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Are you able to provide all the details about Kashf Foundation Loan? You are looking for Kashf Foundation Loan, but do not know how to apply for it, what do you need to do should you apply for Kashf Loan, what’re the requirements? If so you’ll enjoy this article.

It’s because I’ve collected all details on the Kashf Foundation loan Online Apply here. Kashf Foundation loan Online Apply here. This page covers the following subjects i.e. Kashf Foundation eligibility criteria, the process of registration of Kashf Foundation, and relevant details. Find out all the information about Kashf Foundation Loan Scheme!

Kashf Foundation is one of the top Micro-Finance companies that is registered as a Non-Banking and Micro-Fin that operate in Pakistan. It’s under the control under supervision of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Kashf Foundation was Established in 1996 and is now well-known among those who require an urgent loan. Particularly, it provides a variety of options to assist women through micro-entrepreneurs.

Kashf Foundation Loan 2023-23 Apply Online Below

Kashf Foundation Loan Process kashf.org

Kashf Facility loans are accessible to existing clients to help cover any emergency demands or expenses that occur during their time with Kashf. The loan can be used to meet needs for emergencies or household expenses and not to meet the demands of businesses.

Features and Specifications for Kashf Murabaha Loan
Time Duration 1-year (12 months)
Installments 12 Month Lease
Quantity Up to PKR 35,000 to PKR 75,000
Documentation PKR 400

Kashf Foundation Loan For Male And Females in Pakistan

Kashf Karobar Karaza is the most popular loan product provided through the Kashf Foundation to clients who are looking to launch their own business expand their existing venture or to women who are planning to re-launch their business that has been shut down (applicable to businesses that have been shut down for the minimum period of 3 months). This product is also offered to women who want to assist household members who have businesses.

Kashf Foundation Loan 2023-23 Apply Online

Kashf Foundation Loan Calculator

At present, many programs are being run by the Kashf Foundation i.e. Promoting quality education through Kashf School Samara Building Social Safety Net and Enabling Women to create sustainable Communities and a few others. Women are believed to be the main drivers of change, and they believe that strong women can build an impact on a community that is strong.

Kashf Foundation Loan Process

There are almost 128,076 loans that have been disbursed through the Kashf Foundation. If we look at the amount granted by the Kashf loan, it’s 2.11 Billion PKR. This article will provide the most current Features and Specifications of the Kashf Foundation. This will help you understand Kashf Easy Loan in the most straightforward way. Learn about the main aspects of Kashf Loan.

Kashf Corona Relief Program 2023

Pakistan is experiencing an extremely difficult period. The coronavirus novel has caused destruction, with the country being forced to implement locking down to limit its spread. The lockdown has disproportionately affected the average wage earner as well as small business owners who depend on a steady income to cover their expenses.

Features & Specifications Kashf Karobar Karza (KKK)
Time Duration 1 year (12 months)
Installments 12 (Equally monthly installments)
Quantity Up to PKR 40,000 to PKR 100,000)
Documentation PKR 250 (Paid in Monthly Installments)
Insurance Two Plans are given with Maternity Coverage and not 1850 and 1200 Respectively

Kashf Foundation Corona Loan 2023

In these difficult times, Kashf Foundation is once back at the forefront to defend the most vulnerable community across the country. It’s not just one of the very first Microfinance institutions to reschedule loan payments for its customers but has also announced a rationing program that will help its clients who are from households with low incomes. The Relief program will be able to cater to the urgent needs of

  • Women who run households
  • Households that fall below the income threshold of
  • Households with a low income

Kashf Karobar Karza (KKK) Application Form Online

Females who want to create their own company or expand their existing company are able to benefit from the Kashf Karobar Karza (KKK) Programme. The following are the requirements for this (KKK)Program!

Apply Online

Kashf Foundation Loan Types 2023:The types listed below are included on the table of Kashf Foundation Loan Schemes 2023:
  • Kashf Karobar Karza
  • Kashf Easy Loan
  • Kashf Sahulat Karza
  • Kashf Mahweshi Karza
  • Kashf Murabaha
  • Kashf School Sarmaya

Kashf Foundation Loan Apply Online Process

Due to a large number of loan requests, they’ve ended up accepting online applications. The process is described in the following paragraphs:

  • You’ll have to visit the closest Kashf Foundation office in your city.
  • A representative will get in touch with you within between 1 and 3 days.
  • Your house will be visited by a person who is required to complete the loan application.
  • The next day, you will be required to go to the foundation office.
  • After completing some formalities, the loan will be approved within one day.

You can search for the nearest Kashf Foundation office by visiting: https://kashf.org/our-outreach/


We hope that this information can help you. The procedure is simple and the requirements for eligibility aren’t too strict. It is possible to make an application for loans at any amount, however, having steady employment is a must.

Kashf Contact Numbers

Phone: +92-42-111-981-981

Email: [email protected]

Fax: +92-42-35248916

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