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HRMS Online Leave Apply 2024 through login is given here. Public sector reforms, especially in education, have always been criticized. Teachers in Punjab had no way to request casual leave while on duty. Teachers can now apply online for casual leave with the SIS Punjab app and HRMS portal. Automating the application process allows teachers to apply for casual leave quickly and efficiently while minimizing human intervention. We can provide you with complete details about login through this page. Teachers have access to the SEDHR Punjab portal.

Online application for E-Leave/C-Leave will be possible through HRMS Punjab School Education Department. HRMS Punjab portal, SED HRMS Punjab. All boards, corporations, and departments in Punjab have access to the Punjab Human Resources Management System. The HRMS web portal has many features and aspects. Each government employee is managed by an individual ID.

Step-by-step guide on how to apply for HRMS Online Leave 2024

Any CL (Casual leave) application that is not received within one day will be automatically assigned to the next highest-rank officer for immediate action. All applications from teachers will be taken into consideration.

It is easy to apply for casual leave via the HRMS portal. You can apply online for casual leave by following the instructions below HRMS online leave applies to employee login and

  • Go to the HRMS Website
  • To log in to your HRMS Account, enter your SIS Punjab Mobile App account details ( Password + CNIC ).

HRMS Leave Application Approved

The HRMS has approved the leave application Convenience and efficiency are essential in contemporary HR management. The most recent advancement in HRMS provides an easy approval of leave applications. The system is designed to ensure that requests for leave from employees are handled quickly and precisely. In only a few clicks supervisors can approve and review requests for leave, cutting down on the amount of paperwork and time-consuming procedures. This is not just beneficial to the overall experience for employees but also improves the productivity of the company.

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School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab has released the online form to apply for C-Leave. An employee can apply for C leave by following the process. Visit HRMS Punjab’s Official website. Steps to Apply for Casual Leave Via HRMS; Go to the HRMS Website

C Leave Apply Online

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper-based leave requests. Our online system for submitting leave applications by HRMS changes the process employees use to apply for leave. With the user-friendly interface, employees can submit their requests for leave specify the time period, and include any other information required. The automated system speeds up the process of approval, which allows HR employees to manage leave allotment efficiently. In turn, employees can experience a faster and more transparent process of making requests for time off.

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HRMS online leave

We welcome you to the new age of managing leave with HRMS’s online capabilities. The HRMS Online platform is integrated, which is accessible via login, enabling the teachers of Punjab to request informal leave with ease. This development is especially significant for the public education sector and addresses a long-standing issue. With this app and the SIS Punjab app and HRMS portal, educators are now able to be able to navigate the process effortlessly. By reducing manual intervention, this system facilitates quicker processing and less errors, thereby benefiting teachers as well as the educational system as a whole. Explore the many capabilities offered by SEDHR Punjab’s portal. SEDHR Punjab portal and experience the most efficient way to manage applications for leave.

HRMS Online Leave Apply 2024| login

HRMS Online Leave Apply 2024 steps

  • You can open the category Send a request You will find it in the right corner of your profile
  • If the website does not respond after you log in to your profile, click on this link to go directly to the C-Leave form. –


  • Click here to Take a Leave Click here
  • Complete the Leave Application form carefully, then click on Processing to apply for an online CL.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you confirming that your application was successful.

First, we want to congratulate all teachers who don’t know about the different leave options that can be taken if they apply online. The announcement was made by the Punjab Directorate of Public Instruction (EE) Punjab about the online application process for C-Leave. The official notice was issued by Punjab’s Directorate of Public Instruction, EE Punjab on November 29, 2024. How to Apply Online for HRMS Casual Leaves, It is easy to apply online for HRMS Casual Leaves. Teachers and teaching staff don’t have to visit the office to fill out the application.

