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HEC Prime Minister National Innovation Award 2024 is announced. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan is inviting requests from Pakistani young entrepreneurs and innovators for financial assistance through the Prime Minister’s National Innovation Award to turn their ideas into businesses. The Prime Minister’s National Innovation Award is a major initiative of the Youth Programme which is implemented by HEC. The aim of the award is to boost Pakistan’s standing on the Global Innovation Index, foster an entrepreneurial spirit among young people, and turn ideas into business.A project of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme to turn your ideas into a business. Accept the challenge and present your idea that is innovative. You could win the grant that includes up to PKR 2 million in technical and financial support including incubation opportunities

It’s an open platform for all Pakistani youngsters to come up with creative ideas and receive financial and technical assistance from experts in the field, as well as an opportunity for incubation of six months to transform their ideas into a successful business

HEC Prime Minister National Innovation Award 2024 Apply Online Below

HEC Prime Minister National Innovation Award 2024

An estimated 250 innovators are eligible to participate in “Idea Pitching Training’ to showcase their creative ideas. The 50 best ideas will be selected to be awarded the prize. The maximum amount of money awarded for a single company can be up to Rs. 2 million and is to be split into two parts. At first, Rs. 1 million would be awarded to the first 10 ideas, while the remaining 40 concepts will receive as much as Rs. 0.5 million each.

In the same phase, the 50 winners can also apply for additional funds that can be as high as 1 million rupees. 1 million, in addition to the prize money in accordance with their needs, to expand their creative ideas by using Business Incubation Centres (BICs) as a follow-up to the program. The additional funds will be distributed through individual BICs as well as linked to startup deliverables and an approved budget.

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Prime Minister National Innovation Award 2024 Silent Features

  • Food Security
  • Water Management and Sustainability
  • Urban Planning
  • Climate Change & Environment
  • Information Tech & Telecom
  • Innovative Governance and reforms
  • Sociology & Philosophy
  • Medical & Health Care Services
  • The deadline to submit an application for the Prime Secretary National Innovation Award 2024 is 15 October 2024. October 2024, Saturday.

How to Apply?

To apply, young people aged between 15 and 30 years old can submit their application via www.pmyp.gov.pk by November 15th, 2024.

PMYP Website Registration Online

Initiatives Under PM Youth Programme

The Premier Minister’s Youth Program has five projects geared toward youth that are being implemented by HEC. These initiatives comprise the National Innovation Award, Talent Hunt Youth Sports League, the establishment of a sports academy as well as the Green Youth Movement, and the Digital Youth Development Programme. These initiatives aim to shape young people by empowering them financially, engaging in healthy activities, as well as developing their skills

How To Fill out Application Form HEC PM National Innovation Award

Guidelines for Filling Out Application Form. Please go through these guidelines attentively This document contains important information that can help you with filling in the form. Outlining the application form’s details and avoiding errors.

  • This application needs to be filled out carefully. The fields that require information will be expanded as
    You write.
  • There is no field on the application form that must be left blank or unfilled, however, in the event that you are unable to write on the form, you should leave it blank.
  • A particular section on the form is because you’re supposed to fill out a certain section of the form.
  • The candidate must complete their application in a manner that meets the requirements of the Commission on
    the eligibility of the participant in all respects to participate.
  •  If there is any serious omission or ineligibility of a player or team at any point is made, the
    Commissions can disqualify a participant or team.
  •  Respond to the question completely in the areas where more detail is needed to ensure that reviewers be able to make an informed decision. details to be aware of how you’re doing
  • Consider an answer that demands the use of a paragraph instead of one that needs a single or Two-sentence answer in two words.

Section 1- Applicant details

1. If a team is formed leads, the information for team members will be listed in this section.
i. This section must have demographics for the team leader of the applicant i.e. Name, First name, Last name,
email address, phone number, gender, date of birth, address.
ii. The Education field must be marked with ‘Yes” or “No”. If yes you can proceed with
more details on the education you have received.
iii. The field for Affiliated College is optional which is required for those who are studying or
They have attended a college that is affiliated with a DAI/university. iii. Degree level (Different
There are options for Graduate, Undergraduate Ph.D., etc. available). Select the
one that you are enrolled in or recently completed your studies at.
iv. For students, the degree completion date is the one that was expected. Alumni will be able to enter the
The actual date when they the actual date on which they graduated.
2. part b) in Section 1 is only for teams. Individuals are not required to fill out these spaces. It
includes the demographics and details of the team members as well as should be filled in the manner described earlier.
3. Section 1 Part (c) is to provide a description of the motivations for team members and Applicant i.e. what motivated you to
Present the new solution. Roadmaps can be developed with clearly defined roles and the responsibilities
National Innovation Award (Web Portal)
Each team member ensures of each team member implements the Project.

The motivation of each team member should be described in a brief (100) of the team members for implementation of the Project in 100 words.
The following area of (c) is the general abilities of the team and the way they can be utilized in the
innovation solution.

Section 2

  • Section 2 is compulsory for everyone. It needs the demographics/ personal information of the mentor.
  •  A mentor should be in the relevant field according to the innovation strategy and at least be a working or
    retired employee retired from a retired person from Higher Education as well as the R&D sector.
  • The mentor will not just assist the team while preparing the initial concept note but will continue to supervise during the process
  • refinement of the proposal in various stages in development.

Section 3

  • In Section 3 Field 1, Field 1 The team/applicant will choose the thematic area that is targeted for the innovation.
  • The thematic area must be selected from the list below. One option may be selected at a time.
  • The second field of section 3 will require the selection of one of the Sustainable Developmental Goals of the country in which the innovation solution will have an impact. The impact of more than just one SDG goal is possible to select.
  • Section 3 in Section 3 must be described as a solution that is innovative. This is a comprehensive paragraph
    The proposed innovation strategy and how it be used to help reach SDG?
  •  It must provide a clear explanation of the idea. The identified Problem must be realistic, and clear.
    The proposed solution must be able to address the real issue.
  •  Section 3 Field 4 will require a description of the problem or issues that your solution will address i.e. how you will solve this
  • Innovation is important and you can move toward the solution.
  •  Field 5 in Section 3 is required to describe the social consequences of the solution. A community that is targeted by the innovation solution you propose to implement can be identified, and your innovation solution can help them.
  • The proposed solution must create potential and value in society.
  • The concept is to tackle a problem in the community that hasn’t received much focus in the past.
  •  Field 6 in Section 3 is about the individuality of the idea in the way that your idea is
    Different from existing alternatives.
  • Descriptions should justify the need to propose innovative solutions that are
  • Field 7 in Section 3 needs to be the time frame of the innovative solution will be implemented in the timeframe of the solution.
  • The output will begin to appear.
  • Field 8 in Section 3 will require the specifics of any grant or investment to support the idea
    Solution i.e.
  • If you have a private investor in your idea or you have received any grant from
    either private or public sector, or a third party.

Section 4

  • Section 4 field needs a 2-minute video which the participant/team must upload in URLs.
  • The video should include information about the person or team and be complete
    Introduction of the innovative solution, implementation of the solution, and further advancement of the
    National Innovation Award (Web Portal) innovation.
  • The video should provide a complete understanding of the solution and the desired results if the idea is distributed across a broad scale.
  •  Teamwork can be demonstrated by participants when they take
    various shots.

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