How to Get AIOU Undelivered Books Check Full Method Online

The first time Open University introduced the modern method of AIOU books that were not delivered To through the most efficient administration that the Allama Iqbal Open University has provided students with all courses, including the autumn and spring semesters of undergraduate, inter, matric, and graduate levels.

The first step is to take AIOU Admission Online then the educational institute is sending raw data on facts in the form of notebooks. However, some students are having issues receiving AIOU book solutions. him.

Most of them face problems because they gave incorrect information according to their biodata personnel for their application for admission to the AIOU Application

For example, home address telephone number, home address mobile number, home address, and email address so that the email address is included in the logbook. The incorrect address for mailing, however, they blame that address. Allama Iqbal University so that’s the main reason for the problem of obtaining their Currier. We suggested to all applicants submit the correct application form to ensure that they don’t face any difficulties in obtaining the curriculum.

How to Get AIOU Undelivered Books Check Full Method Online Below

About Aiou

The Allama Iqbal Open University was founded in the month of May 1974 with the primary goal of providing opportunities for education for the masses as well as people who are unable to quit their jobs and homes. In the past few years, this University was able to more or less live up to this promise.

It has created opportunities to educate the working population and has given access to females right in their homes. Allama Iqbal Open University is an institution of pioneering quality that offers Masses access to online education. It has begun to break new ground in the areas of professional, scientific technological, and educational education. It aims to extend its reach to the most remote regions of Pakistan. It also tries to leverage the latest information technology to spread the concept of education throughout Pakistan.

The concept to offer Distance Education was first mooted in the UK in the latter half of the 60s by British Prime Minister the late Mr. Harold Wilson. He believed that educational opportunities should be made available to students who may have been unable to access higher education because of working in the early years and wanting to improve their skills and knowledge when they have spare time during the evenings when they were at home. This was the reason that UK Open University was, so established in 1969.

Since then, it has grown into an important institution of learning in the UK and has opened opportunities to millions of people working. The concept of distance education as well as Open Learning has since been spread across the globe. Over 70 Open Universities are in operation all over the world using the principle of distance Education.

AIOU Undelivered Books Form Download

AIOU Undelivered Books Form download

What is the Solution for AIOU Missing/Lost Books Not Received?

Do not worry about it, we have fully guided you on the issue of not receiving the AIOU Book Information and you are able to take the following steps. You are able to go through all the information:

  1. First Confirm Your Admission
  2. Get AIOU Admission Challan Form Copy
  3. Visit Your Nearest Post Office
  4. In the event that your local post office hasn’t received her books
  5. Then Download AIOU Undelivered Books Form in PDF File

And filled in the required fields in the AIOU Missing Books Application Form there is the following check here

  • Student Name
  • Father Name
  • Roll No.
  • Registration Number
  • Course Code
    Program Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Date
  • Signature

Define the entire situation of how you can be admitted and not receive any study materials from the institution and rest for a couple of days within a week following the AIOU Books Tracking System How to track AIOU lost Books They will reply to you via postal mail, mobile phone, or email address, and informed about him.

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