No. of leaves allowed as per rule 25 per year
Sanctioning Authority Headteacher/AEO for Primary/Middle, Principal for high/higher secondary schools
Document Required Online HRMS leave request
Process of availing of Leave Apply online>Headteacher approves

Sedhr.Punjab.Gov.Pk Online Leave Login 2024 allows teachers to request leave online. It was created by Punjab HRM to provide casual leave for teachers. Teachers in Punjab can now apply online for C Leave by, The portal is available to teachers and other staff from the Punjab school education department as per mention on login

1 Visit the HRMS Punjab website at
2 Log in with Your CNIC and Password, your SIS App Username, and your Password.
3 On the side Menu From Side Menu, choose Leave Request.

Use CNIC to Apply for HRMS Online Leave 2024

The Human Resources Management System was released with various features and elements. All employee data is stored on the platform. Name, CNIC, employee’s departure, entry from an official department pay and service books. In addition to increments, reimbursements, and details about a leave pension, loan, disciplinary actions, leave details, and LTC, the platform also contains all employees’ data. The link below will take you to the SIS Punjab Online Portal SIS.

Types of Leaves on HRMS
01  Casual leave
02  Earned leaves
03  Extraordinary leaves (EOL)
04  Maternity leaves (M.T)
05  Paternity leaves (P.T)
06  Hajj leave
07  Ex Pakistan leave
08  lddat leave
09  Medical leave
10  Study Leave
11  Leave Preparatory To Retirement (Lpr)/Leave Encashment
12  Umrah Leave

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You can also download the SIS mobile app for C-leave online. It is free to download from the Google Play Store. Type of leave: Enter the type, duration, purpose, and reporting time.

Online leave is possible through SIS & HRMS 2024

Android phones can be used by employees to access the SIS and HRMS mobile apps. Mobile apps for SIS and HRMS. Online leave applications are required for the school education department. The Punjab government has taken a wonderful initiative to support school education department staff. Applicants should notify SIS and HRMS administration if they make a mistake or omission.

HRMS Online Leave Application for Teachers

Your Headmaster, AEO, or Authority will approve or deny your application within 24 hours. In the event of an acceptance or rejection, both the applicant and the authority will be notified by mobile phone. Your application will be automatically forwarded to Higher Authorities (i.e DEO) within 24 hours if your authority is unable to respond within that time.

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Within 24 hours your application will be approved or rejected by your Headmaster/Headmistress/AEO/Authority. This article will guide how to request leave through the HRMS Punjab online portal, SIS. The applicant and the authority will be notified via mobile phone when it is decided that the approval or rejection of the application. Here are the various features and functions that this site offers. HRMS online portal.

  • Sedhr Punjab login to leave
  • to remove the application

Schools Education Department Contact Numbers

  • Address: Official Address: 2-Bank Road, Old P&D Building, Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore
  • Ph #: 042 – 99213198
  • Ph #: 042 – 99212017
  • Email: [email protected]


Q: How do I apply online for casual leave through the SIS Punjab app and HRMS?

You can apply for casual leave online by going to the HRMS Website and entering your SIS Punjab Mobile App account details (CNIC + Password) by choosing the option as Teaching Staff to log in to your HRMS Account. After that, open the Leave request option and click on Application Leave.

Q: What is the Helpline Number for the Casual Leave Management System?

If you have any queries regarding the Casual Leave management system, you can simply call the official helpline number 042-35880062 (Ext. 1222 & 1223).

Can employees apply for leave directly through the HRMS online platform?
Yes, employees can easily apply for leave directly through the HRMS online platform. The system provides a user-friendly interface where employees can select the desired leave dates, specify the type of leave, and submit their requests for approval.

 How does HRMS online leave apply 2024 handle leave conflicts?
HRMS online leave apply 2024 automatically checks for leave conflicts when employees submit their requests. If a conflict arises, such as overlapping leave dates with another employee or insufficient leave balance, the system notifies the employee and suggests alternative dates or options to resolve the conflict.

Can supervisors or managers access employee leave records?
Yes, supervisors and managers have access to employee leave records through the HRMS online leave apply 2024 platform. This allows them to view the leave history of their team members, analyze leave patterns, and make informed decisions regarding leave approvals.

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