Law Gat Answer Key 13 August 2024 Download PDF

The Higher Education Commission administered the written LAW GAT on 13 August, 2024. The Law Gat Answer Key 13 August 2024 for Green, Blue, Yellow, White, and Pink is announced today. You can download the Answer Key of Law Gat through the links which are given below. The result of Law Gat is expected to be announced on 5 July 2024. 25 June 2024 Candidates from all over Pakistan are enrolled to take taking the Law Graduate Assessment Test on 13 August 2024. Participants who took an exam in the form of a written HEC LAW GAT exam can get access to their HEC LAW GAT Exam Answer Keys for 2024 online. ETC HEC LAW GAT Answer key 2024 Blue, white, yellow, or green has been uploaded to this site, GAT test took place on the 13th of August, 2024. Take a look at our HEC Law GAT Key Book Color Blue online. The last date for registration was July 31, 2024. The official website to find answers is Thus, ETC provides candidates with five different color booklets that include green, blue white, yellow, and pink. For the LAW Graduate Assessment, a 100 multiple-choice-questions test was administered. The candidates have to score 50 percent or more on the LAW GAT 13 August 2024. This means they are legally eligible to join the Pakistani Bar Council. The test is conducted 3 times per year.

Today’s GAT test today’s answer key is uploaded. To download answers, visit the official website Go to the “Latest Announcements” page, and then click the desired color of your book. ETC HEC LAW GAT Result 2024 was announced on 13 August, test answer key (BLUE, Green, Pink, WHITE, and yellow) Check online with your CNIC Number and also by name when you log in to the HEC Portal.

Law Gat Answer Key 2024

HEC is the organization that conducts The Law Graduate Admissions Test (LAW GAT) for law graduates who want to be admitted to the Bar Council and begin practicing law. Before granting an official Bar Council Registration and allowing applicants to practice as lawyers in the country, The Pakistan Bar Council has recommended that all candidates who have an academic degree in law should be evaluated. The answer keys to HEC Law GAT have been uploaded. HEC Law GAT was posted.

The Answer Keys of the Law GAT Test will be released this morning. You are aware that the test results typically take between 20 and 30 days following the test. Updated Result Announcement. Law gat Hec result card for the latest test is available here. Law GAT Exam Answer Key.HEC Answer Key and the Final Merit List can be accessed online through It is the Law Gat Results 2024 is accessible to the public via the Higher Education Commission. The current Law Gat Green Book question paper has been uploaded to the webpage. Keys and books from other sources are scheduled to be uploaded in the near future.

Law Gat Test Date 13 August 2024
Answer Key Date 16 August  2024
Law Gat Result Date 25 August 2024

HEC Law Gat Answer Key 2024

Hec law gat results on 13 August 2024, are expected to be released on 25 August 2024(expected). ETC HEC LAW GAT Result 2024 13 August Answer Key (BLUE green, PINK White, YELLOW, and BLUE) access online via CNIC Number as well as by name. Choose your preferred book color and download the HEC LAW GAT Answer Key. Candidates can enter their Ticket number as well as CNIC (with the dashes) to view the results. It is important to note that the final results from this Law Graduate Assessment Test (Law GAT) which was held on the 13 August 2024 have been released.

Law Gat Answer Key 13 August 2024 Download PDF

Law Gat Answer Key 25 June 2024 Download PDF

ETC LAW GAT Answer Keys 2024 Session August

Find your blue HEC Law GAT book key. ETC offers candidates five-color question books, which are blue green, yellow white, and pink. A 100-question multiple-choice exam was conducted for this exam. LAW Graduate Assessment. Candidates who have a score of 50 percent or more on the 13 August 2024, the LAW GAT exam will be able to register at every Pakistani Bar Council. The HEC Law GAT Results 2024 will be published on 5 July 2024. Candidates can access the results of the Law Gat Test 2024 Results through the link provided below. Answer Key

The Answer Keys of the Law GAT Test will be published this morning. You are aware that the test result usually takes between 20 and 30 days following the test. Updated Results Announcement. Hec law gat’s result card for the test that was recently taken is available here for download.

Download Answer Key for Law Gat Test

Green Colour Download Online
Blue Colour Download Online
White Colour Download Online
Pink Colour Download Online
Yellow Colour Download Online

Law GAT Answer Key for Law GAT Paper

HEC Answer Key along with the Final Merit list can be examined online at This year’s Law Gat Results 2024 is available to the general public through the Higher Education Commission. The current Law Gat Green Book question paper has been uploaded to the website. Keys and other books will be added soon.

How to Find ETC HEC Law GAT 2024 Answer Key?

Visit the official website for ETC HEC Pakistan, which was mentioned in the opening paragraph. Within the Password Field, enter your CNIC (National ID Card Number) or ticket number, and password. Once you click the “Sign In “Sign on” button and you’ll be signed in on the ETC Portal that was created by the Education Testing Council to send out announcements. Your results is easily found on the page. Print your result should you prefer to keep an original copy. You can use it for an admission LLB report card.


What is HEC LAW GAT?
HEC LAW GAT stands for Higher Education Commission Law Graduate Assessment Test. It is an examination conducted by the HEC in Pakistan for law graduates who wish to join the Bar Council and practice law.
Why is HEC LAW GAT important?
HEC LAW GAT is important because it is a mandatory evaluation required by the Pakistan Bar Council for law degree holders who want to practice law. It serves as a prerequisite for registration with the Bar Council.
When was the HEC LAW GAT conducted?
The HEC LAW GAT was conducted on the 13 August, 2024.
How can I access the HEC LAW GAT Answer Keys?
Candidates who have taken the HEC LAW GAT examination can access the answer keys online. The answer keys are uploaded on the official website of the HEC. Candidates need to identify the color of their question booklet (blue, green, yellow, white, or pink) to find the corresponding answer keys.
When will the HEC LAW GAT Result be announced?
The HEC LAW GAT Result for the session held on the 13 August 2024, will be announced approximately 15 days after the written examination.
What is the eligibility criteria for successful candidates?
To qualify as successful candidates, law graduates need to achieve a score of fifty percent or higher in the HEC LAW GAT examination. This score makes them eligible for registration with any Pakistani bar council. However, candidates should also consider the specific requirements set by the Bar Council they wish to join.

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