Induction Program KPK Teachers 2024 Phase 2 & 3

Induction is an in-service teacher’s training program for teachers. Newly hired teachers in KPK have to join Professional instructors will instruct all new teachers hired in KPK for the 6th month. It is a training program that was designed by KPK’s Directorate of Education KPK. SST, EST, and PST will complete 2024 within a given timeframe. Learn about the induction process of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Today, we’ll provide a detailed overview of the induction program for KPK’s teachers.  If so, do not spend more time on search results to find out more about the Induction Program.

Induction Program KPK Teachers 2024 Phase 2 & 3

Induction Program KPK Teachers 2024

Induction Program KPK Teachers 2024

Colleges for teachers training of KPK open registration for the induction program in phases. One phase comprises six months. Then, the institutes inform the students about the schedule for registration. Trainees will have to pass the exam. The main goal of this course is to improve the knowledge of new teachers and their teaching skills.

KPK Induction Program for Teachers

Recently, the KPK government hired a large number of new teachers for elementary, primary, and secondary schools. The first-time teachers have been hired. KPK government has launched an induction program for teacher training. It’s a fantastic step towards improving the standard of education in the province. Teachers will be well-trained and will meet the needs of the students. app

The Directorate of Curriculum and Teacher Education (DCTE) has released an application that can be downloaded on mobiles for the induction program. Instructors can upload their videos on this app and trainees receive lessons and learn new skills. The app is linked with the special learning management system. The current induction program is only for KPK teachers from the government. DCTE is focused on the teaching skills of teachers that include math, English, physics, biology, and chemistry. Login

This is the main education segment for female and male teachers from KPK. Teachers must go through an induction process before they can join the teaching profession permanently. Teachers must register their information in the IP Android app. You will be given a personal login for your assessment and lessons, lecturers as well as other information. Phase 2 Syllabus

DCTE curriculum wing is in charge of preparing the syllabus for the induction program. The syllabus manual is accessible on the official site for students. You can download it in Pdf format at no cost. The induction curriculum contains the theoretical and practical components that must be completed for students to pass.  we have expressed the whole information regarding 2024. In the email, you can post your questions for more information.

Download Induction Program PK Phase 2 Application

Keep in mind that it is the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has also recommended that newly appointed teachers buy tablets through the DEO prior to the 28th of February. PST, SST, PET, and CT teachers who will be employed between the years of 2019 and 2024-2024 may download the app through the Google Play Store.

How do I install the app to install the Induction Program KPK?

Install this KP Induction Program app and install it on your smartphone to benefit from the program. Many people ask how to get to KPK at the second stage of the induction program. The answer is very simple, to access it you need to register at or download the KP app for induction from the internet. Check Also Budget 2024-24 

Induction Program KPK Phase 2 Syllabus

If you’re searching for the Syllabus that will be used to learn in the Introduction Program KPK Phase 2 and 2, then you’re at the right place. This is the syllabus as well as older papers from previous years that you can easily access on this page. The names of the books are listed;


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