PPSC Inspector Legal Syllabus 2024 Past Papers Check Online

PPSC Punjab Public Service Commission has suggested the Syllabus of the Written exam for the position in the post of PPSC Legal Inspector (SPECIALIST CADRE) (BS-16). A syllabus for the Written Examination of graduate or law graduate level, comprising the following examinations will be administered. If a candidate scores 33% marks on each of the written papers and 50 percent marks overall, they are not called to an interview and psychological tests.

PPSC Inspector Legal Syllabus

Candidates must score 50% marks during the test. Below is an advertisement for the PPSC Legal Inspector Jobs advertisement, Applications form, test date and Old Papers and written test syllabus, online MCQs test online, notes and Past Papers as well as Examples of Papers and registration form with challan Fee, new Paper pattern and multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), completed MCQs that have been solved and a preparation guide. Written tests to be taken for candidates for the Post of PPSC Legal Inspector BPS 16 will take place soon.

PPSC Inspector Legal Syllabus 2024 Past Papers Check Online

PPSC Legal Inspector Paper Pattern

The actual test pattern and syllabus of the Legal Inspector Jobs depend on the Paper Pattern/syllabus/content weightages that are issued by PPSC prior to the exam on their official website www.ppsc.gop.pk.

PSC legal inspector syllabus 2024 PDF Download

Every time PPSC announces a job ad, the department uploads the syllabus for each post. Here is the syllabus for all departments within the Punjab government. departments.Punjab the Public Service Commission, Lahore PPSC Inspectors’ Legal Written Exam Paper Criteria Distribution Exam Papers Examples Multiple Choice Tests with answers, online tests for Free for entrance tests, and exam preparation of job openings.

Www.Ppsc.Gop.Pk Inspector Legals Syllabus 2024

This site is specially created to be used on the internet. The Punjab Public Service Commission is one of the top agencies of the federal government. It is in charge of selecting and locating the most qualified individuals for various positions within Punjab. On April 29, 2024, the Punjab Public Service Commission announced Posts for Lecturers Male and 538 posts for Lecturer Females at the Punjab Higher Education Department.

Syllabus of Legal Inspector 2024 PPSC

The PPSC provides a document outlining Inspector Legal Syllabus 2022. According to Ppsc, the paper for Legal Inspector will be comprised of 6 papers and Viva Voce.

The total marks of the test are 550 for 6 papers. Which is as under;

Subjects Marks
English Essay 100
Urdu Essay 100
General Knowledge 100
Pakistan & Islamic Studies 100
Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) 1860& Criminal Procedure Code 1898 100
Qanun e Shahadat Order 1984 and Local and Special & Laws 50
Viva Voce 150

PPSC Legals Inspector Syllabus Past Papers Sample Test

The PPSC has released its Syllabus. PPSC is releasing its syllabus which will be used to fill the Lecturer jobs in 2024. The syllabus is made to be used by male and female candidates. Download this Syllabus to Lecturer Posts PDF format to PPSC.ASF Inspector Syllabus 2024 and Test Patterns from FPSC are out.

Papers patterns of various subject areas

The report required by the Inspector Legal will be both subjective and objective. In this article, I will review the details of the papers that are included in the Inspector’s Legal Paper.

General information

This is the Syllabus of The Legal Inspector Paper of General Knowledge for 100 marks. It is an MCQs type paper lasting 90 minutes that will cover various aspects.

  • Current Affairs
  • Everyday Science
  • Computer Science
  • World General Knowledge
  • History etc

Pakistan & Islamic Studies

The Syllabus of the Legal Inspector exam from Islamic Studies for 100 marks. It is an MCQs type paper lasting 90 minutes. It includes Islamic General Knowledge.

Non-Muslim applicants can choose to take MCQs in Islamic Studies or a separate paper of the same name entitled “ETHICS”.

English Essay

English Essay is one of the subjects on the Syllabus of the Legal Inspector exam that will comprise 100 marks and will take TWO hours.

There are 5 topics to choose from and he has written a single essay comprising between 1500 and 2000 words. The subject should be selected extremely carefully

  • Governance
  • Economy
  • Human Rights
  • Constitution
  • Foreign Policy
  • Law and order
  • Education
  • Other socio-economic and economic issues

Urdu Essay

Urdu Essay The subject paper of the Syllabus of the Legal Inspector will comprise 100 marks and will take two hours.

If you’re choosing an Urdu essay, you must pick the right topic, and must be at least 8 pages to 15 sheets, including poetry as well as quotations. Topics could include topics related to:

  • Education
  • Economy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Governance
  • Human Rights
  • Constitution
  • Law & Order
  • Other socio-economic concerns relating to Pakistan and other topics of general concern.

Pakistan Penal Code

Pakistan Penal Code Subject paper of the Syllabus of the Legal Inspector Paper will be comprised of 100 marks and comprises three hours. This paper will contain:

  • Pakistan Penal Code 1860
  • Criminal Procedure Code 1898

The test will comprise 9 questions. You are required to answer just 5 questions. Each question will have equal marks.

Qanun e Shahadat Order 1984 

Qanun the Shahadat The subject paper of the Order 1984 is part of the inspector’s legal syllabus, which consists of different acts and orders. The paper is 50 marks and last two hours. Qanun e Shahadat’s essay may contain some ACT/ORDINANCEs as the following:

  • The upkeep in force of the Public Order ordinance 1960.
  • The control and regulation of loudspeakers and sound amplifiers, ordinance 1965.
  • The Pakistan Arms ordinance 1965.
  • The motor vehicle law 1965.
  • The Indecent Advertisement prohibition act 1963.
  • The Punjab wildlife act of 1974. The Public Gambling Act.
  • The Pakistan law on the protection of the environment in 1983. Motion pictures ordinance of 1979. The explosive act of 1884.
  • The Agriculture Pesticide Control Act.
  • The Punjab Pure Food Ordinance Act 1960.
  • The Child Marriage restraint act 1929.

Interview/Viva Voce

The exam paper of Viva Voce for the position of legal inspector consists of 150 points. Candidates need to score 75 marks during the interview. This could include:

  • Viva Voce
  • Psychological Assessment

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