LAT LAW Admission Test Preparation Books 2024 Download Online

LAT LAW Admission Test Preparation Books 2024 are available here. Lat Test Preparation book Free 2024 as well as previous exam papers are available online. The test will be the first of a five-year undergraduate law degree that is valid for two years. In accordance with the latest syllabus created by HEC in Pakistan Look out for the LLB admissions guide and test time admit card, exam results, syllabus, as well as examples of documents. The estimated time for the test is expected to be around 2 hours. We can provide you with a reference for this year’s 2024 Law Entry Examination (5-Year LLB Program). We’ll be there to assist you regardless of what happens.

LAT LAW Admission Test Preparation Books 2024

Prepare the necessary study materials for the entry test. So you will be able to pass. It is possible to pass the LLB entry test exam past exam papers and MCQs solved download from here. The LAT Dogar Brothers, Caravans, Solved MCQs, as well as other PDF books that are updated are available online on this page.

Caravan Lat Book Pdf 2024

HEC Pakistan announced that it will hold its 2024 Law Entry Examination (LAT) for the five-year undergraduate Law degree course. The HEC LAT test will be recognized as an all-year LLB program that is valid for over two years. Students with 12 years of SSC or equivalent may apply. Students who are 12 years old can apply. Different departments are offering admission to various undergraduate degree programs via an HEC LAT exam. Interested candidates can visit to register online. Students are able to go to the HEC regional centers within Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, and Karachi for complete guidance.

LAT LAW Admission Test Preparation Books 2024 Download Online

LAT LAW Admission Test Preparation Books 2024 Download Online

LAT Syllabus and Preparation

LAT is composed of only 100 marks and is divided into of:

  • 15 marks for essays written orally in English or Urdu
  • 10 points for a Personal Statement, either written in English or Urdu
  • 20 marks for English (Synonyms/ Antonyms/ Preposition)
  • 10-points for General Knowledge
  • 10 points for Islamic Studies
  • 10 points for Pak Studies
  • 10 marks for Urdu (Vocabulary)
  • 5 points for Maths (Basic Mathematics)

LAT Test Preparation Book pdf Free Download

Higher Education Commission HEC Pakistan is the authority that conducts tests called the Law Admission Test (LAT) for admission into LLB 5 years/ 3 years programs at universities of the private and public sector and their affiliated colleges. Law Admission Test LAT is administered by the private and public Sectors. According to the Supreme Court judgment, the applicants for admission to law programs must pass the test for law. Admission to several undergrad degree programs is offered via LAT. HEC LAT Test from respective departments.

HEC LAT Test Past Papers 2024 Morning Download here
LAT Past Papers pdf Download 2024 Evening Download here

LAT Test Past Papers Solved Pdf Online LAT Past Papers

LAT is the acronym for “Law Admission Test.” It is a standard test that law schools use in a number of countries to determine the admissions procedure to the Juris Doctor (JD) programs. This test was designed in order to gauge the abilities and knowledge of applicants in areas related to the research and practice of law like understanding of reading, analytical reasoning, and logical thinking.

What can I do to prepare for the LAT?

Thus, the best preparation for the LAT is for applicants to carry on their existing secondary or high school studies and preparation for the exam, which includes training in formal writing. It is the LAT Office is unable to provide any information on the validity or utility of courses for preparation offered by companies.

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