prior to applying to undergraduate programs. It is a crucial step for students to find out whether the course he/she’s applying for to determine whether it is recognized by the government of Pakistan and if it is not. This is extremely beneficial for students since they won’t be misled by fake institutions in Pakistan. Therefore, we have created lists of the schools that are accredited by PEC. Look them up and begin your studies according to them.

Pakistan Engineering Council will only accept students whose degrees have been recognized through PEC and are listed in The First Schedule or the Second Schedule. A list of accredited programs is available at the link below.

List Of Accredited Engineering Programs 2024 For Students By PEC

PEC Accreditation Process for New Engineering Programs

 List Of Accredited Engineering Programs

PEC issues a NOC to the newly-launched engineering programs following the initial inspection. A list of such programs is available at PEC sends a team of professionals for necessary guidance and inspection of the programs after its initial approval.

List of PEC Accredited Engineering Programs in Pakistan
List of PEC Accredited Foreign Engineering Programs

Accreditation is awarded during the 4th year following the graduation course following an examination. It is the obligation of the institutions concerned to ensure the integrity that the program is accredited, failure may lead to the denial of accreditation.

It is also important to note that the award of an initial permit to begin the degree program doesn’t necessarily mean that students must be registered as engineers.

PEC Contact Info

Head Office Address

Pakistan Engineering Council, Attaturk Avenue (East) G-5/2, P.O. Box: 1296, Islamabad

UAN: (+92-51) 111-111-732

PABX: (+92-51) 9206974, (+92-51) 9219500, 9219036, 9219037, 9219038, 9219039

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